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The 2020 Ford Explorer Looks Surprisingly Good As A Sedan

We’ve seen more than a few 2020 Ford Explorer renderings recently, from our awesome Explorer Raptor to the not-so-awesome Explorer van/pickup thingy. But this truly interesting Ford Explorer sedan rendering from Budget Direct Car Insurance might just take the cake. Granted, in a world where sedans are disappearing faster than the actual dinosaurs did, there’s precisely a zero percent chance that we’ll ever see a 2020 Ford Explorer sedan. But one can dream, no?

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the Explorer sedan is just how well the SUV’s lines and various styling elements translate to passenger car form. Budget Direct took the headlights and grille directly from the ‘ute, but added a smaller front bumper and lower lip to give it a sportier, more car-like appearance.

Otherwise, the lines are rather boxy, particularly in relation to the front and back portions of the roofline. The design is capped off with a low beltline that hearkens back to the ’90s, as well as an existing set of 20 inch wheels lifted directly from the 2020 Ford Explorer, albeit with lower profile tires wrapped around them. Admittedly, the whole thing somewhat resembles the old Ford Taurus, but in a good way.

The overall design, well, it kinda works. This Explorer sedan looks assertive and aggressive, and we could picture it tooling around town with one of a host of EcoBoost powerplants under its hood. Preferably, the same Ford 3.0L EcoBoost six-cylinder that produces 400 horsepower and 415 pound-feet of torque in the Explorer ST, and perhaps the rumored Bronco Raptor, too.

Making a hi-po ST version of the Explorer sedan would be a no-brainer, with sportier styling, a revised suspension, and blacked-out trim. And since the existing Explorer’s chassis is going to underpin the next-gen S650 Ford Mustang, it would presumably be easy to adopt it for use in a sedan as well. And who wouldn’t want to see another rear-wheel-drive four-door in Ford’s lineup?

Alas, there’s no chance this Explorer sedan will ever see the light of day. But at least we can stare at this rendering and imagine what, exactly, it would be like in an alternate world.

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  1. Mark L Bedel

    Interesting exercise…is the market predicting a swing back toward car platforms and away from SUV’s…one can only hope!


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