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Artist Renders Mustang Sedan In The Mold Of The Mustang Mach-E

A quick and easy way to rile up enthusiasts is to simply mention the possibility of a Mustang sedan, something Ford admits is “on the table,” and then sit back and watch the fireworks. Some recognize the feasibility of such a machine, especially since the Ford Mustang will soon be the only non-crossover, SUV, or truck in The Blue Oval’s lineup. Others feel like the idea of a Mustang sedan is pure sacrilege, much like they despise the presence of a pony badge on the Mustang Mach-E. There really isn’t a middle ground in this debate.

Regardless, we found these Mustang sedan renderings from automotive design firm emrEHusmen to be rather interesting. Dubbed the Mustang Mach-F, it most certainly follows in the stylistic footsteps of the Mustang Mach-E, at least up front. There, a familiar closed-off grille area hints at an all-electric drivetrain, as it often does.

Move on to the side profile, however, and this Mustang sedan looks rather edgy for an EV. While many all-electric vehicles are criticized for looking like giant rolling eggs, this one sports attractive sharp lines. Some highlights here include body lines that carry down the side from both the headlights and taillights, along with the raised lower section that makes the car visually smaller.

Out back, we can see a few Mustang-inspired design cues if we squint hard enough. The entire rear looks somewhat like the current S550, only heavily massaged. An integrated diffuser really shrinks the look of the rear and adds plenty of aggression. And those familiar tri-bar taillights remain, albeit in a much more dramatic fashion than ever before.

Though there are no pictures of what the interior might look like, a steering wheel rendering provides us with a glimpse of the inside. It too looks much like a futuristic interpretation of the current Mustang’s design, albeit with a flat bottom and what appear to be integrated touchscreens that replace the standard stop/start button and various steering wheel functions of today’s vehicles.

This Mustang sedan is certainly a cool design, and one that we’d place a stamp of approval on, even if the idea of an electric, four-door Mustang might not sit too well with a lot of folks.

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  1. Karl H

    I’m loving this render! Ford would be wise to offer something similar to this design. I understand the purists points but the Mustang can evolve further without diluting the brand. Who would have ever thought they would see SUV’s from the likes of Porsche,Bentley,Aston Marten,Lamborghini to name a few. Ford has to start thinking bolder if they want thrive and survive into the future. Come on Ford, lets do this!

  2. Raymond Ramirez

    Make a four door Mustang, and add an EV version to the stable. As a past owner and driver of two Mustangs, I wholeheartedly agree that the Mach-E is the first step in the correct direction. But many Mustang lovers don’t want a crossover, just a sedan, so offer both. And remember to make the hybrid Mustang, too, so every new Mustang owner can enjoy electric power, even for a short while, and later decide to go fully electric. The final goal is an electric GT model for 2030 or earlier. BTW, that Mustang rendering has no tires!

  3. Roy Chiles

    Am all for a 4 door Mustang Sedan EV and V8. Am hoping FORD is working on something better than the rendering, it’s nice but at 1st glance it look like a Nissan with Mustangs head lights and tail lights. The wheels are cool but it don’t have tires What the F stands for in Mach-F ?

  4. Mark L Bedel

    Looks like the artist is doing their best to hide the “B” pillar and the fact that there are third and fourth doors.

    I also enjoy that most confuse Brand and Sub-Brand. I hear many say that all these other “Brands” have SUV’s, Electrics, etc., but they don’t cannibalize a Sub-Brand to do it, i.e., Porsche doesn’t call it’s SUV the 911 SUV or it’s four door sedan the 911 sedan, they call it the Panamera. . They create unique sub-branding for these newer model line additions. Image for a second, even a minute what potential dilution of the 911 could be, if also named a sedan, SUV or product that deviates dramatically from the parameters of the original model?

    And maybe, Ford feels that it as a “Brand” is too weak in any of these categories to compete well, and as such as had to deeper to it’s Sub-Brands to do this, Mustang and potentially Bronco.

    Kind of sad if this in fact the case. If nothing else, this would make a great case study for a university level marketing class to dissect and comparatively examine.

  5. Hemi300C

    I’m guessing from Mach F. The F stands for “Future”

    1. Ford Fan

      sorry, but mach freaking ugly…


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