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1956 Ford C800 Is The Ultimate High-Dollar Classic Car Hauler: Video

Folks that own valuable classic cars should also have a classy way to haul them around. It just makes too much sense, at least in our humble opinion. And this gorgeous 1956 Ford C800 car hauler that’s up for sale at Volo Auto Sales sure seems like the most stylish way to do it. Aside from looking simply stunning, the classic rig is fresh off a $250,000 investment and has just 366 miles on the clock.

The seller claims that no expense was spared with this Ford C800 build, and we have no reason to doubt that. Clearly, this COE was a labor of love, but unfortunately, its previous owner passed away, which is why it’s up for grabs now. The level of detail present here is simply astounding, starting out with arrow-straight metal and perfect black paint.

Every single piece of trim has been re-chromed, repainted, or replaced. No stone was left unturned, whether we’re talking about a piece of rubber, glass, or metal. And to make this look like a proper big rig, the classic Ford has been given big stacks, two air horns, and an ’80s vintage double sleeper cab for those long trips.

The interior of the C800 is equally stunning, with Ford Mustang bucket seats and all new upholstery to complement the black-painted metal pieces. And to ensure this classic COE is as reliable and powerful as a modern-day semi, it’s also powered by a rebuilt 5.9L Cummins turbo diesel V6 of 1990 vintage. It too is polished and painted to perfection, as is the chassis underneath.

If all of that isn’t enough, this Ford C800 also pulls an equally beautiful enclosed hauler covered in diamond plating. It’s designed to be functional as well, with lots of interior lighting and an EZ track for securing any sort of toys the new owner might want to haul back there.

It’s hard to imagine that a more beautiful car hauler exists out there in the world, but that’s what happens when somebody throws a cool quarter-million at an already-cool Blue Oval classic.

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  1. Dave Mathers

    That wheelbase is way too short and there is too much rear overhang. The front end would be light ( and SCARY) driving down the highway. But it makes for a nice piece.

  2. D. Wallace

    What a beauty! Perfect paint, chrome, trim, and interior. Why didn’t someone take 15 minutes to clean and put some tire dressing on her.

  3. matt gilson

    5.9 Cummings V6?

  4. Andrew

    Beautiful, is like go back on the time, great restoration job and if I see the truck in the street will have my camera ready.


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