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Ford Confirms 2021 Bronco First Edition Interior Will Only Come In Navy Pier Color

The 2021 Ford Bronco First Edition proved to be a massive hit when reservations opened up during the new SUV’s reveal, and all 3,500 examples were spoken for within hours. Demand was so great, in fact, that Ford decided to double the number of First Editions it would build, making it an even 7,000.

By all accounts, the First Edition represents the ultimate trim level, combining all the Bronco’s best features and options in one package. But there’s just one caveat – the only Bronco First Edition interior available will be Ford’s Navy Pier, a blue and gray two-tone color combination.

It appeared that this would be the case from the day the new Bronco was revealed, but Ford had yet to confirm it. That is, until someone asked Ford North America Product Communications manager Mike Levine on Twitter if Navy Pier would, in fact, be the only Bronco First Edition interior option. His response? A simple “yes.”

Regardless, there is some hope for First Edition buyers who aren’t big fans of the Navy Pier treatment. Levine replied and said “we’re listening” in regards to the possibility that this might change. This is pretty much the same response we heard from Bronco fans upset by the fact that it isn’t currently possible to pair a manual transmission with the Sasquatch package.

That at least leaves the door open for Ford to make a change before the new SUV begins deliveries next June. Regardless, the lucky 7,000 to secure a First Edition reservation are getting a very complete package. It comes with a host of standard equipment, including the Sasquatch package, Lux Package, Ford’s 2.7L EcoBoost V6, a 10-speed automatic transmission with Trail Control, as well as Advanced 4×4 with Automatic on Demand Engagement.

In addition, the First Edition sports a host of unique touches including a First Edition hood and bodyside graphics, as well as a Shadow Black painted modular hard top with a matching grille and side mirror caps.

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  1. Charles Meyers

    I sure hope Ford offers more interior color choices for the FE than Navy Pier. I have a FE reservation and I think the Navy Pier combo looks like….well, it looks like crap. I am super excited about my future FE, but the thought of having to sit in that color interior is a huge disappointment and may be enough for me to give up my FE rez. FYI Ford, not everyone is a fan of blue and gray!!

  2. Clark

    Disappointed as well and this may push me to get rid of the FE rez and go old school. They could have at least done saddle brown or black, considering these were just a few of the colors included on the official Ford renderings. With that, I’m wondering where the modular door idea went. I would have paid a pretty penny for that, as well.

  3. Gabe

    Please reconsider the interior options for the FE. Even all black would be acceptable! Don’t think I can live with Navy Pier. Probably enough to reconsider another trim level!

    1. Bryan

      Just informed, black will now be an option. ~Cheers Bryan – Western Slope Auto

  4. Morgan

    Please give us other options for the interior colors on the first edition. I will give up my reservation for a different trim if I have no other option. So sad about the Navy being our only option.

  5. janet phail-droege

    Absolutely NOT a fan of two tone interiors….ESPECIALLY Navy Pier. This is my first brand new vehicle since 1986 and I was SO excited the Bronco was back!! Ticked all of the boxes. PLEASE offer more options, monochromatic is almost always a safe bet!!! I don’t want to cancel because of an ugly interior….

  6. Bryan

    Ford just announced that they have listened to the consumer and will also offer the First Edition with a black interior option.


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