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Stunning 1970 Ford F-100 Ranger Gets The Full Icon4x4 Magic Treatment

Interest in old Ford trucks has grown exponentially in recent years, and so has the values of these vintage pieces of iron. That also means we’ve seen quite a few old Ford pickups receive concours-quality restorations and restomod treatments previously reserved for high-value muscle cars and supercars. But when it comes to building top notch restomod trucks and SUVs, few do it as well as a company called Icon4x4, and their latest project – this beautiful 1970 Ford F-100 Ranger – might just be their best one yet.

Like all Icon builds that come from the mind of its owner, Jonathan Ward, this 1970 Ford F-100 retains most of its original character. To the casual observer, it might even look stock. But the devil’s in the details with Icon builds, and there are many to see here.

This F-100 is the latest in the company’s “Reformer” series, which aims to stay faithful to the original aesthetic design while re-imagining them for modern use.

The project began when one of Ward’s truck hunters spotted the 1970 Ford F-100 for sale online. It had the original interior and paint, but rode a little rough. So it certainly seemed like the perfect candidate for the Reformer treatment. That process started with the removal of the tired original engine, which was replaced with a new 5.0L Coyote V8 paired with an automatic overdrive transmission.

Icon then went to work modernizing the suspension. Upgrades include a four-link rear, Eibach coilovers, Fox shocks, Dynatrac ProRock axles, a Dana 44 front differential with hardened half shafts, and a Dana 60 in the rear. The drivetrain was further updated with a twin-stick Advance Adapters Atlas II transfer case, while a PSC power steering system makes it easier to drive around.

A set of custom 18-inch forged aluminum wheels inspired by the original factory steel wheels, along with hub caps, cover the Brembo brakes. Together with the original two-tone paint combo, this truck certainly looks retro on the outside. The same goes for the interior redo aimed to keep the original look and feel, but with nicer materials.

Like all of Icon’s Reformer vehicles, this 1970 Ford F-100 essentially answers the question – “what if Ford build a new, no-expenses spared version of a classic truck?” And to us, despite the eye-popping $500,000 build cost of this bad boy, these updates are worth every penny.

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  1. Richard Cook

    I’m looking for an old Ford Ranger. Preferably column shift. I want to restore it to factory specs with exception to to color. I don’t but an “as is” as long as it’s reasonable. Then I want all new parts and paint on it


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