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President Trump Visits Ford Rawsonville Plant, Declares Auto Industry ‘Open For Business’

Word got out earlier this week that President Trump would be visiting the Ford Rawsonville Manufacturing Plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan on Thursday as part of his “thank the workers making personal protective equipment” tour. Ford employees at the plant have been assembling ventilators as part of a project with GE Healthcare for some time now.

The POTUS had a lot to say about the state of the automotive industry as companies like Ford work to return to normal amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The beating heart of the American auto industry is back open for business,” Trump said after his visit. “The global pandemic has proven once and for all that to be a strong nation, America must be a manufacturing nation.”

President Trump also made it a point to praise Ford for their efforts in designing and producing various much-needed PPE from scratch, a process that went from conception to delivery in less than 40 days. “One month ago, Ford had never built a single ventilator, and now you’re the leader of the world. That’s not bad,” Trump said.

One of the big questions about the visit is whether or not President Trump would wear a mask – something Ford’s new safety protocols require of everyone stepping foot in its plants.

The answer to that question still wasn’t clear after Trump’s visit was over. President Trump didn’t wear a mask while speaking to the media and Ford employees, but he said he was wearing one while touring the plant. Ford later confirmed this in a statement.

“I had one on before. I wore one in the back area. I didn’t want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it,” Trump said.

Meanwhile, Ford has faced a couple of bumps in the road as workers at its Chicago Assembly Plant and Dearborn Truck Plant have tested positive for COVID-19. The automaker was able to detect the cases early, however, and clean their work areas, resulting in a roughly 24 hour shutdown at those facilities.

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  1. Roy Chiles

    Trump the Cowardly Clown is the reason we have to wear the mask in a place of business, at work, and to stay at home. Had he took this matter Seriously instead of calling it a Hoax none of Us would be wearing a mask. We have to wear one he can too, what I know for sure he’s not better than me period. He KILLED 96000 people so far who did nothing wrong

    1. Harvey Morris

      Yeah, sure…it’s Trump’s fault. Turn off CNN and MSNBC and breathe….

  2. Roy Chiles

    Trump is Disrespectful to all branches of the military and any race other than his own. When his father had to pay to keep him from serving this country, because he didn’t want to go. That’s why I call him a Coward. The way he conduct himself on TV is nothing less than a Circus, that why I call him a Clown there’s nothing Presidential about it


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