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Nevada Will Adopt California’s More Stringent Emissions Rules


There’s been a battle brewing over vehicle emissions rules for some time now. Back when Barack Obama was president, he instituted a series of standards that required a 5 percent annual improvement in emissions through the year 2026. After Donald Trump became president, he completed a rollback of those regulations and reduced those requirements to 1.5 percent. But that hasn’t stopped some states, starting with California, from adopting their own, tougher emissions standards.

Mustang Mach-E

California’s standards, which are more stringent than those advocated by the Environmental Protection Agency, have since been adopted by Washington, Minnesota, and New Mexico. And now, Nevada is joining that list, as Governor Steve Sisolak announced this week. Sisolak was adamant that these new requirements would not place any burden on the citizens of Nevada, however.

“The new regulations will not require anyone to give up their current vehicle or choose one that does not work for their lifestyle or business needs,” Sisolak said.

2021 F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid

Nevada is proposing a requirement of ZEV standards that would begin in the 2025 model year. It would allow automakers to earn credits toward meeting requirements starting in the 2023 model year. The rules require automakers to sell vehicles in Nevada that emit lower emissions of greenhouse gases and other harmful air pollutants.

For their part, automakers seem determined to continue to work to design and produce vehicles that are more environmentally friendly. Ford, for example, announced a new plan earlier this week to become carbon neutral by the year 2050.

Ford F-150 EV

F-150 All-Electric Prototype

The automaker also unveiled the first-ever full-hybrid 2021 Ford F-150 just last night, with an all-electric model coming in 2022. Additionally, the Mustang Mach-E launches in early 2021, and The Blue Oval is spending $20 billion by 2025 on electric and anonymous tech, with plans to have 20 new EVs on the market by 2023.

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