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Mustang Convertible Driver Gets Bottles Thrown At Him For Cutting Drive Thru Line: Video

Generally, we learn at a very early age that cutting in line is unacceptable social behavior. Regardless, we see adults who should know better doing it every day instead of just waiting their turn like the rest of us. Few things in life are more frustrating, so we can certainly understand why one guy was pretty mad at a Mustang convertible driver who cut in front of him in a McDonald’s drive thru line in Fort Lauderdale, Florida recently.

Ford Mustang Convertible

Luckily, the driver of another car in line behind the two captured the aftermath on film. Instead of simply having a civil discussion with the Mustang convertible driver, the angry bystander proceeded to throw not one, but two water bottles at him. Making matters worse, the top was down, though we can’t see if the bottles actually made contact with the Mustang’s occupant(s).

Regardless, it seems like the Mustang’s driver at least notices what’s happening, but the video cuts out before we get to see what happens next. Perhaps he ignored the situation and realized his classless move, or maybe a fight ensued. At least for now, we’ll never truly know.

Ford Mustang Convertible

Either way, there’s really no telling why the Ford Mustang driver cut in line anyway. Perhaps he was having a bit of a Big Mac attack and feeling hangry. We know all too well what waiting too long to eat can do to one’s mind, but it still doesn’t excuse this kind of behavior.

Not that cutting in line deserves a water bottle to the head, but it still isn’t the cool thing to do. If we’d all just wait our turn like we learned in our toddler years, stuff like this would never happen. And everybody would get their 20 piece nugget or fish sandwich in the order they deserve to.

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  1. Duck butter

    This is 100 percent fake/staged. Anyone who believes this is real is an imbecile.

    1. zach

      moron its real

  2. Suck my dick

    Really they act like children be a adult and stop throwing stuff at a car. I’m a Miner still and to see people doing that stuff needs to stop. You guys are going to the same place so just wait. If you damaged there car they can sue you plus just go up to the manager and say hey that cut the line or just wait. Where do you need to be No one wants u people and what you can get your food so u half to be stupid. So sit your fat ass down. Plus this is fake because who has that many bottles in a nice car.

  3. Bill Gaudette


  4. John

    Same thing happened to me it was caught on my dash cam and I posted it. Background is the line for Raising Canes was stacked 4 lanes across the street and staff was waiving groups of cars through, not to block traffic. The girl in the car did not want to wait so she drove in to the parking lot waited for the next group to come across and she cut everyone stacked up on line waiting about 30 other cars.

  5. Sergio

    Sorry, if you’re leaving enough space for someone to cut in front of you, you’re not drive throughing right. Bumper to bumper until you get your food! That said, if it’s real (*rechecks article* ah, Florida, probably real) then this guy’s a colossal db for cutting off a drive through line. McDonald’s should have turned on the sprinklers if they saw it.

  6. Titus McGuirk

    If people are raised by their parents to be rebels & bullies; then the parents need 1 night in lockup to physically know that behavior is not tolerated! So cut the B.S.!


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