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1969 Ford Mustang Transformed Into Hybrid With Toyota Prius Underpinnings

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Rumors have swirled for years now that there might be a Ford Mustang Hybrid in the works. But as of now, we’ve yet to actually see an electrified pony emerge from The Blue Oval. That doesn’t mean that others haven’t built their own version, of course, and that now includes this interesting 1969 Ford Mustang hybrid, recently shared on Facebook, that takes an innovative approach to hybridization.

We say that this is a 1969 Ford Mustang, but in reality, it’s actually only that in terms of bodywork. Underneath the classic body panels lies what is essentially an entire Toyota Prius. The owner “simply” tacked the Mustang body onto the frameless running gear of a Prius, a process that’s probably a lot harder than it sounds.

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Amazingly enough, however, the wheelbases of these two vehicles are surprisingly similar. In fact, the Mustang’s wheelbase is only 1.7 inches longer than the Prius, and just three inches wider. This means this unlikely pairing actually looks decent, not like some of the Frankenstein-like creations we’ve seen in the past.

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Of course, the new drivetrain doesn’t make this classic Mustang some sort of speed demon. The Prius runs on a 1.8L four-cylinder gas engine that produces just 90 horsepower, couple with an electric motor that helps boost that number to 134 ponies. But in all fairness, the Prius was built to achieve crazy high EPA ratings, not win drag races.

According to the owner, the car is registered as a 1969 Ford Mustang and has been on the road for around six months now. So we know that it’s a real, functioning thing, not just another example of botched automotive surgery. It also means that we can say there’s at least one hybrid Mustang running around, even if Ford didn’t actually build it.

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Written by Brett Foote

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. “But as of now, we’ve yet to actually see an electrified pony emerge from The Blue Oval.” Ford has a patent #10,457,132 (October 29, 2019) that presents a hybrid Mustang, using two electrical motors on the front axles, one per wheel. Search the U.S. Patent Office for yourself. This guy may have built his hybrid with Toyota parts but Ford will have a production hybrid Mustang in two or more years.

    BTW, Brett Foote, you forgot the Mach-E that is an electrified Mustang in production, way before your comment was printed.

      • You misunderstood my post. I wrote that the Mach-E is an electrified Mustang, and it is a real Mustang. That is what happened before your post. The profuction for sales is secondary but coming.

        Anyway, you have plenty of negative posts about your article, so never try to “glorify” such a terrible hybrid monster of a fake Mustang using Toyota parts.

        • Nope, I understood your post perfectly fine. The fact remains that Ford has not yet built a production version of a hybrid or electric Mustang. Nor am I trying to “glorify” anything. And yes, there are negative comments on every single news article on the internet. Unfortunately that’s just the world we live in, one filled with negativity and people who have nothing better to do than post negative comments while hiding behind an anonymous internet alias.

  2. He can register it how he wish and who ever wants to believe it as they wish. It’s not a FORD or Mustang at all with Honda running gear and a 69 shell around it

  3. Eww. Why on earth?! What is wrong with this dude? If he wants an efficient vehicle, there are a number of vehicles he can purchase without trashing. If he wants a sports car, he can purchase any number of them AND there’s a healthy supply of aftermarket parts that ACTUALLY work with the vehicle.

  4. My name is jonathon Foote and I have had nothing but love to the 1969 mustang it has always been my dream car and is your name actually Bret Foote cuz my name is jonathon Foote

  5. I really appreciate the creativity behind his car, and it must have been tough work to bring the parts together. I hope he comes up with a banger of a paint job to wrap it all up!

    Thanks for the article, it was a cool read. 🙂

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