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Ford Explains Those Two Mysterious Bumps On the 2021 F-150 Roof

Even before the 2021 Ford F-150 was officially unveiled, we wondered aloud what sort of antenna setup the all-new pickup would have. Turns out, the old fashioned whip antenna just refuses to go away, and has returned for yet another year. But in one of the 2021 F-150 teaser photos Ford put out prior to the release, we also noticed two strange “bumps” on the roof of the pickup, and the automaker didn’t say what they were for. Until now.

Andrew Surma of Ford Trucks communications confirmed to Ford Authority that the two “box like” items on the roof are in fact antennas, as we originally assumed. One of them contains the embedded modem, and the other is used for SiriusXM satellite radio. This is a big departure from the current 13th gen F-150, which uses a large “shark fin” antenna placed at the front passenger side of the roof instead.

2020 Ford F-150

Many owners weren’t fans of the old shark fin, as it was somewhat unsightly and protruded rather far from the roof area. Those with lifted trucks were also hampered a bit by the extra height provided by the antenna, which motivated the aftermarket to come up with lower profile replacement pieces. But Ford has addressed those issues with the 2021 F-150, which should please owners looking to make the switch to the new model.

2021 F-150

Meanwhile, however, the old whip antenna, which has way more than nine lives at this point, returns once again to help receive AM/FM signals for the F-150’s radio. While this doesn’t bother some folks, those that hate the look do have plenty of aftermarket replacement options. Or, they could simply remove it if they don’t listen to AM/FM radio stations, which a lot of folks don’t bother with these days, anyway.

2021 F-150

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  1. George Dplett

    Not everything is about style or looks. I personally find nothing offensive about a whip antenna. It has its function and does it well. I still listen a lot to AM/FM radio as I believe a lot of other folks still do. I do not want to see it compromised by using an antenna design that is less than optimal for it’s purpose.

  2. Badmonkey

    Owners will soon learn the back of the cab is a stupid place as headache racks and cabover inserts block the reception. I’ll take my shark fin in the front thanks!

  3. Blake Scheidegger

    Ok well now I’m just irritated the whip antenna won’t die. 😑😑

    1. cody

      why get rid of something that works so well. I can pick up radio stations out of Chattanooga and I’m on the far side of Manchester

      1. TBosso

        Why get rid of it? IMO why not? Yes it works, but so did the other cars I’ve owned over the past 10 years that integrated it. Honestly, having an external whip these days is just lazy. It is an eye sore and locks it in an old school archaic aesthetic. The likes of Toyo/Nissan have admitted they only keep it because it’s an expected look for a work truck. They admit it can be removed effectively, but don’t due to the expectations of some customers and how they perceive a rough and rugged truck. Maybe for a commercial work force, but not on a personal vehicle that costs north of 50 freaking K. Just lazy!

  4. Bill

    New locations cause very spotty or no reception for siriusxm and unreliable navigation when I load my camper which blocks both the antennas. Move them back front!

  5. Darrow Linn

    Will my new 2022 F250 run if I remove the black antennas on the back of my truck ?

  6. Darrow Linn

    I want to remove the black boxes on the back of my 2022 F250. Will it affect the way my truck runs? Why can’t I order a truck without a radio ?


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