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Jeep ‘Scares’ Broncos In Humorous Ad That Pokes At Ford Bronco


Ford has spent years developing the 2021 Bronco for one specific purpose, and that is to dethrone the Jeep Wrangler as the world’s top off-road focused SUV. And it hasn’t exactly made this a secret, going so far as to address all of the complaints Jeep fans have about their rides, like the fact that there’s nowhere to store the doors when they come off. However, Jeep has also taken the time to jab back in this friendly competition in recent days as well.

First, the automaker unveiled its Wrangler 392 Concept the morning of the Bronco’s reveal. A V8-powered Jeep is something brand loyalists have clamored for for years now, so this was undoubtedly a well-timed unveiling for such a machine. And now, Jeep has released a short ad that doubles down on that “poking the bear” approach.

In the commercial, we hear the rumble of a revving V8, which catches the attention of a group of horses, or “broncos,” we might say. The ad starts out very much like Ford’s Bronco spot, which depicts horses running before the vehicle itself comes rolling on screen. But in this case, as the Wrangler 392 Concept comes roaring down the road, the horses get spooked and run off.

The commercial touts the fact that the concept has 450 horsepower (get it?), then ends with the Jeep logo and its “there’s only one” tagline written beneath it. Even those not terribly familiar with the intricate nature of the automotive world are bound to get the multiple references here.

Personally, we’re enjoying this little back-and-forth between Jeep and Ford right now, as it only helps rev up the renewed rivalry between the two. But if we were the former, we’d be a little worried about the arrival of that stampeding horse, which has its sights set on taking over the off-road fun vehicle segment for good.

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  1. David Harshfield

    Funny … but WHY would you want a HUGE V-8 in an off road “Jeep”?? I get the stoplight racing, hitting it on the on-ramp, passing the slow-poke in the left lane and all … but to add a few hundred pounds to the front of a small SUV does not really make “practical” sense … I have a 2019 F150 with the 2.7EB and let me tell you, when you need it, that thing MOVES! So just bragging rights to who has the largest … engine … funny

    1. Roy Chiles

      I totally agree with you it very funnie Jeep waited until now to do this it even look alittle desperate to take attention from the Bronco debut. What Jeep didn’t think about is FORD has a 3.5 EcoBoost V6 with the same 450hp haha, but like you said above who really needs it. What’s not funnie would be the 392 V8 Insurance rates as it would be the 1st open top vehicle to use the engine

  2. Stalkbroker94

    In other words; they’ve got nothing. That’s ALWAYS the answer that Jeep/Ram/Dodge give every time they don’t have any ideas. “Put a V8 in it.” They really aren’t any good at making power otherwise. It’s going to make the vehicle faster, but at the cost of making it a lot more lumbering off-road. It’s just about bragging rights and as always, Jeep/Ram/dodge are the only one who cares about how big another one’s member is. It’s a compensation contest that only they feel the need to participate in.

    And the semantically null statement “there’s only one.”
    There’s only one of what? A stale design? A vehicle made for people to cut me off in? A product that doesn’t come the way its loyal customers want it to? What exactly, Jeep? In typical pretending-you’re not-impressed style, Jeep once again showed their true colors and like a complacent MLB team that’s done well for years, they weren’t ready to turn up the heat until they realized they might lose the game.

  3. Karl

    Poor Jeep, it had this segment to its self unchallenged for decades, now things are closer than they appear in their rear view mirror, this is their feeble attempt at a little distraction. Competition is great for any breed. Ford has a very credible vehicle in the new Bronco, looks like someone has started shaking in their boots..

    1. Ford Fan

      naw, they were shaking already from all the death wobble lol

  4. Mark L Bedel

    Well, when there’s not much left in the barrels to fire, the old and tired…”mines bigger than yours” is always worth at least some “short” term attention…

  5. MollyRingworm

    … JEEP … I still hear crickets ..

  6. David Harshfield

    I heard a funny one the other day Bronco says to Blazer – “Hey, we are back!!”, Blazer says to Bronco “Don’t laugh at me, I came back as a car”!!

  7. Don Wood

    Ford could always end this little competition by coming out with a Bronco Raptor version featuring its Voodoo V-8 like the ones in Mustang GTs. If Jeep tried to beat it with something, Ford could just add a supercharger on the Voodoo V-8 for 760 HP like it has in the new Shelby 500 Mustang. That would shut down Jeep for good.

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