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YouTuber Completely Destroys His Custom $100K Ford F-350 Limited For Views: Video

Many modern-day truck fans are quick to complain about how much new pickups cost. And they have a point, given the fact that one can easily option a Ford Super Duty up past the six figure mark. As technology and equipment levels have increased in new vehicles average transaction prices have kept up in close succession. And this Ford F-350 Limited, which was once a SEMA show truck, has tens of thousands of dollars in additional aftermarket equipment tacked onto it. But that didn’t stop YouTuber WhistlinDiesel from destroying it.

Those already familiar with WhistlinDiesel’s many well-known antics, shouldn’t be surprised by any of this. After all, he’s already blown up a number of trucks and purposely grenaded their engines. And while that may seem foolish or even cruel, it’s clearly working. The YouTuber has amassed a ton of views in a very short time period.

Unfortunately, it also marks a cruel death for this Ford F-350 Limited, which WhistlinDiesel purchased for a hair over $100,000 a while back. Over that time, he’s subjected the Ford truck to an incredible number of beatings that include filling the bed with 12,000 pounds of wet concrete, burying it underground, and dragging it through the deepest mud we’ve ever seen.

After an incredible amount of abuse, most everything on this poor pickup is broken, including both stock components and all the aftermarket goodies, including the hydraulic lift kit, which retails for a cool $20k all by itself. Many thousands of additional dollars were spent on the bumpers, giant wheels, and aftermarket fenders.

All together, WhistlinDiesel estimates that he caused over $70,000 in damage to his Ford F-350 Limited – an astounding figure, indeed – and one that’s bound to make more than a few folks angry, or at least ask why anyone would do something like this to a perfectly good truck. But in the strange, strange world that is YouTube, this is exactly how influencers make money.

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  1. Marqueso

    It’s an ugly ass truck anyway with all that junk tacked on to it. The real shame is the money that was was wasted to purchase the truck only to destroy it. Send me the 100k, I’ll find a better use for it.

    1. e

      Is it your money? no its not, let him do what he wants with his truck, its his

  2. Ford Fan

    But of course it still runs and drives. it is FORD!

  3. Bob

    Whistlin Diesel, once a RETARD, always a RETARD.
    His best option is a LOBOTOMY!

    1. e

      why is he a retard? because he has a better life than you?

      1. Bob

        Try and grasp the concept that if you have money to blow & want views to get more money, trashing vehicles means nothing to you. The boy-child has major issues in his cranium!
        His life is no better than yours or mine.
        Take away the money & notoriety, he is just a melting snowflake.
        Obviously his parents didn’t teach him much!
        Comes down to COMMON SENSE which most Millennials & Gen X-Z do not have!

    2. Bob

      Agreed! His mom should of swallowed that load!!!

      He’s pulled this crap before in the last few years.

      Sad thing is, he has 2.3Million Youtube subscribers that encourage him to trash out trucks.
      End result, 2.3million plus lowlife retards that have no sense of value!

      “e” is one of the retards!!

    3. Some Guy

      Bruh everyone who hates WD just hates him cuz he’s been so damn successful lol

      1. Bob

        Newsflash, Skippy!
        I do not HATE him. He has no concept of the worth of a dollar. The only reason he is successful, is because you & (most) millennials thru Gen X-Z, have no concept of what’s right & wrong. Thus you support him as your hero.
        People that have common sense & have good values, do not do the crap he has done & benefit from it!
        I am sure this goes way over your head, maybe your grandparents can explain it to you.

  4. Coach

    Nice meet

  5. Cody

    Honesty it is his money so he can do what he wants with it, he probably makes more then 100k on the videos he made with it and by the way of course it still runs and drives because it is a FORD!

  6. Jayden

    It is his money he is a good You Tuber and he is funny let him do what he wants with his money he is a REDNECK and I am like him some people act dumb so what who gives a crap let him spend his money and the truck still runs witch is funny and he proves a point by destroying them he shows he ain’t attached to abatement objects and its his money to spend he makes that money back in not too long


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