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The 2021 F-150 Interior Celebrates Its American Roots With Cool Metal Flags

It’s common knowledge that the Ford F-150 is a uniquely American entity, and it’s built 100 percent in the U.S. at both the Dearborn Truck Plant in Dearborn, Michigan and the Kansas City Assembly Plant in Clay County, Missouri. Recently, Ford has also been rather keen to tout that fact, especially in its new advertising campaign dubbed “Built For America.” But as it turns out, the automaker also “hid” a pair of American flags in the 2021 F-150 interior that almost qualify as what we like to refer to as “Easter eggs.”

These metal flags appear at each end/corner of the new F-150’s dash, just to the sides of the air vents. They’re only visible when the doors are open, but serve as a reminder of the F-150’s American roots in development, design, engineering, and production every time the driver or passenger steps inside. It’s a cool touch, for sure, and something that really stands out in what is also a very impressive interior revamp.

This nifty little 2021 F-150 interior feature is also a reminder that manufacturing still plays a large role in the American economy. This fact became clear as Ford battled through the COVID-19 pandemic, using its idled plants to create and produce critically-needed personal protective equipment for front line workers. Now that its plants are back to producing vehicles at pre-coronavirus levels, Ford is keen to remind us what a critical component it plays in the U.S. economy.

“Ford chooses to invest more in America than any other automaker in part because of its rich history here. There are a lot of parallels between how the company and the country face and ultimately overcome challenges,” said Kumar Galhotra, Ford president, Americas and International Markets Group. “It’s not easy, and it’s not always comfortable, but we don’t back down. We will work hard to come back – aiming to be even stronger than before.”

Ford COO Jim Farley also recently pointed out just how critical the F-Series in general is to rebuilding the U.S. economy post COVID-19. A grand total of 19,000 workers and 2,000 U.S.-based suppliers help build F-Series trucks in America. Last year alone, Ford sold 900,000 F-Series pickups, which generated $42 billion in revenue. Amazingly enough, that performance made it second only to the Apple iPhone in branded consumer product sales in 2019. And that’s certainly worth getting a little patriotic over.

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  1. Ronnie C Maxwell

    Ford Trucks are #1 for sure,,,BUT, in order to maintain the Trust of it’s owners and keep them Ford has a problem. Not sure if they can fix it or not. Engineers and Designers need to focus on make the vehicles easy to service and repair. A company can not have a $80,000 truck in the shop for a month for repairs! They have another $80,000 of tools and equipment in those trucks and one to four men’s jobs are being delayed. You may say we need more Ford Mechanics, yes we do, but at the same time if the truck was engineered to make more of it easier to repair that would benefit, the Mechanics, Dealership, Owners and yes the salesmen. This is a issue just ask I bet you already know this to be a fact. Ford need to keep the trucks in the field not in the shop or waiting in line to get into the shop. Hope this does not fall on deaf ears, pass this up! Thanks

    1. 2021 F150 Owner

      Your comment shows you’re an ignorant prick. I am a Canadian, but unlike you I would be VERY happy to have our neighbors flag on my truck!!

  2. Mel

    As a f150 owner since I was 18 and have had been 25 and 30 since then I have had to take not having a Canadian built one since 80 .this is bad enough but to have to look at an American flag every time you get in and out…not happening. I was looking forward to a new 21 but I will be looking elsewhere..just in principle.

  3. Pete Musick

    Cool little American touch. My 2019 Mustang has its own little, hidden easter eggs on the head lights.

  4. Homerjay

    The article is a bit hypocritical. My ‘21 lariat came with korean made kumho tires as did the others I saw on the dealers lot. I wonder how many parts that compose the truck are actually made in the usa. Probably why the sticker says ‘proudly assembled’ vs ‘proudly made’ in the (insert state name here)The American flag is not included on the models made for canadian market. I wouldn’t have minded that. Its more discreet than the stickers placed in other areas and looks pretty cool.


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