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Ford Fusion, Lincoln MKZ Production Extended Slightly: Exclusive

After discontinuing the Ford FiestaFord Focus, and Ford Taurus, The Blue Oval continues to wind down its lineup of passenger cars in the U.S. Currently, the Ford Fusion and its luxurious platform mate, the Lincoln MKZ, are the last two Ford Motor Company passenger cars in production in North America, aside from the Ford Mustang and Lincoln Continental, the latter of which is also scheduled to be discontinued at the end of the current generation. Their respective runs are ending soon, but it now appears that both will remain in production just a little longer than originally planned.

Ford Authority previously reported that both the last Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ would roll off the line at the Ford Hermosillo plant in Mexico on July 21st. However, we’ve now learned that The Blue Oval will continue making both models just a little bit longer, and production of each will now end on July 31st. The final Ford Fusion Police Interceptor has already been built, as production of that model ended on June 5th as originally planned.

The Ford Bronco Sport will take the place of the two slow-selling sedans at the Hermosillo plant. In fact, limited production of the new model has already begun for crash testing, EPA certification, as well as final development and validation. Full-scale Bronco Sport production at the facility will start in early September, and the new model should begin arriving at dealerships in late September or early October.

Meanwhile, the Ford Fusion will be replaced globally with a wagon-like crossover in 2022 or 2023. That model, likely called Fusion Active, will differentiate itself from the current Ford Edge or Ford Explorer, both of which can also be described as wagon-like crossovers, by being lower and sleeker. Spy shots of an early, cobbled-together mule from last fall showed a high-riding wagon of sorts, something in the mold of the Subaru Outback.

Update: FoMoCo’s original plans involved ending production on July 30th, 2020. However, production ended on July 31st, 2020.

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  1. trailhiker

    I would have thought that with Hertz and other rental companies returning or refusing new orders, that Fusion would now have exceeded the expected inventory. Maybe they will make most of the last run as hybrids.

    1. Peter

      I think every Fusion I’ve seen on actual dealer lots for sale to regular consumers in the last 5 months has been either a Hybrid or Plug in.

  2. Ford Owner

    “Slow-selling sedans”? That is Ford’s fault for not marketing them! I own a 2014 Fusion Hybrid and it is my best vehicle. The Fusion had the third highest Ford sales number in a year, and the Hybrid model outsold the Prius several times per monthly sales. Many police fleets use the Fusion Hybrid (one is New York City) since it allowed energy savings during idling (uses only 25% of the same gasoline as a regular sedan). It could have been a bigger brother for the Mustang, since they have similar sporty looks, and a turbocharged V6 fits inside the engine bay, making it Ford’s only four door sports sedan.

    The Mondeo is a big seller in Europe, and will continue to live on as a wagon, a item many drivers here wish for. Now the imports from Asia and Europe will take over this market with cheaper or too expensive replacements. Ford, you have done us wrong!

  3. Roy Chiles

    As long as both these sedans sell 200K a year FORD would be smart to leave them on the market and add the wagon to the FORD line up, Hell all the SUV’s are over size WAGONS. This sedan don’t sell pitch is more about FORD and GM Greed of SUV quick cash and laziness of not trying because they don’t like sedans. Let’s Be Clear, if Chrysler / Dodge can outsell GM and FORD with a 20 year old design 300 and Charger. Sedans are not poor sellers

  4. Andrew Clement

    Ford I think you made a big mistake dropping the Fudion and the MKZ your dealer network told you that they were a very good selling segment and as apparently you have done in the past will.not listen to the people or the numbers.Instead you choose to ignore us all and stick with all the higher end vehicles and load them all up with options that by the end of the sticker price looks like the price of about a $100,000 house. I am keeping my2018 FusionSE and you can keep your high priced SUVs and trucks.You and those consumers that follow you know that most likely one of the reasons for a dip in the sales numbers was most likely people still in their leased vehicles and on top of that it was by Fords own admition due for a refresh in design.

  5. Catherine Capizzi

    We saw a Lincoln MKZ last year, and thought it was a Jaquar. It was the most beautiful car and a very reasonable price. We bought one in Ruby Red and we just love turns heads where ever we go. Please don’t stop making makes us older folks feel young again..My younger daughter loves it too..The only problem is the head room. It could use a little more..

  6. Jordan

    If Ford truly does not make any more normal cars, then there will be a 0% chance of me buying another Ford product. I am one of those crazy people who refuses to sacrifice the weight, handling, fuel economy, and higher price for extra ride height. I love my 17 MKZ, but it looks like the only reasonable active AWD cars that will be left in the US will be Japanese. Bad form Ford.


    The only way to punish this this poorly managed company is not to buy any of their products and their stock. Hope their stock trades below $3/share asap.

  8. Ronald Corey

    The reason most people TRULY stopped buying sedans was because the anemic trunk space and near-useless trunk-lid designs that made even decent cargo volumes inaccessible to many items that used to easily fit into sedan trunks of the past.


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