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Reserving A 2021 Ford Bronco May Help Avoid Dealer Markups


When new, sought-after vehicles hit the market, dealers sometimes often take advantage of the high interest and demand by marking up their prices. In the recent past, this has taken place with the Mustang Boss Laguna Seca, Ford F-150 Raptor, Ford Focus RS and 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, and it will also appear to take place with the upcoming 2021 Ford Bronco.

Being concerned about dealer markups is perfectly normal when it comes time to sign on the dotted line, but the practice may be a non-issue when Ford’s new off-road SUV hits dealer lots.

We’ve heard through the grapevine that The Blue Oval has advised its dealers against tacking on additional dealer markups (ADMs) for customers who have reserved a Bronco. That said, dealers are the ones that ultimately set prices and determine how vehicles are sold.

Ford Authority asked FoMoCo for comment and clarification, but were told that the automaker does not comment on speculation or rumors. So there’s that.

Meanwhile, some dealers have told customers that they will be selling reserved Broncos at MSRP or, in some cases, under MSRP. One customer reported that Granger Ford in Iowa is going so far as to take $1,000 off the price of new Broncos.

While we’re on the topic of ADMs, we feel obligated to also discuss the practice of buying in-demand models like the Bronco First Edition in order to resell (or “flip”) them thereafter. This has been something that both dealers and individuals have done in the past, and there’s no reason to believe that this will not take place with the new Bronco, at least initially.

For the time being, reserving one online via Ford’s website could be our best chance to avoid paying those pesky dealer markups. Reservations will be converted to actual orders with a local dealer in December 2020, and the very first Broncos are expected to begin arriving in June 2021. But whether the reservation will actually result in the elimination of the ADM come buying time remains very much unclear.

Those who have yet to place a reservation should know that the Bronco First Edition is now sold out, even after Ford doubled the original production numbers for the limited-edition launch trim.

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  1. John S Bassett

    I have a reservation for a new bronco and the dealership I ordered through said they would follow what ford advised them. So hopefully Ford will not try and add an availability fee. This would really upset me. I don’t believe Ford would do that.

  2. GaryB

    thats why there is x-plan pricing. if you dont already qualify for that through the company you work for, you can join the mustang club of america (MCA) for $25. 60 days after joining the club, youll qualify for the xplan. Its 0.4% below dealer invoice, and they cant add any extra doc fees or ADM. Still gotta look around the different dealerships if you plan on getting add ons to your bronco. Someplaces charge markups and extra fees for purchasing/installing those upgrades, and others dont.

  3. Mark Morrissey

    If a Ford Dealership wants to try to pull that on me , then they can keep their overpriced product until they all have inventory and go thru their normal 5-7k discount 6 months later. Same crap , different year. That’s why this business model doesn’t work anymore !

  4. Maliketh

    It’s bs!! A Ford dealership tried marking one up by $5 grand on me! Are you stupid?!! I’m not that desperate for your Fkn car!! I’ll wait till the hype dies down 😡😡


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