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Ford Mustang Mach-E Buyers Will Receive Up To Five Free Charges At Electrify America Stations

We’re getting closer and closer to the arrival of the Ford Mustang Mach-E, with the first deliveries to U.S. customers set for later this year and for European buyers in early 2021. We also recently learned about the all-new, all-electric SUV’s impressive charging capabilities, which includes the ability to add 61 miles of range in just 10 minutes. But to help Mach-E buyers truly kick off their EV ownership in style, Ford is also going to give them up to five free “fill ups” through FordPass Rewards at Electrify America fast-charging stations.

More specifically, Mach-E buyers will receive 250 kilowatt-hours of complimentary charging, which is equal to more than three fill ups for those who purchase the extended-range model and more than five fill ups for Mach-E buyers who opt for the standard-range battery. This offer is in addition to the two years of complimentary access Mach-E buyers automatically receive to the recently expanded FordPass Charging Network for pay-as-you-go charging.

The FordPass Charging Network is North America’s largest public charging network, with more than 13,500 charging stations and almost 40,000 individual plugs across the continent. Electrify America’s network, part of the FordPass Charging Network, offers the largest number of high-powered public charging stations on the market today.

For those who prefer to charge their Mach-E at home, Ford’s Connected Charge Station home wallbox is now available, with prices starting at $799. Customers can purchase one by calling or visiting an electric vehicle-certified Ford dealership, or via The home wallbox can be delivered before a customer’s Mach-E arrives, or they can order and finance the home wallbox with a Mustang Mach-E purchase later this year for delivery with the vehicle.

Ford also has teamed up with Amazon Home Services to offer installation of home charging setups later this year. Whether Ford customers need a 240-volt outlet installed for use with the standard Ford Mobile Charger or if they choose the Ford Connected Charge Station option, they will be able to see upfront pricing estimates and book and schedule a licensed and vetted electrician online.

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  1. trailhiker

    What does Electrify America charge per kilowatt-hour?

  2. GaryB

    so 2 years free charging + 5 extra charges?

  3. Raymond Ramirez

    “Ford’s Connected Charge Station home wall box is now available, with prices starting at $799”. That is too expensive! I built and installed my own 16 kW JuiceBox Level 2 EVSE from a kit for less than $300, including the case, a 22 foot cable, and the charge connector. It is presently set at 7.2 kW for the Chevy Bolt, but it can be uprated to its full 16 kW rating if needed.

    As for free Electrify America charging, just give me that as a credit when purchasing the Mach-E, because where I live I will never need DC charging, and I travel less than fifty miles a week, which I can recharge in one night while I sleep.

  4. Raymond Ramirez

    According to Ford’s preliminary numbers, the Mustang will run about 3 miles per kWh. The Connected Charge Station will supply up to 32 miles of range per hour, and recharge the standard 230 mile range (75.7 kWh) battery in 7.2 hours, and the extended range 300 mile (98.8 kWh) battery in 9.3 hours. So even if you do drive the full range in a few days, one overnight AC charge is still better than needing a DC charge station at a distance from your home.


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