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2021 F-150 Raptor Isn’t Happening, But A New Model Is Coming Soon (Updated)

When the all-new 2021 Ford F-150 debuted last night, there were quite a few surprises mixed in with some things that we expected all along. But one important thing missing from that grand production, hosted by actor Denis Leary, was any mention of a 2021 F-150 Raptor. Ford Authority reported earlier this year that we didn’t expect to see an all-new 2021 F-150 Raptor at all, and now it appears that we were correct.

Ford Authority reached out to Ford Trucks spokesperson Andrew Surma, who confirmed that we will eventually see an F-150 Raptor based on the 14th generation pickup. The only question is when. “A Raptor is coming for this generation F-150. We will share timing at a later date,” Surma said.

What we do know for sure is that all 13th generation F-150 models will be discontinued after the 2020 model year, including the Raptor. In other words, the possibility of the outgoing-generation F-150 Raptor continuing to be offered while development work is done on the all-new model is off the table.

All this shouldn’t come as a surprise, since past generations of the F-150 Raptor showed up later in the model’s lifecycle. For instance, the first-generation F-150 Raptor didn’t appear until 2009, one year after the 12th-gen F-150 was introduced. The second-gen Raptor debuted for the 2017 model year, two years after the 13th-gen F-150 arrived.

So it seems that we won’t see the F-150 Raptor again until 2022 or 2023, but we’re sure it’ll be worth the wait. When the new Raptor does eventually arrive, we expect it to continue the same winning formula Ford derived in the first two generations.

That means a tougher exterior appearance with a unique grille, wider fenders, fender flares, graphics, and knobby tires wrapped around unique wheels.

Under the skin, the next-gen F-150 Raptor will undoubtedly be fitted with a highly-capable long-travel suspension and Fox shocks. Unique drive modes and interior touches, along with available exterior graphics will likely round out the popular model.

The big unknown when it comes to the third-gen F-150 Raptor is what sort of engine(s) it’ll be available with. Ford could simply choose to carry on with the 3.5L EcoBoost V6, or perhaps it will also offer customers the option of a 5.0L Coyote V8.

More likely, we’d expect the all-new full-hybrid 3.5L PowerBoost drivetrain to be available on the new Raptor, as it will be with the rest of the F-150 lineup. Ford’s 10-speed automatic transmission will likely remain the sole transmission choice.

Update: some outlets are reporting that there will be an F-150 Raptor available for the 2021 model year. We’ve reached out to Ford for comment and will update this story if/when we hear back.

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  1. Badhac

    I had asked about the 2021 Raptor on Fords Facebook post for the 2021 and Ford responded they’d have info to share soon. Side note, I am pretty sure we’ll see a Tremor version of the F150 just like on the Super Duty.

  2. Reply
  3. Jesse

    Ford has confirmed there WILL be a 2021 Ford Raptor. More details at a later date.
    You should correct your story, as it is in error.

    1. Brett Foote

      There are conflicting reports right now. We are working to sort it out.

      1. Jesse

        Any update? Everyone else, including my local Ford dealership, is saying there IS a 2021 Raptor coming.

        1. Brett Foote

          I have been told this info is correct and that the Raptor will be back for 2022.

          1. Jesse

            “There will be a new Raptor F-150 2021. We will have more details to share about Raptor later,” said Dawn McKenzie, [Ford] pickup communication manager. “Nothing more to share than that we will reveal more details about the 2021 Raptor at another time,” says McKenzie.

  4. Reply
    1. Brett Foote

      We are aware of what others are reporting, however, we have been told it isn’t happening.

      1. Marc

        All you guys saying that there will be a 2021 F-150 Raptor need to stick your head out of the sand and think a bit. The regular F-150 was delayed 2-3 months because of COVID. So there’s that to keep in mind. Then there’s the fact that a Raptor based on the 14th gen F-150 Raptor has not even reached the final prototype stages yet because the team had their hands full trying to push the regular model range through final development and validation. Even now that they announced it, final val of the regular model is still two months away. Put all that together and it would be totally silly to expect a Raptor for 2021. It will be a 2022 model at best.

        Having worked at Ford for a decade and for a Ford supplier for another decade I can tell you that this line is suspect:
        “There will be a new Raptor F-150 2021.”
        Nobody worth their salt refers to models this way at Ford, especially a communication manager. They would instead say “2021 F-150 Raptor” or “2021 Ford F-150 Raptor.”

        I believe what’s happened here is that the Ford spokesperson confused the term “2021 F-150 Raptor” with “future Raptor.”

        Bottom line, I think this FordAuthority report is correct and there will be no 2021 F-150 Raptor. 2023 or at best 2022 but not 2021.

        1. Jesse

          And you think the 2021 Ram TRX is not a variable Ford is considering? You think it would be wise of Ford to sit out with no competitor to the 2021 Ram TRX?

          To throw COVID in as a reason for no Raptor is silly. And, if you worked at Ford you would know they have a completely separate team dedicated to the Raptor. You say “the team had their hands full pushing out other models.” Raptor has its own dedicated team that works with the team for standard models.

          I guess time will tell. I hope Ford was on it and hasn’t decided to sit out for a year or two (as you suggest) while Ram and others put out Raptor challengers.

          1. Curtis

            Jesse, you’re missing the big picture: Raptor is ultimately a hobby for Ford. It makes a lot noise and generates interest but brings in very little money, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the regular F-150 line. Priority #1 is and always has been to get the regular F-150 line out the door, then dedicate some resources to bringing the Raptor hobby project to market. The tail does not wag the dog.

            Even if Ford discontinued the Raptor outright and let ram have this segment with the TRX, doing so would not even put a dent in ford’s bottom line. That’s how insignificant Raptor is in the big picture.

            Follow the money and you’ll quickly reach the answer. I’m with Marc on this… no way there will be a 21 Raptor. A small window of time lasting a few months or even a year without a raptor to fight TRX is insignificant.

            1. Jesse

              I disagree. Why do automotive companies race? Because it brings in a lot of revenue? No! It costs a lot of money to race, BUT it brings bragging rights, buzz and brand recognition, which in turn helps drive revenue to their production lines. Of course the standard models is where the profit is, but the Raptor helps drive those sales.
              Ford executives would cringe hearing you saying they could discontinue the Raptor and leave that segment to Ram. It might not effect their bottom line immediately, but over time, as the Ram TRX continued to generate buzz, Ram would steal more and more sales from Ford.
              You might be right that there is no 2021 Raptor… only time will tell. But to think of the Raptor as only an insignificant “hobby” is an error; you’re missing the big picture in Ford’s Sales and Marketing strategy.

              1. Curtis

                Jesse – you talk about the big picture but you’re still not getting it.

                When I said that Ford could discontinue Raptor and not see any impact to its bottom line, it was to illustrate just how insignificant the variant is in the big picture. No one is actually recommending that Ford discontinue Raptor, for the halo effect of such a model.

                But my point is that Ford can go a few months, a model year, two model years or even three without a new Raptor… and everything will be just fine, even with the TRX in the picture.

                The thinking you presented earlier – that Ford needs to rush a Raptor to market just because a competitor is on its way – loses sight of the big picture you claim to understand.

          2. Ryan

            I don’t work at Ford….but I don’t think there’s an end to end dedicated team. Lots of other bottlenecks in a big company besides engineering. I would guess purchasing is having a heck of a time right now, plus manufacturing has plenty to deal with as well.

            One possibility would be it would come as a 2021.5 type model, would give some validity to the reports saying there will be a 2021 as well as the ones saying it will be delayed.

        2. John

          THIS didn’t age well.. HAHAHAHA Internet pros.

  5. Jesse

    Since two different Ford representatives are on record stating there will be a 2021 Raptor, it’d be nice if someone at Ford would put this question to rest.

  6. Reply
  7. SJF


    Any further updates to this story? Why would Ford further muddle by saying there would be one?

    1. Alex Luft

      Nothing new yet. We’ll publish a new story as we learn more. For the time being, we’re sticking to what we reported.

      1. Alex

        Now, you have pictures of the 2021 Ford Raptor, in addition to multiple sources from Ford saying it’s coming. Are you still sticking to your story that the “2021 Ford Raptor isn’t Happening?”

  8. 2021 Raptor

    There will be a 2021 Raptor.

  9. Robert Wilson

    Think it’s safe to say there is no 2021 Raptor.


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