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Ford ‘Open To Feedback’ On Automatic-Only Bronco Sasquatch Package

The 2021 Ford Bronco was built specifically to dominate off-road conditions, and the level of equipment, packages, and options available are proof of that. But there’s one tiny little detail that came as a huge surprise when Ford unveiled the new SUV – the hugely popular Bronco Sasquatch package would only be available with the 10-speed automatic transmission, not Ford’s new seven-speed manual equipped with an ultra-low crawler gear.

This would seem to be a bit of a strange decision considering the equipment that comprises the Bronco Sasquatch package, which is available on every trim level. The package comes with an array of off-road goodies including 17 inch black painted aluminum beadlock capable wheels with 35 inch LT315/70R17 BSW Mud-Terrain tires, electronic-locking front and rear axles, a 4.7 final drive ratio, high-clearance suspension, position-sensitive Bilstein shock absorbers, and high-clearance fender flares.

In the days since this information became public, many have expressed their disappointment with the fact that they can’t pair the Sasquatch package with the manual transmission. But it appears that Ford might just be willing to listen to those folks, according to a recent tweet from Ford spokesman Mike Levine.

“Sasquatch is only available with the 10-speed automatic. We’re open to feedback for those that feel otherwise,” Levine said. Since that response was posted, Levine has received a large number of responses from people who want both the manual and the Sasquatch package, so perhaps Ford will change course and offer that coveted combination.

Overall, it’ll be interesting to see how many Bronco buyers opt for a manual transmission, regardless of trim level or package. After all, manuals make up a very small percentage of Jeep Wrangler sales, not to mention automotive sales overall, which is why few models offer one these days. But perhaps Bronco buyers will be the ones who begin to reverse that trend in the right direction.

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  1. crabbymilton

    Cracks me up. Should offer both on the whole line. Perhaps they’ll offer bias ply tires and a dynamo generator instead of an alternator. 🙂

    1. Gary B

      Please update and share the link I emailed you to the petition for allowing the Sasquatch package to be combined with the manual transmission

  2. Roy Chiles

    FORD customers are very different than Jeep customers, if the Bronco buyers are anything like the Mustang buyers more want a Standard Shift transmission when compared to Camaro and Challenger

  3. Croydon Kemp

    I am sure Ford engineering did extensive drive line load tests and concluded that with the big tire and locker option combined with the crawler first gear on the manual transmission, the potential for breakage was to great. Hense the auto only. I fully agree that the auto is the best for off road. I only hope that Ford engineering is applying some heavy duty trans coolers to avoid the super high heat in the dessert under load.
    I will ask that the fabric seats be made optional on the Black Diamond version. I hate pealing skin off the plastic when I sweat.
    Or make the wash out floor available on the base model where is makes sense.

  4. nathan

    disappointed that ford only offers bronco with turbo, sorry im not buying a turbo gas 4×4. it figures ford will screw up and not offer coyote..or at least non turbo 6cylinder, or diesel. be truely nice if designed as real offroad, solid axles, waterproof interior. and price is stupid high. and will it be rusting out underneath in 5 years like explorer or pickup? last 2 explorers we bought rusted out rockers in 4 years and other 5 years. big reason we gave up on ford is the massive rust out issue, other was engine gasket leak issues.


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