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Lincoln Confirms That It Will End Continental Production This Year

As the passenger car moves closer and closer to extinction, we continue to see some iconic models sent to the automotive graveyard in favor of SUVs and crossovers. That includes the Lincoln Continental, sadly enough, but its demise isn’t exactly new news. In fact, Ford Authority was the first to report, a little over two years ago, that Continental production would end after the current generation had run its course. And now, Lincoln itself has confirmed that its flagship luxury sedan will go away at the end of 2020.

“Lincoln is investing in growth segments and the brand will feature a full portfolio of SUVs, including a fully electric vehicle in the future,” the automaker said in a statement. “Lincoln will continue to keep its newest SUVs fresh and we will have more news to share later this year; however, as the full-size premium sedan segment continues to decline in the U.S., we plan to end production of the Lincoln Continental at the end of this year.”

Lincoln broke the news to its workers at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant, where Continental production takes place, on Wednesday. “We build to customer demand and customer demands are changing,” said John Savona, Ford vice president, North American Manufacturing. “Lincoln is important to Ford Motor Company and we know it has a bright future.” Interestingly enough, Lincoln did confirm that it would sell the Continental in China for the 2021 model year.

Lincoln revived the Continental nameplate in 2016 following a fourteen year absence, ushering in a new styling direction for the long-running brand. At first, Lincoln Continental sales started out strong, with 12,012 units moved in its first year on the market. But they tapered off quickly, decreasing to 8,758 in 2018, 6,586 in 2019, and 2,575 units sold this year so far.

Lincoln MKZ production is scheduled to end on July 30th at the Ford Hermosillo plant in Mexico, which will leave the Continental as the sole Lincoln passenger car left in production, as well as the only Blue Oval car remaining aside from the Ford Mustang, as the Ford Fusion is also set to end production on the same date.

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  1. Jason E

    Would love to see the Continental reincarnated as an electric RWD vehicle (preferably not as a crossover/SUV) in the future, but we will see.

  2. crabbymilton

    I’m sure FORD and the critics that have been blasting this beautiful car since it first came out are happy now. Perhaps they will regret downplaying sedans at some point and they will build them again in the future even if they are all electric. So now, I will have to think of my new ultimate dream car and it won’t be a FORD product. Would be nice to have TOYOTA build the CENTURY over here. Farewell LINCOLN CONTINENTAL. You and others like you will be missed by many of us.

  3. Roy Chiles

    You can’t call it a FlagShip when you build a parts bin Fusion and slap Continental iconic name on it. Build a real American Luxury FlagShip Sedan that everyone would be proud to own and talk about. Use the Aviator rear wheel drive platform add EV, Suicide doors and make it stunning . This car got it half way right with the Coach Edition with Suicide doors. Lincoln is really a up grade FORD today more than ever in its life time, all SUV? Just buy a FORD at least they know how to build an exotic FORD GT $500K Lincoln don’t even know how to build a Luxury Sedan. I will never get to buy the Cool Lincoln’s my parents ownGood thing Chrysler is still around they have RWD sedans with a name I understand

  4. John Bassett

    If you had brought the continental back with center pull doors it would have sold out .i have been a Ford and Lincoln, mercury supporter all my life and always wanted a Continental with center pull doors but you put it out of my reach. Thanks

  5. Marcus

    Hello darkness, my old friend… goodnight sweet prince!

  6. Roy Chiles

    Chrysler and DODGE has prove that true American Sedans are still loved models on today’s market. Chrysler 300 with a name we all know and relate to is real rear wheel drive Luxury FlagShip model. DODGE is America Muscle Car Brand both has been on the market for over 15 years and still look great today. Lincoln should Study this Company they might learn a thing or 2 about how to build a American Sedan again. Rear Wheel Drive Suicide doors and great looks Lincoln

    1. D

      Bring back the Lincoln town car and grand marquis

      1. crabbymilton

        We can only dream. My ’04 GRAND MARQUIS may not be as pretty as the day I took proud delivery back in January of ’04 but I’m here to tell you that it still rides like a million dollars and the engine runs like a swiss watch. I always have made sure the oil get changed at strict intervals so believe me, your engine will like that. Forget the names but FORD may regret dropping their sedan such as the CROWN VICTORIA/GRAND MARQUIS/TOWN CAR. The TAURUS was imho a solid and smooth car and the CONTINENTAL was nice despite all of the ribbing it received. I know I part ways with many but the fact that it was a front drive based sedan, that didn’t bother me at all. Besides, you could have all wheel drive if having the rear wheel propelling it if it’s so important for you. Perhaps FORD/LINCOLN will have a bigger sedan at some point much the way GM/CADILLAC is toying with that new all electric sedan. I hope they get it going and perhaps offer it with a gasoline engine option. We’ll shall see. Bottom line, I know and appreciate history and heritage but you’re better off just forgetting builders and their respective trade names and brands and just look at the car itself and if you like it and can afford it, just buy it.

    2. Sedan lover

      There is nothing “American” about Dodge and Chrysler anymore. They were sold to Fiat, which has the worst reliability of every carmaker in the world, barring some Chinese models. I used to own Chrysler vehicles. I will never buy the moneypits again.

  7. Tom

    I currently drive a 2017 Lincoln MKZ. All I can tell Ford management is that if Ford/Lincoln does not build a sedan by the time I want to get rid of this Lincoln, this will be the last Ford product I ever own. I have ZERO interest in a pickup truck and not a whole lot more interest in a SUV. It looks like BMW, Audi, or certified Mercedes will be in my future.

  8. Apostolik

    I have had a 2011, 2015 and 2018 Lincoln mkz.
    I love my sedans. I DON’T WANT a SUV. I think you should at least keep one sedan at a reasonable price….that’s the MKZ
    I was offered deals from Subaru, BMW.
    my husband has only owed Ford, Lincoln.
    I really don’t want to change!!! Please keep the mkz!!!!!!!!


    This poorly managed company that no idea how to market and make a profit on a sedan (even if its being made in a low wage country) and will lose all its present sedan owners to another make, needs to have its entire unqualified top executives replaced.

  10. Roy Chiles

    A American Luxury Automaker that build or sells NO Cars, now that’s Funnie

  11. Jerry J.

    I have been a devoted Ford Product lover for over 40+-years and it is sad to see the Lincoln automotive being eliminated. Ford lays blame on market changing but the truth is Ford has not invested in Designers to keep the cars looks up to pace. Lincoln designs have fell far behind other manufacturers, resulting in diminish sales. I see a lot of potential buyers turning to the European market because of this, along with a lot of seniors wanting a vehicle they can slide in as oppose to climb in. Even the cross-overs have a high step in do to no frame under vehicle. Sadly to say Ford has created it’s own problem. When you see senior buyers turning to mid price range BMW’s and Mercedes do to styling and pricing.


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