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Modernized 1973 Ford Explorer Concept Answers A Question No One Asked

Ford Authority looks at, features, and creates a lot of renderings on a daily basis. Most of them are very cool, depicting things like a modern version of the Lincoln Futura concept, a 2030 Ford Mustang EV, or even a potential new ride for Ken Block. But every once in a while, we come across a rendering that answers a question literally no one asked, like this rather unsightly modernized version of the Ford 1973 Explorer Concept.

For those unfamiliar, the Explorer Concept was technically created to be an “SUV,” but looks more like a mashup of a pickup truck and van. It’s certainly nothing like the Ford Explorer we know and love today. It was an interesting idea, because the Econoline pickup was largely a sales failure as consumers exerted their preference for “real” trucks like the F-Series.

Regardless, that didn’t stop Ford from trying again with the Explorer Concept. It was a wild-looking thing, with a cab-forward design. Even stranger, it was also a mid-engine vehicle, with a 429 cubic-inch V8 to address customer complaints that the Econoline pickup was far too underpowered.

The Explorer Concept was supposed to kick off the next generation of Ford’s adventurous trucks, and it even had a pop-up tent in the bed. Alas, it faded quickly after a short stint on the auto show circuit. And we had pretty much forgotten all about it, until this wild rendering popped up out of the blue.

Essentially, the artist recreated the original Explorer Concept in the form of the current 2020 Ford Explorer. And the result looks about as weird as one might imagine, with one of the longest front overhangs we’ve seen on a modern automobile, with the wheels pushed way back to the rear section of the doors.

The van/truck/SUV combo also has an abnormally long rear overhang, which would probably result in a pretty sub-par driving experience. Automakers, including Ford, have worked hard to push the wheels of modern vehicles out to the corners as far as possible, but this concept takes us back to the days when vehicles didn’t handle all that great.

Yes, it is a wild idea that is also very, very different. But this is one of those examples that proves that different isn’t necessary a good thing.

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  1. Ford Fan

    i think i just threw up in my mouth a little bit…

  2. JimL

    In a sick, perverted, Pulp Fiction way, I kinda love this.

  3. robert baker

    the front end SUCKS!

  4. Isabelle

    No one should EVER ask that question again!😲😲 🤣🤣😂

  5. George S

    At that time the VW mini bus was selling quite well. Nothing like using your knees for front bumpers.


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