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Why Lincoln Presidential Trim Replaces The Black Label In Some Markets

In North America, Lincoln uses the Black Label for its range-topping trims. But in some other markets like the Middle East and China, the Lincoln Presidential trim is used instead. We were curious as to why this is the case, so we reached out to Lincoln to find out why.

“We believe that the Presidential brand name suits our Middle East customer best,” Lincoln Communications Manager, Anika Salceda-Wycoco, tells Ford Authority. In the Middle East, the Presidential trim is offered on the Lincoln Nautilus, Lincoln Aviator, and Lincoln Navigator.

In that region, the Navigator is offered in base, Reserve, and Presidential trims. The extended wheelbase L variant replicates that formula. That‘s the same trim level structure as in North America, but with Presidential used in place of Black Label. The Presidential trim was launched in the Middle East in 2017.

“Since then many royals and heads of state have chosen Lincoln as their vehicle of choice,” Salceda-Wycoco added.

Thus, the Presidential name carries a bit of prestige in the Middle East, so it makes sense that Lincoln would continue to offer it instead of changing the trim name to Black Label to coincide with North America.

No matter what Lincoln calls its SUVs these days, this formula is clearly working. As we reported last week, the automaker is enjoying a surge in SUV and crossover sales, as well as an increase in retail market share despite suffering a 7 percent decline in overall sales volume in Q2 2020.

Lincoln SUV sales gained 1.5 percent in retail market share to more than 7 percent of the premium SUV segment, with the new-for-2020 Lincoln Corsair and Aviator leading the way.

This is encouraging news for the automaker as it continues to wind down passenger car production. Both the Lincoln Continental and MKZ will be discontinued following the 2020 model year, which leaves the automaker with a lineup consisting of nothing but SUVs and crossovers.

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  1. Roy Chiles

    The Communications Manages would be wrong, I would much rather buy a Lincoln Presidential Navigator over Black Label which is used with other Automakers here. A Presidential Continental with suicide doors would sold better than “ Coach Edition “ it didn’t help that the Lincoln Continental was FWD and shared front end with MKZ. Being a SUV only store is not good for Lincoln unless their outselling Land Rover which is their new competition market. A lot of Bean Counters in Lincoln really are not thinking what’s best for this Brand judging by the decisions that are being made. Use Presidential on the Aviator, Navigator or the model I named above on USA models and see what happens more people would like to feel Presidential in America.

  2. Rich

    Roy, do you think they are ARE LISTENING???
    Of course with this George Floyd BLM ISSUES taking over EVERYTHING, Lincoln may be forced to CHANGE BLACK LABEL for PRESIDENTIAL LABEL????

  3. crabbymilton

    Rich you are exactly on target. They can always go back to alphanumeric combinations like GM does with CADILLAC. However we shouldn’t give them ideas just to appease the cop haters out there.

  4. NJ Blue

    It’s not the name, guys. It’s the content and the failure of Lincoln to improve the Continental to approach best in class status by offering a more advanced drive train, electrification (such as is coming with the Genesis G80) and upgrading the interior along the lines of the Navigator. Over many years and many CEO’s Ford has launched products and failed to upgrade them to keep them competitive over time while chasing something else. The Taurus/Sable is but one example. When I go to trade in my 2013 MKZ Hybrid, I won’t be looking for an SUV. I already have one. I will be looking for a sedan. Unless it is a pre-owned Lincoln, I will now have to look elsewhere.

  5. Abdulla

    coming from the spoken about region(ME), the reason behind replacing “Black Label” naming is purely religious. where Black Label might be referred to the johnnie walkers’ “Black Label” . for that i believe Lincoln doesn’t want that miss understanding in a non-alcoholic region.


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