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We Render The Ford Explorer Raptor That’s Ready To Rip Up Some Trails

Let’s face it – off-road vehicles are all the rage these days. Anything and everything with SUV or truck-like styling, big tires, and a lifted suspension is selling like hotcakes. This includes current products like the Ford Super Duty Tremor, F-150 Raptor, and Ranger Raptor, along with future vehicles like the Ford Bronco and Ford Bronco Sport. And that’s had us wondering just what other Ford vehicles deserve the rugged off-road treatment. Namely, a Ford Explorer Raptor.

Most recently, we rendered the Ford Expedition Raptor, which turned out pretty amazing. It’s also quite a viable product for Ford, as it could simply migrate parts from the F-150 Raptor over to the SUV that’s based on it. Another easy choice for a vehicle just waiting to be Raptor-fied is the Ford Explorer, which is already a hot seller as-is.

The latest iteration of the Explorer would lend itself well to the Raptor treatment, as we can clearly see from these awesome renderings. Our theoretical Explorer Raptor wears all the good stuff we’d expect to see on such a rig, including a revised grille with giant “Ford” lettering, as well as a beefy black bumper up front with integrated tow hooks.

Black lower body cladding and fender flares help protect the bottom from rock chips and other debris, while a set of Raptor wheels wrapped in off-road rubber is obviously a prerequisite for an Explorer Raptor. Or a Raptor anything, really. Naturally, all the remaining trim has been blacked out as well, because Ford doesn’t put shiny stuff on a sinister ride like this.

The look is capped off at the rear with a new lower section that adds style and provides a home for twin exhaust tips. And that’s pretty much it – no need to reinvent the wheel here. We’d be willing to bet that the Explorer Raptor would sell like hotcakes, given the current level of interest in off-roading and overlanding, as well as the rapid growth in the utility world in general.

An Explorer Raptor would also prove extremely profitable, and we already know that the mere presence of the Raptor name is enough to get folks all excited. So we can only hope that Ford will see these renderings and realize that there’s a lot of money to be made here.

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  1. fpvfan

    it definitely makes sense

  2. JimL

    As an Explorer owner, I LOVE this idea and wish they’d offer a Tremor-type package on this and the F-150.

  3. Roy Chiles

    Nope, I would buy the Expedition model over the Explorer for this roll, it’s size will fit more with families and it looks better. I don’t know why everybody want all the model to be called Raptor, Lack of imagination I guess the F150 is the only Raptor In the family get more creative with names

  4. Matt

    These are some nice looking vehicles! I am trying to locate fender flares for my 2017 explorer xlt limited. Where did you get the ones I see in these pictures?


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