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2021 F-150 Max Recline Seats Turn The Truck Into A Mobile Motel: Video

Before the 2021 Ford F-150 was unveiled last week, we had already heard rumblings that it would debut an exciting new feature – seats that recline all the way down to make them much more comfortable for sleeping purposes. That rumor proved to be true when Ford revealed the all-new F-150 to the world, and the feature even has its own name – Max Recline Seats.

That moniker is certainly fitting, because these seats fold flat to nearly 180 degrees. The process to get there is fairly simple, too. The driver must first put the the truck in park, then lift up the rear seat cushion. Next, fold down the front seat backrests.

Finally, the bottom cushion rises up to meet the meet the back cushion, while the upper back support rotates forward up to ten degrees to provide a nearly completely flat surface. The end result is very similar to the lay-flat first class seats present on some of the more luxurious aircraft out there these days.

It’s a rather ingenious way to provide yet another useful feature for truck owners, especially those who travel long distances and would rather catch a nap in the cab than pay for a hotel room. Or, for those that spend long hours on a job site and just need to get some rest before going back to work.

Max Recline Seats are a class-exclusive feature, like many of the other cool new quirks present on the 2021 F-150. But for now at least, it’s only available on the more luxurious King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited trim levels.

Ford hasn’t yet announced how much the Max Recline Seats option will cost, nor if it will be bundled in with any other options packages or marketed as a standalone feature. But we imagine that information will be revealed as we get closer to the 2021 F-150’s launch, which begins this fall.

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  1. Roy Chiles

    Haha Super Coo idea when traveling instead of looking for hotel/motel when you get tired just pull over at a rest area and take a nap

    1. Tom

      Love this concept but it should be for the whole F-150 lineup. The working person in the field doing the actual labor needs this option . The working person cannot or will not pay for a 60k plus truck to use in the oil fields, construction site, etc. Good for lunch breaks or any other breaks during the working day.

  2. Spider

    Is that supposed to be something great—it certainly is not new.
    You can lay your seat back in most Chevy’s

    1. JohnR

      So they fold flat and rotate to provide excellent support while laying down? Or you can just lay the seat back like any other vehicle seat that isnt in a regular cab pickup? If you’ve ever tried to sleep or just rest in this position, you’d know that this is taking that concept and fully realizing it.

      But, yes, you’re right, this is *exactly* like the seat in every other vehicle that can recline. That’s why they’re introducing it as a new feature. What’s next? Four wheel brakes and unleaded fuel?


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