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Sources Say Ford Mustang Sedan Apparently ‘On The Table’

Back in the fall of 2018, word got out that The Blue Oval was thinking about building a four-door Ford Mustang sedan. Then, about a month later, Ford reportedly showed such a concept to dealers. Some time has passed with no new rumors of a Ford Mustang sedan, until now. In a recent report discussing the Ford Mustang and Ford Bronco existing as their own sub-brands, there was a bit of a hint buried in a source’s comments.

“Who knows what the timeframe is in this COVID atmosphere we’re in but yeah, we’re looking at more EVs, hybrids, sedans, crossovers, coupe EVs, convertible EVs, rear-drive, all-wheel drive, you name it. There’s probably going to be a fistfight over a pickup called Mustang, though. The aim is for the Mustang-badged vehicles to be the more performance-oriented of the two sub-brands,” the source told Autoweek.

Most of these proposed Mustang variants already exist or are on the way. The Mustang Mach-E is the brand’s first all-electric offering and a crossover to boot. We also know that Ford is working on an all-wheel drive hybrid version of the regular Mustang for the next-generation model year. But what about that sedan the source is referring to?

A mule believed to be that of the hybrid AWD hybrid version of the next-generation Ford Mustang S650

A mule believed to be that of the hybrid AWD hybrid version of the next-generation Ford Mustang S650

There was a time when enthusiasts loathed four-door sedans, but automakers have built some pretty good ones in recent years. For instance, vehicles like the Audi S7, Porsche Panamera, and Dodge Charger, to name a few, deliver a solid mix of performance and practicality. Making a Ford Mustang sedan would enable the automaker to compete with those models, but it goes a bit deeper than that, too.

Ford no longer sells any passenger cars other than the Mustang in the United States. So it would make perfect sense for The Blue Oval to at least make one sedan it can offer Americans who like the practicality of a four-door but don’t want a crossover or SUV. A potential Ford Mustang sedan could fill that void rather nicely by being a sporty and practical offering.

In fact, a four-door Mustang model could share its Ford CD6 platform with the next-gen Mustang two-door. The architecture is capable of supporting relatively large vehicles, as it underpins the current Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator. Besides the platform, a Mustang sedan could also share the two-door model’s powertrain range, from the 2.3L EcoBoost four to the infamous 5.0L Coyote V8, and even more powerful variants like the supercharged 5.2L Predator V8. The same rings true for the AWD hybrid variant mentioned previously.

We’ve already seen with the Mustang Mach-E that Ford isn’t afraid to use an iconic nameplate on a seemingly sacrilegious offering. Heck, a four-door Mustang would actually be a bit easier to swallow than an electric crossover at this point, right?

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  1. JimL

    Here we go again. Why not just call it the Falcon or the Galaxie?
    Mustang: n. Definition: A sporty TWO DOOR passenger vehicle manufactured by the Ford Motor Company.

    1. Reply
  2. Mark Bedel

    I hear Porsche is going to make a 911 sedan to keep up! Oh no, it’s actually called the Panamera…sorry….

  3. Roger H

    Yes another dumb Ford idea to dirty the Mustang name.

  4. Donald W Hayes

    From 2019 Mustang US sales numbers. I believe it was under 80,000 units. Ford killed off the Fusion that doubled that number. If you want the Mustang to continue. It needs to become a sub-brand that still offers the coupe, the Mach E and possibly a 4 door hatchback while still offering performance models across the lineup. The other option is the Mustang goes the way of the Camaro which looks like it’s demise. You can still purchase an EcoBoost coupe. 5.0 GT coupe, 5.0 PP2 GT. The upcoming new 500+ horsepower 5.0 Mach 1. For a few more months the Shelby GT350 and the King of the Shelby’s, the GT500. Then the Addition of the EV Mach E crossover and the performance version Mach E GT. It’s an exciting time for the Mustang lineup and the Ford Motor company with the launch of the highly anticipated Broncos.

    1. Raptorfan

      I totally agree. Stagnation means regression, Henry Ford said a long time ago. To keep the “real” Mustang alive, “Mustang” must be a sub brand with more variants in the future. This also helps to keep Ford alive.

  5. David Pickford

    It would be a master stroke here in Australia, GM has lost its local manufacturing via Holden after closing down on its production of V6 and V8 sedans, wagons and utes as they weren’t as switched on as Ford who made sure we could still buy $cheap high performance Mustangs but there is a legion of Chrysler, GM and Ford buyers that would snap up every 4 door ‘stang that was sent down under.

  6. Steve S

    I don’t see any problem with a 4 door sedan based upon the mustang platform. I think that if Ford puts the mustang name on it though it will confuse buyers somewhat and weaken the mustang name overall the original mustang was built based upon a sedan platform borrowed from the Ford falcon. It only seems logical to bring back that nameplate to bring the sedan back from the mustang platform.

  7. Gary Stein

    That rendering above, is gorgeous. Maybe sell it in that one color. Very pretty. Hard to improve on that combination. And GM and Ford better do something to fill the holes in the lineup. And just for the heck of it……I miss the Town Car.

  8. William Moore


  9. Jon

    As a Mustang owner, I am starting to see that diversity in design is probably a good thing. To evolve, the Mustang as a brand, there need to be options. The electric (cuv) version is already coming. To be honest, I would like electric options in the coupe as well like the one shown at SEMA some time ago. A four-door, sleek “coupe” styled sedan could also be a good fit if done right. It has to be sleek and low, NOT LIKE AN SUV. The Mach E has that covered and besides Ford makes other suvs. As long as they can offer options to preserve the V8 RWD version I will say to Ford, do whatever it takes to keep the name Mustang alive.

  10. Ron

    Ford should bring back the Thunderbird! Leave the Mustang alone.!!!!! It should of never been Electrified ! The T-bird would have filled the need for both cars! It has not made the market as of today! Thunderbird a big YES! A four door and a supercharged Coyote v8 with battery backup!!!!! It’s a yes for me!!

  11. Roy Chiles

    The Mustang above is a Beautiful machine that will sale, but to take it a step farther Lincoln to should use the platform also for a rear wheel drive, Coach Or Suicide door Continental sedan and coupe. Cadillac and Lincoln who has been around a 100 years has Fail big time on building a real America Luxury Sedan. I just seen in person a 2021 Genesis G90 and couldn’t understand how Hyundai can build a real luxurious automobile but Cadillac and Lincoln build cookie cutters front wheel drives for the same price ??? FORD and GM need to STOP following Toyota and Honda with your luxury models that’s what Fusion and MKZ are for. Get back to the business of competing with Luxury Auto Makers BMW, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar etc… Lincoln should keep the MKZ aka Zephyr front wheel drive, Continental and Town Car rear wheel drive. Lincoln has turned into a SUV store which is Truly Sad

    1. Ryan

      As fans I think we’d all like to see GM/Ford build some really high end cars like that, but the numbers just don’t add up. Lincoln did a suicide door Continental, just isn’t demand. And you site the G90 but have you seen the sales for it? They sold 168 in the US for March. And 2 in Canada. 6 units a day isn’t gonna keep the line running. So either it has to cost so much no one will buy it, or it has to share a significant amount of content with a high running model. And then you have to make a whole bunch of design tradeoffs and it’s not as differentiated as people might like. People just aren’t buying sedans in large volumes so you’ve gotta make some tough decisions so be able to keep making some money.

  12. Jesse.D

    Mustang becoming a sub-brand makes perfect sense in this ever-changing world. Imagine when you pull into the dealership instead of having a big FORD sign out there is a big sign that reads MUSTANG . You go in and now you pick out the model that you want, whether it’s a
    MACH E
    MACH 1
    AWD MODEL which is badly needed with the horsepower numbers they’re putting down now
    OR A 4 DOOR there are a lot of family guys waiting for performance oriented FOMOCO family car
    Or a station wagon variant.
    If you truly love Mustangs and you want the brand to survive it doesn’t get any better then for it to expand.
    What’s the worst that can happen all of a sudden everywhere you look on the roads and highways are vehicles that say Mustang instead of Ford.
    I believe Ford will probably spin-off their line of pickups as a separate brand just like Dodge did with the ram. It’s a changing world and they’ve got to do what they’ve got to do to adapt and survive. The Mustang is already the number one selling sports car in the world and has its work cut out for it to stay on top. By Ford going this route it is not going to water down the performance models if anything by increasing sales of all their vehicles under the Mustang brand it will enable them to invest even more money in to it and make it even better. For those out there who Mustang truly lives in their heart they will buy it, and those that choose walk away from the brand because of this new direction they’re free to do so and that will be their loss, but I I believe in the end Ford sales numbers will dramatically increase and as an automobile manufacturer that is JOB 1.

    1. Ford Fan

      “AWD MODEL which is badly needed with the horsepower numbers they’re putting down now” no its not. people just need to learn how to drive.

  13. Mike

    They’ve already bastardized the Mustang name so a 4 door, while sad and pathetic, wouldn’t be a shock. I thought the point of getting rid of cars was because no one was buying them? How is it a good idea then to trash the Mustang even more. Remember when you could tell your friends you bought a Mustang without having to explain yourself, no I didn’t buy Moms 4 door or that electric appliance, I bought the REAL MUSTANG. Once again, if you don’t understand then don’t bother arguing

  14. vbondjr1

    I can’t understand why people get upset about this. Has anyone paid any attention to the Dodge Charger as of lately? A fastback coupe that came out about a year after the mustang in 1966 that is now the most bad ass sedan to come out of Detroit and is sell well in spite of most people moving to SUVs. The problem isn’t that people aren’t buying sedans, it’s that people are tired of boring lackluster sedan and the ones that people really want, most can’t afford and not everyone wants a Dodge. Let’s be real if someone wants a cool sporty sedan, a fusion is not going to be anywhere on the list, not even the 325hp Fusion sport. Same with the Taurus. Leaving the mustang just as the same old 2-door coupe will mark the car for extinction.

  15. OnlyVerts


    Ford stops making cars, except for the Mustang, because all their designs are terrible and no one buys them – except the Mustang. (so says the wisdom of Ford)

    Ford decides to start making those same cars again, except stick a Mustang badge on them, with wide mouth bass styling. (there’s that wisdom again)

    Future: Mom is driving a Mustang station wagon/SUV to soccer practice, half-rusted, beat up Mustang trucks loaded with lawn mowers and rakes are at every stop light, pizza boy is driving a Mustang sub-compact (ala Pinto) hatchback, Mr. Mid-Life Crisis is driving a Saleen Mustang “Ranchero” variant and actual, honest-to-God V8 Mustangs, Ford has determined, are such poor sellers that they need to be discontinued.

    If I were the Dodge boys, I’d consider building a much less heavy, no-nonsense coupe pony car, with a convertible variant and manual transmission (hmmm… Daytona?), and just wait for the loot to come flowing in, because everyone knows that GM is going to kill the Camaro and the last thing 18-24 year olds want to be associated with is their dad’s Buick (now Mustang).

    And I’m not even a Mopar man.

  16. Arthur Baier

    This is an absolutely horrible idea! Another mindless misstep in naming vehicles. Ford appears to be doing everything to distort the Mustang name and heritage. I have stated it numerous times before. A Mustang is NOT an SUV or what ever that MACH-E is. And it certainly should never be a four door Vehicle. If Ford wants to make those vehicles, great. Just do not call them Mustangs. Call them anything they want, but not Mustang. Electric Mustang version, fine, but it should look like a MustNg, not a Mazda or other nondescript SUV. This is simply destroying over 55 years of true Mustang legacy.

  17. Howell

    COME ON!Even a New CD6 Ford Crown Victoria 4 Door Sedan with RWD,Coyote V8,and Ecoboost Engine is better than this crap idea even a EV Ford Crown Victoria 4 Door Sedan is 100x better than a Mustang Sedan!What was in the world FORD was thinking!

  18. Chris

    Remember the SVT Contour? You definitely remember the SVO Mustang. In more modern times, in Europe Ford has some great Non-US (look at their Rally cars) options.

    Since the new turbo-4 mustang hit the market i’ve prayed Ford would either use the Mustang platform if possible, or another, and make a sedan that would have the marketing AND performance cache to slay the Euros. Think about a set of BMW 3 and 5 series killers. Boosted 4, TT V-6, and for the Coyote…a shot straight through the hull of the BMW M’s and Mercedes AMG, and Audi “S”. A lot of successful Americans love America and want to buy a performance US vehicle, but either reliability (Cadi ATS) isn’t quite up to snuff, or Mustang and Camarillo just remind them of the mullets tjey remember (or had) decades ago. Ford would need to market to the, how to I phrase this…”architect snob” crowd. Audi and Volvo do this to the degree I find it unappealing-but in that ballpark. Don’t make a “Sport” model, don’t add stripes. Don’t “Dodge” it. Keep it subdued so those who know…know. I think that market could be huge, and beating the Euros in reliability (not to mention repair costs) would be a breeze vs. the Japanese…and now Koreans. Actually, the Japanese aren’t players in this market anyway. Even the performance options hit different targets (e.g. WRX STI). Euros have curves and take driving seriously. I’m probably in the small minority but the 4, 6, and 8 cylinder options are incredible powerplant options. And absolutely do NOT call it a Mustang. Mad Max drove a Falcon. Or maybe a new name altogether. And serious “pursuit special” options for our LEO’s out there. 👍.

  19. Papa

    I do NOT agree that making “Mustang” a subdivision is either “progress” as one person here put it, or the answer to all of Ford’s car issues. And I still believe that the Mach E is the right car at the right time, with the WRONG name! If you don’t like that, big deal; I don’t care about your opinion on that no way!

    However, a 4-door sedan version of the Mustang isn’t as bad as that Mach Eww because at the very least, it would still be a true Mustang. Now, I believe that one actual sedan that can seat adults in the back seat and be available in an all-electric version, is needed. And, Ford should have stayed with the idea of a Subaru Outback competitor like the Fusion Activ as well. “Torino” or “Stallion” would be names I would use instead of Mustang for that new sedan; even though I would still style that sedan to look like the original pony car. And if Ford is smart, they’ll drop the Mustang name from the Mach Eww as well. But I expect that everyone who wants one of those ugly things will buy one and then sales will fall flat on their face a year later.

  20. HarleyRich

    Why not bring it back as a ThunderBird•••
    It’s a great name, as is Mustang! They should of named the Mach-E >>> A THUNDERBIRD MACH-E…
    How great would that have been—–
    They blew it….
    OH Well…. too late•••••

  21. ArtBaier

    NO! Why must they always do this. You have a great name with an amazing history. Just leave it alone!!!!!! If you want to bring out a fourdoor variant, give it it’s own name. The Mach-E should NEVER have had the Mustang name associated with it! Full stop! Just calling it a Mach-E would have been enough or give it another name. Same with a four door. Just give it it’s own name. Everyone keeps saying things like, Porsche has and SUV, Lamborghini has an SUV, so what’s wrong with a Mustang SUV, or 4-door Mustang? Well just for starts, Porsche did not call their SUV a 911 or their 4-door a 911. They both got their very own names! So what gives Ford! Bring out what you think is best, but for heavens sakes, DO NOT CALL THEM MUSTANGS, unless they are 2-door, 2+2, proper personal sports cars. Retire the Mustang name off the Mach-E, and please give any fourdoor it’s own name and not MUSTANG!!!!!


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