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Mustang MT82 Transmission Woes Lead To New Class Action Lawsuit

Mustang owners’ qualms with Ford’s MT82 six-speed manual transmission are well-documented across the web. For what could possibly be cost reasons, Ford ditched the beloved Tremec T5 and TR-3650 manuals in the base Ford Mustang and Mustang GT for the Getrag Ford MT82 in the 2011 model year, and many owners have complained about problems ever since – everything from third gear lockouts to broken shift forks. So it’s not really a surprise that a class action lawsuit has arisen in association with the Getrag Ford MT82.

Gregorio, et al., v. Ford Motor Company was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, and it addresses a number of complaints that have persisted for a decade now.

Those complaints include claims that inherent defects cause the Ford MT82 transmission to slip, jerk, engage harshly, clash gears, suffer premature wear, and eventually fail. Plaintiffs claim this has led to the replacement of shift forks, shift shafts, synchronizers, and clutch assemblies, or even the entire transmission, only for them to experience the same problems all over again.

The lawsuit alleges that Ford has known about these transmission issues in association with the Mustang since 2010, since the automaker has issued a number of technical service bulletins and special service messages related to the MT82 or MT82-D4.

In those documents, Ford has instructed its dealer technicians to drain and refill the transmissions, replace the third and fourth gear shift forks, the countershaft third gears, and the third and fourth gear synchronizer hubs and sleeves. Technicians have also been told to replace the gearshift levers, the clutch pedal position switches, brackets, the main shaft second gears, and the first and second gear synchronizer hubs and sleeves.

The Ford MT82 lawsuit also points to a 2011 investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) concerning 2011-2012 Mustang manual transmission problems. At that time, the NHTSA found 364 complaints related to the transmission, especially in cold temperatures. Ford reportedly took action to correct these problems, and the NHTSA closed its case after finding that there was no substantial safety risk associated with the complaints.

For its part, Ford denies that there are any defects in the MT82, and states that these problems are caused by the normal wear and tear to which a manual transmission is subjected.

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  1. Mark Bedel

    So far…so good for my experience. I do have to qualify this though by our 2017 GT is a seasonal use only vehicle living here in the northern US…I didn’t feel like changing out wheels and tire for the winter and have other vehicles to run in the cold and slop.

    I will say though, that until the transmission fluid gets up to temperature, shifting is a bit clunky and higher effort regardless of how far one disengages the clutch. Compared to my front drive 2016 Focus ST which also has a Getrag model six speed and shifts like silk no matter the temperature…the MT82 does leave a bit to be desired…

    1. Sabrina

      I’ve has my 2021 GT for one week and I’m already sick of it. The transmission is garbage…Ford couldn’t install a good transmission if their life depended on it! I should have gone with a Nissan or a Toyota!

  2. Curtis Evans

    I brought a brand new 2018 mustang GT manual and I have had three transmission. They replaced the first after 5000 miles and the second another 1500 miles. My fifth gear went out in both transmission and the second replacement also was heating along with the fifth gear

  3. Roy Chiles

    This is the Worst Transmission in FORD and Mustang History hands down. I had a 2012 Mustang RTR now a 2013 Mustang BOSS having the same problem all over again. FOOD should be Ashamed of the MT82 and Replace all of them ASAP. The BOSS being a Limited Edition it should have gotten the Shelby GT500 tranny like the 03-04 Mach 1 got the Cobra engine. The Coyote and RoadRunner engines are great the MT82 Simply Suck Trash

    1. Randy Watson

      Mach 1 is a three valve engine

      1. Phil

        Incorrect. 4-valve, all aluminum. Different cams from the Cobra though.

  4. Ron Frown

    I was under the impression the the mt82 received a slight refresh for 2018+, where some things were tweaked or modified. I most definitely have not experienced the lockouts on my mid 2018, and I feel like shifter feels nice and solid (not like some youtube videos I’ve seen explaining some of the problems).

    Some of the people that I’ve seen on youtube who’ve had problems, you go back and look at their previous videos and stuff… and its pretty evident that the transmission has been abused… or been driven hard by someone who doesn’t know how to handle a manual transmission well (not just spirited driving, but huge clutch dumps, or using all their strength to slam from gear to gear).

    My car has relatively low miles on it, but hoping this problem doesn’t rear its ugly head.

    1. Dean

      Yes, same here. Purchased a 2018 MT82 in Sept. 2018 and no issues what so ever. I think you’re correct about a lot of YouTubers abusing their cars. Maybe the later 2018 MT’s were built better too? I typically don’t drive my car hard or abuse it, but I do pulls to redline periodically with no issues. My car has only 10k miles so hoping no future issues.

  5. nauticalone345

    Yes, the getrag is definitely the weak point in my Mustang GT. I will not buy with that transmission again!

  6. Roy Chiles

    FORD and the Supplier should refund everyone for this transmission. No one spends $40K-$50K for a Mustang to be replacing or repairing a transmission. I will NOT buy another Mustang with this transmission in it. So much for Branding the Mustang as it’s on….

  7. Steven Eldridge

    The mt-82 is rated well below the stock gt mustang’s torque output. It may be a great transmission when matched with an engine that puts out power it’s rated to handle. This problem lays solely on Ford’s shoulders unfortunately. You would’ve thought they had learned their lesson with the international built 6.0 diesel which put out over a hundred horsepower less in international trim. Then ford overturned it and guess what? They broke left and right resulting in a huge lawsuit between ford and international. The coyote would be solid with the older T-56 or the updated tr6060 which are built to handle the power.

  8. gareth

    The mt82 has been improved over time(its a lot better then it was first released) and in 2018 it did get tweaked and modifed the internals where strenghted and the gear shifter feel is greatly improved.
    I have watched the you tube videos and the abuse people give the gearbox is ridiculous harsh and they are the same people that are complaining there transmition is now broken!.
    Yes its not perfect when cold its notchy and does require a bit of effort to select gear when cold.
    A lot of these lawsuits will be from people that have simply abused the gearbox or thinking they can do super quick gear changes.

    1. Patrick D. Burke

      Its supposed to be able to handle harder shifts. It’s a sports car, not a grocery getter. The transmission is not great at all. Also the hydraulic clutch uses the same reservoir as the brakes. The internals aren’t holding up.

  9. Bill Overall

    These have been a problem for a while they should have learned there lesson from the 90’s when they used Gertrag in F series truck’s. I also believe there needs to be a class action suit on Ecoboost V6 oil pan and timing cover oil leaks it a major problem


    The problems for this poorly managed company continue to add up, what’s next?

  11. Mark L Bedel

    It’s interesting after reading all of the commentary above. We own four cars, and three are manual transmissions by choice. The main reasons were initially the mastery of a new skill, followed by a greater connection with the machine itself, enhancing the overall driving experience.

    A third benefit…which I still believe to be true if engineered properly and specified properly to match the rest of the drive-train, should be less maintenance, and also trouble over time due to it’s relative simplicity when compared to those fussy automatics, with all their fluid pressure valves, shifting bands and myriad of electronic sensor controls. Automatics always seemed heavier also and more of a challenge to keep cool due to their larger mass.

    I had also read that the MT 82 was under speced for the Coyote as early as it’s Gen 1 iteration. I’ve wondered also, as mentioned above, if the decision to use it, was a cost containment issue. If this was the primary reason, then shame on Ford. If the spec was marginal to start with, then it certainly should have been anticipated that with the spirited driving one should expect, this would considerably compromise it’s durability.

  12. Chad Carew

    Maybe this is a silly question but as this is a class action, can parties still join? If so, how? I had mine in because of the clunking while it was still in warranty. Dealer basically told me that it was “normal for this transmission”. Not that that’s a good thing, but they wouldn’t go any further with it. Now I’m concerned it’s a headache waiting to happen.

    1. Richard Bednar

      @ Chad, Did you join the class action lawsuit? My Bullitt has been in the shop since Jan 18th. Bought it used on Jan 15th. Over 3 months and still not fixed. I would like to join this lawsuit. Any info you found out would be appreciated. Thanks, Rick

  13. Dean

    Yes, same here. Purchased a 2018 MT82 in Sept. 2018 and no issues what so ever. I think you’re correct about a lot of YouTubers abusing their cars. Maybe the later 2018 MT’s were built better too? I typically don’t drive my car hard or abuse it, but I do pulls to redline periodically with no issues. My car has only 10k miles so hoping no future issues.

  14. Bob Senderoff

    I am a member of the senior ranks who has loved and coveted performance cars since obtaining my license in 1966!! My 2017 Mustang GT Performance Package has been a real disappointment from day one with reference to the transmission issue.
    The other listed difficulties in this forum have not been the problem. What I have experienced is a persistent “CLUNK” or “BANG” whether shifting into first or rowing through the gears.
    I have had it back to Ford numerous times during the warranty period (with copious documentation) and have had the same tired old response of this is normal. I have driven several 16s, 17s, and 18s at the dealership with the same result. Hence with smiles they can say it’s normal.
    Well after fifty five years of manual shift driving all makes of high performance cars, I can definitively say it’s NOT normal. I have thought of TRADING it in for a later automatic GT or other makes entirely because there is no way a private buyer would ever buy this vehicle with that clunking during all shifting. I would not buy this vehicle after test driving it!!!!!!!!
    Had I been smart enough to test drive it after delivery BEFORE taking it off the lot, I would have walked away from this vehicle.
    It’s to the point that I can’t stand driving it any more.
    Hope we win this suit and Ford is forced to install the good old TREMEC in every one.

    1. Randy Watson

      If it were me, I’d get rid of the mustang with the “normally” clunking transmission and get a real sports car.
      Maybe even something with a bow tie . Or instead say screw it and buy something Japanese and call it a decade.

  15. Mustconv

    Same. I have a 2016 mustang and the transmission just went last week

  16. Mark L Bedel

    So Brett…any updates on where this case stands? I haven’t been able to find any recent updates anywhere…

    1. Brett Foote

      Nothing yet. I imagine this one will drag out for quite some time, as these legal cases often do.

      1. Mark L Bedel

        Brett, as mentioned above, should anyone concerned about potentially being a participant be positioning themselves to do anything at this point to join the suite, or just hang tight for further updates?

        1. Brett Foote

          I’m definitely not qualified to give legal advice, so that’s really up to each individual. I doubt that I will bother with it personally, however, because it really isn’t any issue in my car.

  17. tranceporter

    The stock shift feel is garbage so I’m running a Barton Hybrid 3 and a Steeda clutch spring in my 2017 GT but other than that I don’t really have any complaints. No issues at 51K miles.

    1. Mark L Bedel

      Did you do the install yourself, or have a shop do it? Also, did you use the side springs to make the shifting feel heavier or did you decide to leave them out? Seems like a nice solution to the notchy stock unit.

  18. TC Real

    I have a 2014 6 cylinder Mustang RS, adult driven, not power shifted or even really pushed. The 5th gear synchro just went out at 54,000 miles. Contacted Ford to see if they would work with me on the warranty, they just sent me an infomercial about “our technicians are the best trained, and can handle all Ford maintenance, take it to them for quality repair. Any repairs out of warranty will be your cost”.

    I don’t see any reason to put any money into repairing this model of transmission, and a Tremec conversion is $7000 worth of parts. Makes this an absolutely uneconomic car to repair. I’d be an eager party to join a class action. Need a dependable car, looking at Toyota and walking away from all three of the Fords I drive now, as soon as I can replace them with Toyotas I like. I’ve been a Ford driver since 1979, typically have 3 or more of them at a time.

  19. JC

    My transmission is making a clunking sound when put into multiple gears…14k miles. How does one join this class action????

  20. Allan Mell

    Had my 2013 boss 302 trans rebuilt four times by ford in last five years. How do I join this class action suit?

  21. John Springmeyer

    2013 gt with 51,000 miles I do have sluggish shifts when the car is not warmed up even in the summer also 3rd gear is a problem many times just getting in it. I have never driven it to it’s potential I love the car and take very good care of it and looks showroom new

  22. Bob Senderoff

    Same crap with my ‘17 GT since new. Same old story. It’s “normal”. I drive the car gently but sometimes have some spirited fun. After all it is supposed to be a performance car?????? At least Chevy and Mopar saw fit to go the Tremec route. Ford in the bean counters infinite wisdom figured they would save a few bucks per car installing this German designed, Chinese built pile of Getrag trash in their flagship GT. Well I finally solved the problem!!!! When I couldn’t stand it anymore I traded it in for ‘19 AUTOMATIC. I figured I would never be able to sell it privately with that continuous clunking noise just like if I was looking to buy one, I would run away as fast as I could if I heard that commotion. Only way out was to trade it in and make it somebody else’s problem.
    Love that ten speed auto👍


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