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Ford Parners With TomTom To Provide Real-Time Traffic Info For SYNC 4

When Ford revealed the all-new 2021 Ford F-150 last week, it mentioned that the pickup would come standard with SYNC 4, the automaker’s latest connected vehicle technology. Ford pointed out a few new features of the next-gen version of SYNC at that time, including more natural voice control, real-time mapping, and customizable information on demand. But now, the automaker has revealed that it has also partnered up with TomTom to give SYNC 4 advanced real-time traffic service technology.

TomTom has been awarded a global multi-year deal to provide Ford’s next-generation SYNC with its real-time traffic service. The latest version of SYNC will debut in the 2021 F-150 and Mustang Mach-E, both of which are scheduled to launch later this year. Drivers of those vehicles will be able to adjust trips based on traffic forecasts.

TomTom Traffic provides accurate, real-time traffic information, which will keep drivers informed and can help them reduce their travel time. The advanced service can predict traffic changes such as congestion before they happen by processing more than 70 million driving hours every day from millions of connected devices and leveraging SYNC’s increased computing power to update navigation systems every 30 seconds.

Ford’s navigation system and TomTom Traffic are fully connected to and informed by the internet, with maps containing the latest available traffic and construction information. Ford also equipped SYNC 4 with optional navigation with the ability to share parking space availability and prices.

By taking advantage of state-of-the-art, cloud-based voice processing, SYNC 4 can understand conversational requests, such as “Find me the best Thai restaurant” and offer data-based suggestions to drivers. Staying in contact with friends and family also becomes easier, with natural speech recognition enabling communication via SMS and email.

Making its debut in the Mustang Mach-E is SYNC 4A connected vehicle technology, an interface that uses machine learning to quickly learn drivers’ preferences. A 15.5 inch screen and adaptive dash card interface ditches complicated menus, making it easier to access features with touch, swipe, and pinch controls like smartphones.

“SYNC 4A, which is optimized for electric vehicle customers, actively adapts to you as soon as you start using it, quickly learning preferences and makes personalized suggestions,” said Darren Palmer, Ford global director for BEVs. “TomTom’s real-time traffic data, combined with other innovations such as Ford Intelligent Range technology, will help Mustang Mach-E customers get the most out of every charge.”

In addition to these features, Ford says SYNC 4 offers twice the computing power of SYNC 3, and it can wirelessly connect smartphones for seamless integration of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, as well as SYNC AppLink apps like Waze and Ford+Alexa.

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  1. W

    Good deal. My 2018 F350 ran me right into a 1.5 hour delay yesterday using its GPS pulling a 34ft gooseneck. Couldnt turn around. Hope this system is much better.

  2. Robert

    Why didn’t Ford incorporate their 15” touch screen into the 2021 f150 along with optional dual exhaust and the 7.3 Godzilla? They could have made so much more available as options. The f150 is no longer “just a work truck“!

  3. Izzy

    I had a TomTom for years, it was the best on the market. I think this is a smart move


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