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Ford Mustang Sales Obliterate Camaro, Challenger In Q2 2020

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Ford Mustang sales decreased in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Brazil and Argentina during the second quarter of 2020.

Ford Mustang Sales - Q2 2020 - United States

In the United States, Ford Mustang deliveries totaled 15,717 units in Q2 2020, a decrease of about 27 percent compared to 21,625 units sold in Q2 2019.

In the first six months of the year, Mustang sales decreased about 12 percent to 33,786 units.
MODEL Q2 2020 / Q2 2019 Q2 2020 Q2 2019YTD 2020 / YTD 2019 YTD 2020 YTD 2019
MUSTANG -27.32% 15,717 21,625 -12.34% 33,786 38,542

Ford Mustang Sales - Q2 2020 - Canada

In Canada, Ford Mustang deliveries totaled 1,614 units in Q2 2020, a decrease of about 57 percent compared to 3,794 units sold in Q2 2019.

In the first six months of the year, Mustang sales decreased about 54 percent to 2,209 units.
MODEL Q2 2020 / Q2 2019 Q2 2020 Q2 2019YTD 2020 / YTD 2019 YTD 2020 YTD 2019
MUSTANG -57.46% 1,614 3,794 -53.97% 2,209 4,799

Ford Mustang Sales - Q2 2020 - South Korea

In South Korea, Ford Mustang deliveries totaled 190 units in Q2 2020, a decrease of about 30 percent compared to 272 units sold in Q2 2019.

In the first six months of the year, Mustang sales decreased about 30 percent to 367 units.
MODEL Q2 2020 / Q2 2019 Q2 2020 Q2 2019YTD 2020 / YTD 2019 YTD 2020 YTD 2019
MUSTANG -30.15% 190 272 -29.83% 367 523

Ford Mustang Sales - Q2 2020 - Mexico

In Mexico, Ford Mustang deliveries totaled 105 units in Q2 2020, a decrease of about 78 percent compared to 476 units sold in Q2 2019.

In the first six months of the year, Mustang sales decreased about 42 percent to 392 units.
MODEL Q2 2020 / Q2 2019 Q2 2020 Q2 2019YTD 2020 / YTD 2019 YTD 2020 YTD 2019
MUSTANG -77.94% 105 476 -41.58% 392 671

Ford Mustang Sales - Q2 2020 - Brazil

In Brazil, Ford Mustang deliveries totaled 56 units in Q2 2020, a decrease of about 52 percent compared to 116 units sold in Q2 2019.

In the first six months of the year, Mustang sales decreased about 15 percent to 181 units.
MODEL Q2 2020 / Q2 2019 Q2 2020 Q2 2019YTD 2020 / YTD 2019 YTD 2020 YTD 2019
MUSTANG -51.72% 56 116 -15.02% 181 213

Ford Mustang Sales - Q2 2020 - Argentina

In Argentina, Ford Mustang deliveries totaled 6 units in Q2 2020, a decrease of about 33 percent compared to 9 units sold in Q2 2019.

In the first six months of the year, Mustang sales decreased about 54 percent to 6 units.
MODEL Q2 2020 / Q2 2019 Q2 2020 Q2 2019YTD 2020 / YTD 2019 YTD 2020 YTD 2019
MUSTANG -33.33% 6 9 -53.85% 6 13

Competitive Sales Comparison

Despite the 27 percent decrease in U.S. Ford Mustang sales volume during the second quarter of 2020, the Mustang remained the best-selling vehicle in its segment, outselling the Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro. In fact, the Mustang nearly outsold the Challenger and Camaro on a combined basis, being only 838 units short of achieving that feat.

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By comparison, sales of the Challenger fell 35 percent to 9,880 units while Camaro sales decreased an astounding 46 percent to 6,675 units.

Sales Numbers - Mainstream Two-Door Sports Cars - Q2 2020 - USA

MODEL Q2 20 / Q2 19 Q2 20 Q2 19 Q2 20 SHARE Q2 19 SHARE YTD 20 / YTD 19 YTD 20 YTD 19
FORD MUSTANG -27.32% 15,717 21,625 42% 39% -12.34% 33,786 38,542
DODGE CHALLENGER -35.16% 9,880 15,237 26% 28% -23.20% 22,018 28,668
CHEVROLET CAMARO -46.31% 6,675 12,433 18% 23% -43.47% 13,860 24,516
MAZDA MX-5 MIATA +9.90% 2,620 2,384 7% 4% +10.37% 4,320 3,914
NISSAN 370Z +23.80% 749 605 2% 1% +4.63% 1,310 1,252
SUBARU BRZ -20.94% 570 721 2% 1% -37.53% 962 1,540
FIAT 124 SPIDER -42.76% 581 1,015 2% 2% -36.58% 969 1,528
TOYOTA 86 -24.47% 645 854 2% 2% -18.78% 1,349 1,661
TOTAL -31.78% 37,437 54,874 -22.68% 78,574 101,621

From a market share standpoint, the Mustang enjoyed a segment-leading 43 percent share, up from 40 percent in the year-ago quarter. It was followed by the Challenger with 27 percent (down 1 percent) and the Camaro with 18 percent (down 5 percent). All other segment contenders saw less than 10 percent segment share.

The mainstream, two-door sports car segment contracted 32 percent to 36,923 units in Q2 2020. In that regard, Ford Mustang sales outperformed the segment during the quarter.

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The Ford Authority Take

The Mustang continues as America’s best-selling mainstream sports car, outselling all other rivals on a two-to-one basis, and nearly outselling its two primary rivals combined. In addition, the Mustang managed to post the smallest decrease in sales volume among its two primary rivals, despite the COVID-19 virus, and the negative business-level impact brought on by the pandemic.

We expect that, due to the ongoing impacts of the coronavirus, Mustang sales will slip during the third quarter as a result of the negative impact of the COVID-19 virus on both retail sales and daily rental fleet sales. In fact, the virus caused Hertz to file for bankruptcy in May.

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Later this year, Ford’s pony will gain a new model in the form of the recently-debuted 2021 Mustang Mach 1, which will indirectly replace the Bullitt and Shelby GT350.

About The Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to Ford Mustang sales in Q2 2019, except if noted
  • There were 77 selling days in Q2 2020 and 77 selling days in Q2 2019
  • South Korea sales figures reflect actual vehicle registrations rather than wholesales

More Information & Sales Reporting

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Written by Alex Luft

Ford Authority founder with a passion for global automotive business strategy.

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  1. Imagine what would happen if FORD was Branding the Mustang the right way? The MACH 1 should have replaced the BULLITT with a Ram Air or Shaker hood 550/600SC 5.0, A BOSS 302 & Laguna Seca replace SHELBY GT350 with 650hp 5.0 SuperChargered, RoadRunner The SHELBY Cobra GT500 5.2 760hp is already in place, the return of the King SHELBY Cobra GT500KR 5.2 850hp. All 2021 5.0 standard shifts used TR-3160

    • Everything you said only makes sense to you and only you.

      Ram Air / Shake hood:
      Roy’s fiction: a Ram Air or Shaker hood will really increase sales.
      Fact: nobody cares except for a handful of people.

      Roy’s fiction: Mach 1 should have a supercharged 5.0.
      Fact: Mach 1 is a handling package and already has enough power from the tuned Coyote 5.0.

      Boss 302 / Laguna Seca
      Roy’s fiction: Roy wants Boss 302 and Laguna Seca to make more power.
      Fact: these are models focused on handling. Read up on history.

      Roy’s fiction: TR-3160 transmission is needed.
      Fact: the Getrag transmission is just fine. Have you driven one?

      Go back on the pills man. The world can’t stomach another loony.

      • Fact you should keep that hole in your face Shut the people who know BOSS 302 and Shelby Cobra GT350 are Track Cars Fact the MACH 1 like all Mustangs is a trim package that the Shaker / Ram Air was a part of seen more DragRaces Fact that Cool Shaker Hood on the 03-04 sold over 10,000 STANGS, Fact I own a 2012 RTR and 2013 BOSS 302 which have the same transmission MT82 that FORD is in court for, So instead of trying to attack someone you know nothing about keep your comment about the car People could care Less want you think about Me Keep Your Dam Mouth CLOSED if you have no life but to attack others

      • Fact vs. Fiction is pretty much FICTION (qualified to be a lifer FoMoCo desk jockey bureaucrat with CYA insights like those). Roy Chiles is right. REPEAT ROY IS RIGHT!

        BTW, I own a 2019 Challenger R/T and a 2012 Mustang GT with the controversial MT-82, and I’ve driven most all of the current pony car offerings. I bought a Challenger because Ford stopped building RWD cars with a back seat that’s for adults. It was a better value as well, insofar as the V8 Mustangs in stock (while lighter and more powerful) were all in excess of $40,000 — more than 25% higher than what I paid for my 2012. I did the turbo 4 thing with a new SVO back in the day. I’m never buying another turbo 4 Mustang. Sorry “Buddy” (Can’t) Hackett . . . .

        Saw the public debut of the Mach I at Mid America Shelby . . . more than a “handful” of core Ford customers wondered where the Shaker hood was (BTW, FCA’s Challenger knows). Many wanted the Mach 1 to have more throwback styling cues. Some thought the redesigned badges looked too plastic and cheap for a car of that anticipated high price.

        “Fact vs. Fiction,” handling and horsepower haven’t been mutually exclusive for decades. See e.g. Shelby GT500 (too expensive for me and I hate the “dial” shifter and lack of a true manual transmission, but proof positive that “models focused on handling” can bring some respectable e.t.s)

        Under current technology, basically anything worse than ~ 7 pounds per horsepower isn’t really doing enough for the high-performance niche consumer. So ROY IS RIGHT and “Fact vs. Fiction” is just another sycophant who believes every press release and doesn’t get it.

  2. The new Mach-E will add several hundred sales per month soon. By 2021, it will be Ford’s best selling electric sports car. GM and Chrysler have nothing to compete against the Mach-E!

    • The Mach-E is a completely different vehicle that will be reported on a different line. It’s not a Mustang despite having the Mustang name.

      GM will have the most EVs of any automaker by 2023. Ford will only have the “Mustang” Mach-E and the F-150 Electric. FCA will have zero EVs because it hasn’t invested in them.

      • FORD is Branding the Mustang as it’s on entity, so be it Coupe, Convertible, SUV or Sedan it will counted as a Mustang sale. If you watch the ads the MACH-E has 4 Mustangs 2 on each side, as much as you might not like it, it’s part of the Mustang Family now. That’s how FORD plans to grow the sales numbers

  3. And I’ll add to Roy Chiles marketing genius. There should be a 5.0 V8 Mustang specifically aimed at the streetable drag racing niche. Decontented and mostly competition-equipped like the hyper-expensive Super Stock Cobra Jets (without the roll cage, of course, because of the lawyers) but completely emissions-legal to take on the turn-key drag cars from FCA that are showing up at events such as Hot Rod Magazine Drag Week.

    Such a car would have to run off the showroom floor in the low tens (the NHRA rules changes make this a more attractive proposition) to make any dent in the psyches of the sportsman racers. While my preference would be turbocharging (probably a “hot-V” EcoBoost Coyote-style V8), I can live with an Eaton Roots-style supercharger to make the necessary horsepower.

    I’d call such a vehicle a GT Cobra Jet or a GT Thunderbolt, but what do I know. I’m sure “Fact vs. Fiction” and the other clean-hands, know-it-all sycophantic fan boys will have a snarky reason why such a Mustang shouldn’t be offered. They. Are. Wrong.

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