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Next-Generation Ford Edge Reportedly Cancelled In A Surprising Move


By all accounts, the Ford Edge has been a successful model for The Blue Oval. It has seemingly sold in good numbers, and even spawned a couple of interesting variants in the Edge ST and Edge ST-Line. But if a recent report proves to be true, the next-generation Edge might not ever happen, as the automaker has already reportedly decided to nix the model altogether.

The rather surprising bit of news comes to us from an interview conducted by Automotive News Canada with AutoForecast Solutions, a U.S. global forecasting and consulting firm located in the U.S. “Unless Ford decides on a different program to replace the Edge, there’s no future for Oakville,” said Sam Fiorani, vice president of global forecasting at AutoForecast Solutions.

Fiorani is referring to the Ford Oakville Assembly Plant in Oakville, Canada, which is where the current Ford Edge and its stablemate, the Lincoln Nautilus, are produced. Just last year, Ford ended production of the Ford Flex and Lincoln MKT crossovers at the Oakville plant, which left the Edge and the Nautilus as the sole Blue Oval products produced in Canada.

As for the future of the Nautilus, Fiorani said that Ford is planning on shifting its production to China in 2023. The next-generation Ford Edge was reportedly scheduled to launch on an all-new platform in June 2023.

Ford sold a total of 138,515 Edges last year in the U.S., which is not an insignificant number. However, Fiorani pointed out that many of those sales went to fleets, not the hands of private owners.

The other issue at hand is Ford’s rapidly expanding family of SUVs and crossovers that may make the Edge obsolete. This includes the forthcoming Ford Bronco, Bronco Sport, a newly updated Ford Escape, and the Ford Fusion replacement that’s slated to essentially exist as the same type of vehicle as the current Edge – a tall crossover with car-like driving characteristics.

“All those new models and a couple of others that are EVs and non-EVs coming over the next three to five year are all filling in the same space [as the Edge],” Fiorani said. He did note, however, that the next-generation Ford Edge might live on in China, where it’s produced at the Changan Ford Hangzhou Assembly Plant for that market.

But there is one big caveat regarding this reported decision to cancel the next-generation Ford Edge. Ford’s Unifor labor contract covering the Oakville plant, the Ford Essex Engine Plant, and the Ford Windsor Engine Plant expires in September. As such, Fiorani notes that this entire thing could just be a ploy meant to gain leverage in upcoming negotiations.

There’s also the little problem that. following the upcoming closure of the Romeo Engine Plant in Romeo, Michigan in 2022, Essex and Windsor will be the only plants producing the Ford 5.0L Coyote V8 and Ford 6.2L Boss V8, that power the Ford Mustang, Ford F-150, and Ford Super Duty, so it’s unclear how it plans to proceed in that regard.

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    While I am no fan of SUVs or pick-ups I not at all surprised this poorly managed company may discontinue the Edge. The Edge is a victim of this poorly managed company’s strategy of putting all their eggs in one basket.

  2. FPVfan

    Alot of people are missing something here. I don’t know if I’m the only one who has picked up on this but let’s look at the big picture of what Ford is doing. Recently, Ford did away with all cars except the mustang, which got rid of the Focus, Fusion, Taurus and basically all of the FWD junk Ford then moved the Explorer from a FWD based oversized fat Taurus wagon, to a sleek, lean RWD based SUV on the new CD6 platform, the platform that should usher in the S650 Mustang. Ford then brings in the Bronco Sport, an escape-based rugged SUV this is still very civilized for the road. Ford then brings out the statements of the “Mustang Family” and how there will be a coupe, vert, 4-door coupe and crossover along with the electric side of the family, along with the Bronco family. Now, this is just me speculating and putting the pieces together in my little peon brain here from a layman’s perspective, but I think (and hope) that the Escape and Edge are on their way out the door following the Fiesta, Ecosport, Focus, Fusion, Taurus and Flex. I don’t see the Explorer or Expedition going anywhere but I think it’s a wrap for everything else and you know what, I ain’t mad about it. The CD6 platform is truly amazing and from personal experience, an absolutely delight on back roads (from the driver’s seat of an Explorer ST) and I’m quite certain that in a Mustang, it’s going to be even better. Another thing I’ve noticed is that even though the V8 engine still lives in the Mustang and Ford continues to make upgrades to the 5.0L V8, Ford is gradually phasing out of the V8 game. The Mustang and F150 are the only two vehicles to use the 5.0L V8 as the 3.5L proves to be a better performing engine. The 3.0L and 2.7L Twin Turbo V6 engines aren’t slouches either and with hybrid technology improving, the 5.0L V8 probably won’t be with us much longer. To some, that may be horrible but to me, it is bittersweet. Although i would miss the sound of a proper V8, the Mustang has been long removed from being a Muscle car (Pony Car) and is honestly a sports car and to be fair, nearly everyone out there is switching over to twin turbo V6 engines and twin turbo V6 hybrid engines and doing extremely well due to lighter weight and better balance. Ford knows how to make 4cylinder and 6cylinder cars sound fairly decent, as they’ve shown with the 3.5L Ecoboost GT supercar and the Focus RS (which sounds decent for a turbo-4 but far from the best inline turbo-4 out there). Anyone who hasn’t heard what the Ford GT ecoboost truly sounds like should check out the smoking tire’s video of the Ford GT (just the sound) edition and I’m sure could instantly fall in love with that intoxicating sound! The Borla upgrades for the 3.0L ST Explorer don’t sound half bad either. The true point of all of this is performance. The 3.5L Ecoboost can make anywhere from 450hp/510 torque to 660hp/550tq, the 3.0L Ecoboost makes 400hp/415tq on it’s own and 494hp/630tq with a hybrid 10-speed behind it and Rumor has it a 2.3L Hybrid making 364hp/501lb-ft of torque. Granted it would be better without the plug in part but those numbers are more than respectable given the size of the engines we’re talking about here. Ford is also working on another type of Hybrid system with Hybrid motors that power the front wheels while the gasoline engine powers the rear. Just say for instance that those motors produce anywhere from 60hp to 100hp and we’ll even say the same amount in torque. Combine that (on the low end) with a 450hp/510tq 3.5L and you get 510hp and 580lb-ft combined torque in a car that sounds like a Ford GT and that’s before Ford Performance and Roush get their hands on it it. Not to mention a super high output one that would go from 660hp/550 and with a high output 100hp/100tq electric motor setup would put out 760hp/650tq. Numbers that match the horsepower and exceed the torque (by 25lb-ft) of the 2020 GT500. Put that in a car the size of a BMW 8-series coupe/gran coupe or Audi Q8 Crossover and go from there. Ford has already proven that it can make amazing electric performance with the Cobra Jet 1400 and the Mach E GT crossover, it’s time to combine that tech together and make some street legal performance electric machines along with the gas powered stuff. With that taking care of the street performance side of things, along with the Explorer, which needs the 3.0L Hybrid setup from the Aviator GT tuned for more performance in an RS package, Ford can then worry about the off road size of things with the Bronco and Ranger. Bronco sounds really promising with the 2.7L and 3.0L Raptor but I’m hoping for a big upgrade with the Ranger. It needs to share more with it’s F150 big brother along with the option for a 6ft bed with a crew cab. That would be a hell of a truck, especially with the 2.3L Hybrid and the 3.0L V6 option. Wouldn’t mind seeing a street performance Ranger Thunderbolt come out of this either.
    Obviously there will be the pedestrian versions of all of these vehicles, more than likely powered by the 2.3L Ecoboost, which is fine. But this all also opens up doors for Lincoln to bring out cars like the Mark-X Coupe with (LSE & LSC versions) along with other CD6 platform vehicles.
    All in all, Ford dropping the Edge makes alot of sense with the mustang family coming. The only other thing that Ford could do that would make sense would be to A.) Make an Expedition Raptor along with an ST variant and B.) Bring out the all electric excursion and switch all super duty trucks to electric to compete with the Hummer and that ugly thing that Elon Muskrat made over in his human toaster shop and Ford would be alright. And bring back the Ford Lightning

  3. trailhiker

    Ford could do a few things to replace this.
    They could go the Honda way, and do a shortened 2 row based on the Explorer
    They could make an extended Escape and Corsair
    They could make an extended Bronco Sport (May be cheaper being made in Mexico)
    And yes, the electric Mustang platform could be utilized with some modifications to replace the Lincoln Corsair.

  4. GlenU

    Rather strange comments here for the 21st century.
    1- who doesn’t like electric vehicles?? there is a problem- recharging, once this is solved there will be no limit.
    2- vehicles that make noise? Who wants that?
    3- RWD? Oh my gosh lets go slipping & sliding with a gas eating V8??

    1. Ford Owner

      There is no recharging problem becaude there are hundreds of millions of electrical outlets everywhere. Just swap gas pumps with chargers! And every home has outlets. Many homes get their electricity for free!

  5. KR

    Sounds like fun to me.


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