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How To Use The FordPass App To Access Vehicle Information And Schedule Service: Video


As they say, there’s an app for everything these days, whether it’s one to measure running rhythm, display recipes, or provide endless hours of entertainment. While some of these apps are undoubtedly useful, others are, well, not so much. Luckily, the FordPass app falls into the former category, giving owners a variety of useful information and the ability to schedule service with just a few clicks from anywhere.

For those that prefer a little visual instruction on how to use things, the automaker has also released a handy video that guides them through the process of using the FordPass app, too. After downloading the app and adding vehicle info, the main screen of the app displays the vehicle with buttons to lock/unlock or even start it remotely and turn on the hazard lights.

There’s also a button for Vehicle Details, as well as a tab at the bottom. Click either one of those, and a new screen appears. If the vehicle is equipped with FordPass Connect, it’ll update data in real time, including fuel level, estimated distance to empty, oil life, tire pressures, current mileage, and the vehicle’s current location.

The FordPass app also allows users to select their preferred Ford dealership, which makes scheduling service extremely easy. The app displays the dealer’s contact info, hours of operation, directions, and the capability to schedule an appointment directly in the app. Additionally, the app also sends reminders when service is due or getting close to being due.

Those that complete service in this manner also receive FordPass Rewards points, which can be redeemed for future service visits, accessories, or even a new vehicle purchase. Users can pull up a full maintenance schedule in the app, which lists recommended services by mileage. There’s also a list of past service visits stored in the app for easy reference, and users can add services manually.

In addition, the FordPass app can store license plate numbers, warranty info, and VIN numbers. Vehicle Support contains how-to videos covering the features of the vehicle, along with a description of warning lights, a SYNC Applink catalog, a digital version of the owner’s manual, and vehicle health reports.

Finally, Collision Assistance makes life a little easier for those that have been in an accident with tips on how to handle the situation, locate nearby collision centers, and even provides ways to document the accident by taking photos and recording notes.

Once users learn how to use it, the FordPass app can be rather useful. And thanks to this informative video, it’s easy to do that, too.

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