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Ford Ranger With F-150 Raptor Bodywork Looks Better Than The Ranger Raptor

Most consider the Ranger Raptor to be a pretty good looking pickup thanks to its rugged, wide, and aggressive looks inspired by its larger brother, the F-150 Raptor. However, we certainly can’t say that we’ve ever wondered what a Ford Ranger with F-150 Raptor bodywork might look like. But we can say that at least one shop is doing exactly that, and it’s TTN Hypersport in Thailand.

At first, we must explain why anyone would want to put an F-150 face on the Raptor. It comes to the F-150 Raptor being simply too big to provide any kind of realistic transportation in the crowded city center of Bangkok. On the flip side, the F-150 and the F-150 Raptor aren’t offered in Thailand, but the Ford Ranger is, and it’s an incredibly popular and common vehicle in the country. Thus, TTN has capitalized on this chain of events by combining the best of both worlds into one awesome truck.

The F-150 face looks right at home on the front of a Ford Range, something we never really imagined would be the case. In fact, until one sees the distinct cab lines of the Ranger, the front three-quarter profile sure looks like the F-150 Raptor. Otherwise, these trucks have the same wide fenders, and the entire front fascia is a carbon copy.

The rear is a mixed bag, however. TTN has apparently built a lot of these F-150 Raptor-fied Rangers, and some have a stock Ranger rear end, while others have also been converted on the back side. Again, the conversions look shockingly natural, almost like they belong there.

No word on how these body parts are manufactured, but we imagine that they’re fiberglass replica pieces, much like those Can Am side-by-side F-150 Raptor clones running around. The F-150 Raptor is a bit larger than the Ford Ranger, so we doubt stock components would line up without major cosmetic surgery.

Regardless of how they’re built, these Rangers seem to be shockingly well-done, and they’re proof that perhaps Ford should apply the F-150 Raptor’s styling to its next-gen Ranger Raptor, though we highly doubt that the Dearborn-based automaker would ever do such a thing.

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  1. Ford Fan

    Those wheels and tires are butt ugly… just sayin

  2. Roy Chiles

    I totally agree with you FPVfan, it would be a big hit had it been. I would have bought one, I love the F150 but don’t need a truck that big. I own a 02 Lightning and 2010 Adrenaline, but don’t care for the looks of the new Ranger front end.

  3. Bill

    I like the look. I would trade my 2020 XLT Ranger for the burnt Orange baby Raptor.

  4. Morne

    Ford net die beste.

  5. Fanie van Aswegen

    Dit is so mooi . Dit is ‘n juweel.

  6. Kobus

    Can this convertion be done on any of the T6 onward range of Rangers?

  7. Greg Arnold

    These kits are not new, they have been available for years.
    Dirty Unicorn do an F150 rebuild in the UK but its not cheap.

  8. Larry Boatwright

    For the time being I will stay with my 2005 Ford Rsnger Edge extend cab with 85,000 no accidents and my 2010 SHO TWIN TURBO and 182,000 but I’m eyeing that Fairlane!

  9. I\'m really interested

    Ford F 150. How much can I pay a month in installments ?

  10. Grant

    On the black Ranger, are those prototype tires or does someone know where I can get some?

  11. Jimmy Neave

    Ford? Phhttt Hummer…

  12. Josh

    When are we gonna stop putting thin wall tires and cheese 20″ wheels on offroad looking trucks? The short suspension travel on the Ranger Raptor is a huge let down. F150 raptor has about 6 MORE inches of travel than ranger raptor.


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