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We Render The Lincoln Continental Coupe That Will Never Be


The Lincoln Continental quickly became a legendary nameplate in the brand’s illustrious history after it essentially created the personal luxury car segment back in 1939. Over the following decades, the Continental spawned several generations, went on hiatus three times, and served as everything from an entry-level model to a proper standalone flagship. Sadly, the Continental is once again going away after the current generation runs its course, as we exclusively reported some time ago. But that didn’t stop us from imagining what a proper Lincoln Continental Coupe might look like.

In its history, the Continental has often represented the pinnacle of American car design. And while the current model isn’t what anyone would call daring, it is most certainly a beautiful car. Thus, we sought to enhance that beauty when we created the Lincoln Continental Coupe. As such, we went with a pillar-less design to ensure the side glass flows seamlessly front to back.

Passenger cars in general are going the way of the dinosaur, but our theoretical Lincoln Continental Coupe would certainly have a place in the current automotive spectrum. It could even represent a very unique offering, measuring in around the same size as the BMW 8-Series Coupe and Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe, but with a price tag roughly $20,000-$30,000 lower than its German rivals.

Those models are doing quite well for themselves these days, and we believe the Lincoln Continental Coupe could as well. Ford has a bevy of powerful engine choices at its disposal that could transform the Lincoln Continental Coupe into a proper rival for the large coupes from Germany. And like the rest of the current Lincoln lineup, its differentiating factor could be a focus on supreme luxury and comfort, rather than on corner-carving performance.

Sadly, our idea will never come to fruition, but we thought it would be a fun exercise, nonetheless. Perhaps if the legendary model rises from the ashes yet another time in the distant future, our dream of a Lincoln Continental Coupe might just come true.

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  1. Sam

    That’s exactly the Continental I would buy. I’ve even thought about having it custom done-

  2. Mark L Bedel

    I don’t know where Ford went wrong with this mark? Two of my neighbors have the latest model and absolutely love them! They unequivocally, say it is the best bang for the buck in this luxury segment. Although Lincoln is not personally are my cup of tea…more of a Mustang, Focus ST guy…if I were to lean more in this direction, this car would be first on my list! With Kemal Curic running the design side of the Lincoln mark lately…he penned the winning design for the S550 Mustang…the cars and dare I say SUV’s look as good as they possibly could.

    So why isn’t this model selling better? Is it due lack of advertising? Not advertising in the correct spaces or to the correct audiences? Is the overall quality of the build when comparisons are drawn? What seems to be the problem…and don’t say that it’s the preponderance of SUV’s in the marketplace. Mercedes is doing it, BMW is doing it, Lexus is doing it?

    What gives?

    1. Spotted zebra

      It’s all about the money. I saw the Lincoln Continental (black edition) at a dealership recently…over $80,000.

    2. Victor

      What gives? Simply two fold, V8 and full size car.

  3. Ford Owner

    A new Lincoln Continental can compete with the Cadillac CT5 and against all of the imports.

    1. Marc Duboff

      The Continental competes with the CT6 from Cadillac… so One segment higher than CT5 and MKZ.

  4. Roy Chiles

    This is not a bad looking car at the same time it’s not the pinnacle of Lincoln let alone the top model it’s named after “ Continental“. In 1939 Lincoln built a rear wheel drive Continental history will show all rear wheel drive models using this name out sold all the front wheel drive models. Ford want build a front wheel drive Mustang, so why in the world would Lincoln desecrate his name plate with a front wheel drive Continental. Get Serious Lincoln about your Luxury coupe and sedan offerings. Put the dam car in a rear wheel drive platform and they will sell like Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger don’t be afraid to add some horsepower, that’s what prestige is all about

  5. Roy Chiles

    No one what’s a cookie cutter Continental if your going to build a luxury sedan or coupe, shoot for Rose Royce not Accra throw the kitchen sink at it. Cadillac and Lincoln use to shot to be the Standard of the World, now look what they trying to sell. I don’t like Front wheel drive cars and I will never buy one.

  6. Tom

    Hey let’s just build another Lincoln SUV and piss away $$$$ on making it electric. Why, we’ve only got four on the showroom now and no cars. Absolute insanity! Close down an assembly plant and retool for it. Then sit back and watch it flop. Ford is going to be caught so flat footed when the SUV / truck fad is over. Hackett doesn’t give a damn about cars, he just wants to play around with useless techno gimmicks.
    The reason the sedans sales have fallen is because they announced two years ago that they were going to discontinue them. I would have shown Hackett, and all the others that agreed to this, the door the day after this decision. As you can see, the stock has just shot up after the announcement.

  7. Wes

    Too Me It Will Need A Refresh Front End And Total New infotainment And Dash Layout. But Keep the seats. I’ve had my Lincoln Continental since Dec 2016 and my lease is up today. I’m not release another Continental.

  8. Matt Kase

    If it were to be a coupe based on the Continental platform, I think that would be more aptly called a Mark IX, than a Continental Coupe.

    1. Roy Chiles

      If Lincoln bring a coupe model on this front wheel drive platform and call it Mark Anything. They will sell a hand full just like this Continental, then it will Flop to and have to be discontinue. No one gets it American made Luxury Coupe or Sedans are NOT front wheel period. The Chrysler 300 has been on the market for 15 years since 2005 with very little body change, just lights, lines and RWD.Did they learn something from Mercedes? BMW? Jaguar? Bentley? Rolls Royce?

  9. Gary Commodore

    It’s a damn shame to belittle Henry Ford because of these new fools running the company


    This car with its excellent styling would be a sales success if Fix Or Repair Daily had the right executives running the company. Too bad the inexperienced unqualified furniture guy has yet to be fired.

  11. Owen Chidester

    They should do a Continental kit on it make it look like a 1969 mark III

  12. Da fusion guy

    Only thing missing is the suicide doors. Since they are discontinuing the fusion they should make a great model in it’s last year


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