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2020 Ford Edge Gifted To Lifelong Blue Oval Fan For His 75th Birthday: Video


While there are some exceptions to the rule, brand loyalty is typically very strong in the world of automobile ownership. Most of us figure out which brand we love from an early age, then more or less stick with it through the course of our lives. That can certainly be said of the Boston-area family depicted in this video, who’ve owned Ford vehicles their entire lives. So one can imagine the excitement the husband must have felt when he was gifted a brand new 2020 Ford Edge Titanium for his 75th birthday.

2020 Ford Edge

The husband and wife also spent their entire lives giving back as STEM educators in the local school system, so they’re certainly deserving of a substantial gift like this. But their Blue Oval ties run deep, as the couple have owned everything from a first-gen Ford Mustang to an S197 convertible, a Galaxie, Fairmont, a Mercury Mountaineer, a Ford Explorer or two, a couple of LTD wagons, and now a Ford Escape and the new Ford Edge.

The video does a great job of capturing the man’s reaction, which is undoubtedly heartwarming. As the garage door is lifted up and everyone wishes him a happy birthday, he walks inside almost in disbelief. “Whose is this?” he asks. And even when everyone tells him that it’s his, he still seems to be in a bit of shock, which is completely understandable.

2020 Ford Edge

After a minute or so, it finally seems to settle in. “An Edge?” the mans asks. “Alright!” And the act of kindness only prompts him to return the favor. “Well happy birthday to you, you have an Escape,” he tells his daughter. Eventually, he asks where the family got the 2020 Ford Edge, to which they reply quite humorously “at the store.”

It’s quite clear from the video that the man’s family completely caught him off guard with this birthday present, and he doesn’t know quite what to say or do. But we would feel the same way if somebody gave us such a generous gift. Regardless, given this family’s enduring loyalty to the Blue Oval, he certainly deserves it.

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  1. Scott Z

    Loyalty, with everything, is so sadly lacking these days. What a wicked why to say thanks for that “loyalty”. Well done, a really nice touch. Well deserved.! Good Stuff.!

  2. Ford guy 500

    The Ford Galaxie not galaxy was always one of my favorite fords. Good job.


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