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2021 Ford F-150 Limited Pricing Rises Significantly Over 13th-Gen Model

Just a few days ago, we took a detailed look at 2021 Ford F-150 4×4 pricing, which proved to be an interesting exercise. As it turns out, some configurations and trim levels of the 14th-generation pickup only received a small price bump, while others have increased significantly. The biggest jumps, as we would have guessed, apply to premium trim levels. Thus, F-150 Limited pricing looks a bit different for 2021 than it did in 2020.

Perhaps surprisingly, 2021 F-150 Limited pricing didn’t take the biggest jump of any trim level, however. That honor belongs to the Platinum, which costs $3,590 more than before. But slipping behind the wheel of Ford’s range-topping Limited is still quite a bit more expensive in 2021 than it was in 2020, to the tune of $3,090.

This price increase is static across the board, which means that it applies to both two- and four-wheel-drive models. The Limited is only available in Super Crew configuration with a 5.5 foot bed. The starting MSRP for the RWD 2021 Limited is $70,825 versus $67,735 for 2020, and the 4WD rises from $71,160 to $74,250.

2021 Ford F-150 Limited Pricing
Series Code Cab Trim Level Drive Wheels Bed Length (Feet) 2021 MSRP 2020 MSRP + / – 2021
W1C Super Crew Limited 4×2 5.5 $70,825 $67,735 $3,090
W1E Super Crew Limited 4×4 5.5 $74,250 $71,160 $3,090

Meanwhile, 2021 F-150 XL models have only risen a mere $195, while the XLT receives a price jump as low as $290. So it’s fair to wonder – why have the premium trim levels risen so much? The answer is pretty obvious, however – the higher trim level 2021 F-150 pickups come with some pretty pricey upgrades over the outgoing model.

That includes the standard 12 inch infotainment screen, a heavily revised interior with enhanced materials, SYNC 4, over-the-air update capability, and new driver assist features. Add to that all-new body panels, and it’s clear that Ford had to recuperate some of these costs somewhere.

Ford COO Jim Farley recently said that F-150 customers have proven that they’re happy to pay for technology, so long as those features are productive. And in the case of the 2021 F-150 Limited, they will certainly be spending a bit more for that content.

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