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Bronco Brand May Expand To Include Additional Vehicles In The Future

Over the last year-plus, Ford hasn’t exactly made it a secret that the Bronco brand wasn’t just going to consist of one model, but several of them. It confirmed that fact on Monday, when the automaker announced the Ford Bronco family would include the two-door and four-door Bronco, along with the Bronco Sport. But as we’ve long suspected, the Bronco family has room to grow in the coming years, too.

Mark Grueber, Ford’s U.S. consumer marketing manager, essentially confirmed these suspicions on a call with the media this week. “We’ll start with the three models that we have,” Grueber said. “We will continue to look to where there’s customers we could satisfy with Bronco and how to continue to expand the brand in the future.”

Regardless, Ford director of Icon vehicles Dave Pericak was quick to also point out that not just any vehicle can wear the Bronco name. “Everything we do, it will have to live up to that same DNA and that same goal that the Bronco has, otherwise it doesn’t belong in the family. We’re not just badge-engineering. It’s not the name that makes the vehicle, it’s the vehicle that makes the name.”

We’ve known for some time that Ford plans on adding a Bronco pickup to the lineup in 2024, as well as a compact unibody pickup that could be called the Ford Maverick potentially as early as next year. As far as additional Bronco family members go, it’s anyone’s guess. But personally, we’d love to see a full-size variant based on the Ford F-150, just like the second through fifth-gen Broncos of old.

Ford Maverick Rendering

It could be years before we see additional Bronco variants, but we won’t have to wait long to see the regular Bronco and Bronco Sport, as both as scheduled to be revealed Monday, July 13th at 8:00 p.m. EDT. In the meantime, we’ve gotten a pretty good look at the Bronco’s front endrear quarter section, and virtually the entire Bronco and Bronco Sport in a very cool hype video thanks to Ford.

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  1. Roger Hyder

    So wait the Bronco pick up will replace the Ranger ? So go ahead build trucks and more SUVs to compete with in you own market. It cost more money to build many vehicles for the same market. Ford will lose their base, no cars other than the Mustang line, go ahead and give up sales of 300,000 plus cars to Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Kia and Nissan. A young couple goes to the dealership to get their first car, its not going to be a Ford ! Then their second car or maybe an SUV it wouldn’t be a Ford, they now have brand loyalty to someone else. Also that little blue pickup is ugly.

    1. Ryan

      Wife and I went to the Ford dealer to get our first new car, a 2018 Escape. We were 24…..the current generation wants different things than the previous generations. No different than previous generations that quit buying station wagons.

      1. John

        No you didnt. You bought a hugely profitable Camry. You must be remembering incorrectly.

    2. John

      Oh no! Ford wont be able to lose money on 300,000 cars! That’s a shame!

      Nobody said ANYTHING about a Bronco truck replacing the Ranger. You just pulled that out of your @$$ along with your idiotic observations.

      1. Ryan

        I know right? Don’t you hate when you can’t make unprofitable vehicles at 50% plant capacity?

        Look, if consumer tastes swing back to sedans, Ford still makes plenty of cars. It would not be that big of a deal to get one back in the US market. But if a global pandemic driving huge amounts of unemployment didn’t swing the pendulum back, I think that shows the consumer preferences are real and here to stay for some time

    3. Devin Meiser

      Are you kidding me. The Broncos is a classic ford suv. It was probably the most popular suvs of the 1990s. F150s have always sold better than ford cars. And have outlasted many different ford car models. Family’s want suvs. The Broncos is the key to reviving the Ford name. I mean who would choose a ford taurus wagon over a Broncos. Nobody

  2. crabbymilton

    May as well as far as I[m concerned. FORD no longer builds sedans so they can build all of the silly go carts, short wheel base 4 cylinder cross overs and off road rumble wagons they want. At least they still know how to build full size commercial trucks and vans as well as full sized SUV’s and the F150. Give them time you can’t rule them doing something stupid with them too.

  3. GaryB

    including the Bronco Warthog (name of raptor equivalent)

  4. David Pickford

    Roger, the reason Toyota does so well around the world is because it has multiple vehicles in the same market so that when a prospective buyer turns away from one model they can then say ” come over and have a look at this then”. In Australia Toyota took an unassailable lead on our market not because the vehicles are the best available but because buyers had so many choices; th idea of multiple Broncos etc is a good move.

  5. paul Snyder

    Most people want dependability , being a ford fan for years, I got shocked by my friendly ford dealer. Needing an oil change & tire rotation, my son ( an experienced auto mechanic ) watched.The tires were never rotated but we were charged for it.It was a rental & when we turned it in shortly after , we had to replace a tire that had a minimal wear tread depth. We did NOT pay for the rotation& departed very disappointed.


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