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Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock Aims To Take The Mustang’s Lunch Money


Dodge is doubling down on high-performance vehicles this week, unveiling a host of exciting new products for fans of old school muscle. First came the Durango SRT Hellcat, the most powerful SUV in history. Now, Dodge is also pulling the covers off a spiritual successor to the Demon which it calls the Challenger SRT Super Stock. Like the Demon, it’s specifically designed to get down the quarter-mile as fast as possible, which is troublesome for fans of the Ford Mustang.

Especially since Dodge is calling the Challenger SRT Super Stock “the world’s quickest and most powerful muscle car.” To achieve that status, this car utilizes the same supercharged 6.2L Hemi V8 present in the Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye, which pumps out 807 horsepower and 707 pound-feet of torque.

That fortified engine is backed up by a TorqueFlite 8HP90 eight-speed automatic transmission, and both feature a revised calibration for an extra 10 horsepower and higher rpm shifts than the Redeye. The power flows back to a performance-tuned asymmetrical limited-slip differential with a 3.09 final drive ratio.

The SRT Super Stock is based on a standard Widebody Challenger and features a new suspension, standard Brembo brakes, and lightweight 18 inch by 11 inch wheels wrapped with sticky 315/40R18 Nitto NT05R drag radials. The beefier sidewall of those tires makes a big difference in launching the SRT Super Stock, resulting in a 0-60 time of 3.25 seconds and a quarter-mile result of 10.5 seconds at 131 miles-per-hour.

Those are impressive numbers indeed, and even more impressive when we consider the fact that the SRT Super Stock is not a limited production model. Dodge will build as many as customers are willing to buy, which is pretty interesting. After all, 10 second turnkey vehicles don’t grow on trees, and the Super Stock even looks pretty much just like a regular old Redeye.

Mustang fans have to be more than a little jealous of this purpose-built drag racer. After all, Ford doesn’t really offer anything of comparison, though the right driver behind the wheel of a Shelby GT500 could certainly stand a chance against one. Otherwise, Ford fans would have to resort to a not-street-legal Mustang Cobra Jet to take a Super Stock down.

Of course, Ford builds those dedicated racers in tiny quantities, and they’re expensive. In reality, The Blue Oval could certainly build a drag racing Mustang like the Super Stock and sell them in showrooms pretty easily. A simple supercharger on the existing 5.0L Coyote V8 is more than capable of boosting horsepower into the 700+ range on pump gas. But alas, we just don’t see it happening. So for now, those of us who want our own Super Stock equivalent will just have to built it ourselves.

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  1. Mark L Bedel

    Well, unless Dodge has totally redesigned the suspension and lowered the center of gravity…I really would worry too much about it. It’ll still be a poor performer on the track. At the drags…there are many aftermarket tunes that send the Predator Engine well above 1,000 horsepower…next concern please?

  2. Ford Owner

    Buying such a car instead of a normal Ford Mustang is like marrying a woman who is fast and gives good sex but cannot cook, clean, or even take care of you. If I even wanted to drive fast, I prefer renting that car for a weekend and staying with the Mustang for every regular day. You should marry a great woman to live forever with you,but you can rent a fast woman for sex any night! Sorry, Dodge! Only idiots will buy your SRT!

    1. speedzzter

      The Challenger is a very livable car in daily use. It has a real back seat that actual adults can sit in. It handles better than virtually any Ford SUV/CUV/Crossover. I keep up fine with Mustangs in the twisties.

      That’s why I bought one in 2019. Ford abandoned customers such as me — ones who want rear wheel drive, V8 power, and need the extra space of a real back seat, but don’t want to toddle around in an orthopedic-looking, too-tall trucklet. Dog the Challenger all you want, but it fills a niche that Ford quit (Read: Thunderbird, Mark VII/VIII, Cougar and even Panther).

      The SRT Super Stock is a brilliant idea. I’d love to have one.

      I’d love it even more if Ford built a street-legal Mustang Cobra Jet that wasn’t loaded down with luxuries, leather and crap that’s useless on the drag strip, and offered it at a reasonable price (anybody remember the VALUE of the Fox-body 5.0 — the car that almost single-handedly ended the malaise era?). Call it the GT Cobra Jet or the GT Thunderbolt . . or call it BOB . . . the name doesn’t matter as long as it runs low 10s off the showroom floor and regular Joes can afford it.

      It won’t ever happen because of Ford’s clueless, bureaucratic management and CAFE Standards. But. It. Should.

  3. Roy Chiles

    Dodge is fastly Establishing themselves as the American Muscle Car Company. I don’t know who they are hiring but they not afraid of bring out new models that flex their Muscle. Instead of milking the BULLITT as a so call 2021 MACH 1 track Car which was the BOSS 302 lane this is what FORD should have done. I ain’t mad at you Dodge “ Competition” is good for the market

  4. Roy Chiles

    Am more surprised with all the SRT Challenger models being build DODGE didn’t do a next generation SRT/8 RAM HellCat truck 2 and 4 doors ??? A market untapped at the moment, you listening FORD Jim Farley since you think people don’t mind paying more ….

  5. Roy Chiles

    Imagine what would happen if FORD was Branding the Mustang the right way? The MACH 1 should have replaced the BULLITT with a Ram Air or Shaker hood 550/600SC 5.0, A BOSS 302 & Laguna Seca replace SHELBY GT350 with 650hp 5.0 SuperChargered, RoadRunner The SHELBY Cobra GT500 5.2 760hp is already in place, the return of the King SHELBY Cobra GT500KR 5.2 850hp. All 2021 5.0 standard shifts used TR-3160


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