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New 2021 Bronco Lego Models Were Designed By A Ford Engineer: Video

We just received our very first look at the 2021 Ford Bronco last week when the sixth-generation model was officially revealed. But Ford engineers have known exactly what the new Bronco was going to look like for a while. One of them, Peter Blackert, just so happens to also be a big time Lego fan on the side, so he did the logical thing and created a pair of Bronco Lego models from scratch bricks.

Naturally, Blackert built both two- and four-door Bronco Lego models. The short version is finished in Cyber Orange Pearl with a grey top, while the longer SUV features what Blackert calls an “Icy Blue” finish with a white top. What makes the models even cooler is the fact that they’re incredibly realistic and seemingly production ready, with removable tops and doors.

Various other incredible details include the Bronco’s hood-mounted trail sights, fender flares, rock rails, and even detailed engine bays and interiors. Lego and the Bronco make a perfect pair, naturally, as both are quite modular. But at least for now, don’t expect to head down to the local big box store and pick up one of these cool kits.

Both Bronco Lego models are custom kits, or what Lego enthusiasts call “My Own Creation” (MOC). Regardless, Brickert has created a slew of these custom models in the past, and has been known to share his parts lists and build details for them, so perhaps we’ll see the same thing here.

Alternatively, we can probably just wait a little while and buy an off-the-shelf Lego Bronco before long, perhaps even before the real thing enters production next April. Given the incredible popularity the new Bronco has enjoyed in the week since its unveiling, we imagine that a brick model will be just one of many Bronco-related items that’ll be available for purchase in the coming months.

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