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Will President Trump Wear A Mask When He Visits Ford’s Rawsonville Plant?

Earlier this week, a White House Official and Ford Motor Company both confirmed that President Trump would be visiting the Ford Rawsonville plant in Ypsilanti , where the automaker is currently assembling ventilators in conjunction with GE Healthcare, on Thursday, May 21th. The visit will mark Trump’s first trip to Michigan since the COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of Ford manufacturing facilities in mid-March. President Trump has recently visited other American plants producing personal protective equipment to thank them personally for their efforts.

However, one big question looms about Trump’s upcoming visit – will he wear a mask or some sort of face covering, or not? Trump has thus far chosen not to wear one, including on his visit to an Owens & Minor Inc. warehouse in Pennsylvania last Thursday. However, current Michigan guidelines require face coverings in most instances, as does Ford’s new employee playbook, which states “everyone is required to wear a Ford-provided face mask at all times upon entering the building.”

Ford confirmed that it has shared its playbook and new safety protocols with the White House, but didn’t say whether or not President Trump will wear a mask when he visits. “The White House has its own safety and testing policies in place and will make its own determination,” said Rachel McCleery, a spokeswoman for Ford.

President Trump was asked if he would be wearing a mask during his visit to the Ford Rawsonville plant when speaking to reporters at a cabinet meeting in Washington, but he didn’t tip his hat, either. “I haven’t even thought of it,” he said. “It depends. In certain areas I would, in certain areas I don’t. I will certainly look at it. It depends. Am I standing right next to everybody or am I spread out? We’ll see. Where it’s appropriate, I would do it, certainly.”

Apparently, it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see what President Trump decides to do when he lands in Michigan on Thursday. And it’ll be interesting to see whether or not he chooses to wear any sort of face covering when he arrives to thank Ford’s employees for their efforts producing PPE.


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  1. Mark L Bedel

    It’s the question that answers itself…?

  2. Bob Brown

    Who cares if he wears one or not. That’s not the purpose of his trip. It’s just the dumb ass media that cares!

    1. Isabelle

      I agree Bob

      1. Alex Luft

        Bob – obviously the purpose of his trip is not to wear a mask. Nobody’s purpose in life or in anything, for that matter, is to wear a mask.

        Now, the reason we are reporting on this is that it presents an interesting juxtaposition of rules and regulations: all persons stepping foot inside a Ford facility are required to wear a mask Meanwhile, President Trump hasn’t done so in various other occasions during visits.

        If you don’t see then interest in that, then I’m not sure I can help you.

  3. Barbara Myers

    Here is a company proud for supporting this country as it needed medical supplies and he can’t be bothered to wear one to protect others or set a good example. The leadership at Ford is gutless not to stand up to him. SHAME on all of them and Trump.

  4. Patricia Pernicano

    “I Do Not Like to Wear a Mask!”

    You all remember Sam I Am,
    Who did not like Green Eggs and Ham,
    He would not try them any way,
    Not any place or any day!
    Now Sam takes on the daunting task,
    To get POTUS to wear a mask!

    There’s no Thing One or Two this time,
    Just Sam and POTUS in this rhyme.
    Poor Sam is tired of the hype,
    The boastful, bragging, blaming type…

    As POTUS shakes his orange mane,
    Discusses COVID with disdain.
    Sam interrupts the great pretense,
    “The things you say, they make no sense!”

    “So bleach and cleansers, Chloro-Q,
    Would be the things you tout and choose?
    Just stay inside and keep some space,
    And wear a mask around your face!”

    But POTUS stomped his foot and said,
    “This COVID mask issue is DEAD,
    A mask would hide my handsome face,
    I will not wear one any place!”

    Sam said, “You’re not a King or Lord,
    You see no need for masks at Ford,
    But will you wear one at the zoo?
    Since COVID might hurt wildlife too? “

    And POTUS said…

    “I would not wear one at a zoo,
    Unless the monkeys wear one too!
    I do not like this dreadful task,
    I do not want to wear a mask!”

    “I would not wear one at a store,
    And COVID guidelines I’ll ignore,
    I would not wear one to the mall,
    Because I’m healthy after all.”

    “I go bare-faced with Mr. Pence,
    To rallies, meetings, press events,
    So Sam I am, just let it rest,
    And leave me be to be the BEST.”

    But Sam pushed on and pried and pressed,
    He put the POTUS to the test.
    “Would you wear one on a boat? Would you wear one with your coat?
    Would you wear one in a bar? Would you wear one in the car?”

    “I would not wear one on a boat nor at a park nor with my coat.
    I would not wear one in a bar, I would not wear one near or far.
    Besides, those masks are prone to tear!
    I would not wear one ANYWHERE!”

    So Sam I Am gave up that night, stupidity is hard to fight,
    It doesn’t bend with facts or truth,
    It listens not to age or youth.
    And POTUS went his merry way, oblivious and still unswayed,
    A bare-faced jester holding court, with pompous pride and quick retorts.
    Perhaps the joke will be on him, and mock his scorn, defy his whims,
    For sneaky Covid simply laughs at those that hate to wear a mask.

    Pernicano 5-13-20

    1. Michael LaBeau

      Thank you Patricia ~

  5. Roy Chiles

    Trump never was a Real Man saying that a mask send the wrong message to his fan base or make him look Weak, which he is mask or not. True is the Cowardly Clown did wear the mask when he thought no one was watching. I would have sold that pic for 3 Million dollar, retired from Ford and laugh all the way to the bank. At any rate good for the person who expose this fake for who he Really is Job #1


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