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2021 Ford Super Duty Order Books Are Officially Open

Ford Super Duty
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Back in June, we reported the dates that 2021 Ford Super Duty order books were scheduled to open, as well as the dates it was scheduled to enter production at the Ford Kentucky Truck Plant and Ford Ohio Assembly Plant. However, Ford Authority has learned that the automaker has since made a few changes to its timeline.

Ford Super Duty

2021 Ford Super Duty - Key Ordering & Production Dates
Activity: Order Banks Open Production Starts Order Banks Open (Old Dates) Production Start (Old Dates)
Kentucky Truck Plant: August 10, 2020 October 26, 2020 August 17, 2020 November 2, 2020
Ohio Assembly Plant: August 10, 2020 November 9, 2020 August 17, 2020 November 9, 2020

Originally, 2021 Ford Super Duty order banks were scheduled to open on August 17th, 2020, but are now open today, August 10th, 2020. Production was originally scheduled to start at the Kentucky Truck Plant on November 2nd, 2020, but will now also begin one week early, on October 26th, 2020. Despite these changes, production at the Ohio Assembly Plant hasn’t changed, and will begin on November 9th, 2020.

Ford Super Duty

The Super Duty lineup consists of the F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550, and F-600. However, F-600 production is on a different schedule.

As we recently reported, the 2020 F-600 equipped with Ford’s 7.3L Godzilla V8 is scheduled to go into production on August 17th, 2020 at the Ford Ohio Assembly Plant after order banks for the F-600 opened back on March 2nd, 2020. Which, interestingly, will mean that the F-600 will still be a 2020 model year vehicle in early 2021.

Meanwhile, the F-600 equipped with Ford’s 6.7L Power Stroke V8 is scheduled to go into production in early 2021, as we reported last month. The F-600 is also equipped with FoMoCo’s 10-speed TorqShift automatic transmission with available live drive power takeoff.

There will be a few minor changes and updates to the 2021 Super Duty, which we will outline later.

We’ll have much more on the 2021 Super Duty very soon, so be sure and subscribe to Ford Authority for the latest Ford F-Series news, Ford Super Duty news, and continuous Ford news coverage.

2020 Ford Super Duty Photos
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Written by Brett Foote

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. FYI, I tried to order a 2021 F450 cab and chassis yesterday (8/12/20), and Ford was having some computer issues. I was later informed by my dealer that Ford wasn’t allowing full build orders until September 17th.

    • Just called my dealer and salesman said they aren’t able to order 2021 Superduty yet. I think that Ryan Quinn must have ordered a 2020. Keep sending reply’s my Brother. I’m wanting to place an order as soon as possible also.

  2. My dealer contacted me to come in and order a new 2021 F250. the salesman sent me 36 pages of the ordering literature so i can know what to order. It said it comes with last years 8″ screen with sync3. No hybrid option was available. I saw on other websites that said new superduty will have a 15.5″ info screen with sync4 and a hybrid option. I also saw spy shots on Best2019pickuptrucks site the pic of a huge info screen through the window of the truck in the pic. i asked the salesman to contact the Ford rep to find out about whats up with the options. why would i want to get a new calendar year truck and it get more upgrades in a couple of months. BUYERS BEWARE!!!!!

  3. After going through those 36 pages it clearly states whats new for 2021. it says sync3 with 8′ screen will remain the same. New F150 options WILL NOT COME TO NEW SUPER DUTY THIS CALENDAR YEAR. I’m disappointed. But you can now go to the dealer and order new Superduty.

  4. Are there any 2021 upgrades worth waiting for, or would it be better to take the rebate on a 2020 on a lot at this point?

  5. Just ordered a 2021 Platinum F-250 Tremor Power Stroke Diesel with EVERY option except the safe and the wench. MSRP was a hefty $89,940 but was able to get it for $86,649. I’m excited to have gotten the 2021 model. There weren’t many upgrades except maybe a bit more from the Diesel but it’s a new calendar year truck. So go to your dealer and don’t get taken advantage of. There was tax and after that only 100$ in fees for tags and registration. I know 2 other dealers that are not as good and wanted to go 500-1000$ off MSRP plus had other charges. I traded a 2010 Dodge Charger and they gave me a great price of $5,200 for it plus saved the tax. So it dropped it to $81,450 plus tax and then the extra 100$ in fees. So I paid with trade in $88,573. I wanted all the new tech options the new F-150 has but it’s not out this year. So I’m going to get it around Thanksgiving. And it’s a 2021. Proud owner of a Super Duty Diesel. And a F-CKING TREMOR.

  6. Should have held out, got 3 dealers bidding against each other for me to order. Down to $1000 below dealer invoice now.

  7. Good for you Don S. Thanks for sharing what is an isn’t available. I was really hoping for some of the F150 Hybrid tech to bleed over to the 250 but… Drive it like you stole it!

  8. Mike Good Job Brother Man. I thought and feel Idid good. But now I think you are handling it better. I ordered a 2020 F350 in April but inJuly the dealership told me that in a couple of weeks theyd start my build. I traded a 2010 Dodge Charger and got 5200$ for it and they came down 5K$ from MSRP. but I backed out of it in July. The salesman didnt want me to back out but I said hold on to my deposit and i’ll order a 2021 model. i said i want another good deal. But thats what Igot. 3,290$ off a F250 PlatinumTremor. They said thats what they can do for me. I did’nt have the leverage I had going into it with the Dealership closed in April. But I’m ok with the deal. I’m looking foward to hearing how great you did. Please leave a follow up and go get a great deal my brother.
    Dave, I live by those words. Ride It Like You Stole It. I ride Harleys and even have a patch that says that. I have a Jaguar F Pace SVR with 550HP from the factory. It’s so F-CKING FAST. And I CAN”T DRIVE IT 55. Try like155. Well truthfully got it above 130 but nowhere to get it any faster where I live. So Dave go out and get yourself a 2021 Super Duty. If you can check out the Tremor and get you one of those, and I’ll see you on a trail someday my Friend. PEACE.

  9. David T – The ’21 is basically the same as a ’20, biggest change is color availability. If you find a ’20 you like, get it!

  10. Thank you, Miles. That is what I was wondering. It seems like the base price goes up a couple thousand dollars each year. So, assuming that it is the same vehicle, I would rather save some money plus get the end-of-year rebate. Just didn’t want to miss out on any upgrades with the ’21s just around the corner. I like the Magnetic color; so, I’ll go with the ’20. I appreciate the info.

  11. I’ve been looking a 2020 F250 Tremor Diesel for the last month and decided to pull the trigger this week (upgrading my Raptor to pull a 5th wheel). Dealer told me I could no longer order a 2020 and priced out the same thing in a 2021. Gave me an MSRP of $84,040 and 10% off (I told him I was looking for $74k, which would have been 12%). I’m happy with the 10% given the new model. Giving him $1k today to place the order!

  12. Good for you Brother Dave. And what a steal of a deal you snagged. I only got 3300$ off my almost 90K$ Platinum Tremor. I’m so happy with my deal but to hear others are killing it is awesome. Spread this info for others to do better with buying.
    Since Friday of last week, I joined the Tremor Forum. I knew I was getting a Tremor on Monday and asked some questions and there were so many people chime-ing in. So helpful and now that I got my order in on Monday, I’ve been chatting it up with new friends on the site. Check it out Dave and hopefully I’ll catch you on it.
    So you saw the new feature of the bed step. I ordered it thinking it was the bed-gate step from last years model. But it’s another step. I now have both. I don’t have a clue what the new one is. Don’t need them both.
    Wiper driver is deleted option from 2021. Magnetic and Silver Spruce colors are gone. Also new feature of Adaptive steering, which I also got. I’m assuming it’s going to keep you in the lane which I don’t think I needed. That was a 1000$. But Re sale it’s a Platinum Diesel with every option which will get it back for me.
    Plus Tremor Platinum needs to be ordered with power deployable side step at no cost for Platinum (if you want them which I thought was a must for me and 1000$ on the Lariat package which I came close to getting with the popular Blacked out package) but has to be put in that way.
    I got the moonroof, up fitter switches, high capacity tow package, 5th wheel prep AND KIT, custom placed trailer camera, retractable cover (which I didn’t think I’d get from Ford but saw one on the lot and loved it), 397 amp alternator, spray in bed liner, hood deflector, mud flaps, and front and back well wheel liners (Lariat Blacked out package can only be ordered with just back wheel liner, which my buddy says is a must have to make it easy to clean).
    Everything but the safe and the wench. I would have gotten the wench but in NY you need a front License plate and it’s right where they put the wench. Oh plus the 6.7L Powerstroke Diesel.
    A hefty $89,940. But got it for $86,650. But I traded a 2010 Charger and they gave me $5,200 for it and I saved the tax on the 5200$. (Which I thought if I sold it on my own maybe 3,500-4,000$).
    SO $81,449 plus tax and $100 for registration title and small fee it came to $88,573.
    I got my truck in that Iconic Silver which I love but seems nobody else gets it in that color which makes it more of a one in a kind Tremor.
    So please tell us the details of what you got so others can learn from our experience.
    Maybe at the Buffalo Chip at Sturgis S.Dakota next Summer. YAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

    • I went with the Lariat, 6.7L Diesel, 3.55 Electronic locking. Added the Tremor, Lariat Ultimate, and Lariat Sport packages, as well as the high capacity w/ultimate trailer tow camera system and pro trailer backup assist package (I have this on my Raptor and it’s awesome)! For other options, I got the mud flaps, tailgate step, spray in liner, TPMS/customer placed trailer camera, wiper de-icer/heated steering wheel, 5th wheel prep package, power moonroof, BLIS, reverse sensing system, roof lights, Tremor running boards (have this type on my Raptor), all weather mats, adaptive cruise control, universal garage door opener, upfitter switches, Nav/Sync, B&O sound. The whole thing is a basic match to my Raptor, which i LOVE, but now want to pull a 5th wheel. I opted not to get the adaptive steering. I don’t want any type of gear (that will eventually fail) between my steering wheel and the tires! After I get it, I’ll a Retrax bed cover, which I have on my Raptor. I also add protective film on the front and a ceramic coating on the whole thing, which I also did to my Raptor. I also won’t have a need for a wench. I choose Black. I was never a fan of black paint until I got my Raptor. It just looks so awesome I had to do it again. Considering everything on the Lariat/Tremor is blacked out, it makes sense. The thing looks beautiful! By the way, anyone interested in a 2018 Raptor – HA. I need to list it this week. No way I’m getting robbed by the dealer on a trade in for that one!

      • The adaptive steering lets you turn your wheel less at slow speeds. Turn your wheel while backing a trailer less and it takes much less effort. It adjusts for speed. I ordered the 2021 F-450 with everything but the PTO. Got it in Star White

  13. A Sweet Black Lariat TREMOR. BEST OF LUCK WITH IT. 74K$. Stole it.
    I thought Wiper De-icer was a deleted option. If it has it it’ll come with the Platinum. In NY we get some Snowy Winters.

  14. Platinum F-250 65,500$, The Diesel lists for 10,500$, Tremor package 4,000$, Retractable bed Cover1,700$, moonroof 1,500$ and so on. Go to Tremor forum and I posted my exact buyers order and the receipt. A dude by the name Bad Rock posted his buyers order with the Blacked out Lariat package. I’m telling you such a great Forum. Insurance prices dudes pay, talking bed covers, discounts, wheels and tires. Sick ass site. All about Brothers with Tremors.

  15. By signing up at Mustang Club of America for 25$ and not even owning a Mustang, all though we do. You can apply for X Plan Pricing. I built a 2021 Platinum Tremor F-250 with an agreed upon price for 3,300$ below MSRP. My wife joined the Mustang club and I got a Pin # for X Plan Pricing. I called my dealer and they accept X Plan Pricing and will re calculate my price as soon as they get the invoice which is close to delivery time. X Plan comes up with no gimmicks and should save me an additional 1,500-2,000$ my salesman said. I can also apply a PCO (Private Cash Offering) if one becomes available for additional savings. Found this information on Tremor Forum along with so many more informative information. Great site. You should check it out on all Super Duty news. Good luck

  16. Why doesn’t Ford offer message seats in the Lariat version?
    Why doesn’t Ford offer upgraded wheel designs for the F350 DRW vehicles

  17. I’ve contacted two local dealers and neither know when 2021 Super Duty orders start. I see people here placing orders but none have named the dealer. So…who is really taking 2021 orders?

  18. Gerald Jones Ford in Augusta GA and Fairway Ford in Evans GA have both contacted me telling me the 2021s are available. They did that back in August.

  19. Tim, I’ve placed my order w/ Meyer Automotive in Seward, NE. I have the order sheet signed and deposit made, but they are still telling me Sept. 17th for Ford to take the order, I can’t make any changes after that date. F450 CC XLT.

    • Thanks Miles. I was thinking about that last night…if dealers are “taking orders” but unable to place orders with Ford yet. I was looking at the screen at one of the dealers and it said that 2020 orders had ended and didn’t say anything about when 2021 orders would start. The only new thing I saw on 2021 that interested me is the wireless charging pad.

      • That is on the the 2020 also. They added a bed step option for 2021 which is another step on the side of the truck that pops down so you can lean over the side of the bed. They also
        updated their adaptive steering to include Ford co-pilot360 technology. They deleted the colors Blue Jeans, the very popular Magnetic, and Silver Spruce. They added the colors
        Antimatter Blue,Carbonized Gray, and Lithium Gray. Thats the only difference between 2020 and 2021.

  20. I built a 2021 F250 Platinum Tremor on 8/24/20. I went back to the dealer on 9/12 and had it changed to a F350 and added a winch. My build came to 93,840$ MSRP. But i gave him my X plan Pin and it lowered it 5,150$ to 88,790$. I did go with every option they had and it is the very exspensive Platinum trim. I joined the Tremor Forum and the guys on that site had so much helpful information on how to get X plan pricing. There are about 20 of us or more that placed there build orders. On October 31 they start production on 1 of Fords truck plants. We will be issued a vin # soon and then we can track the status of our builds. Most people i talked to say they call multiple dealers and ask for Invoice pricing. which would have been abut 9,200$ off on my build. Then once a dealer says they can do invoice price of your build call another dealer and see if they can go 1,000$ below invoice. This Tremor Forum is incredibly helpful. I posted my buyers order on that site to help others out as well as a few other people posting theres. They also talk about upgrades and issues to Super Dutys. Go check it out and ask any questions you have and you’ll find your answers given by many people. Good Luck and go get your truck ordered. But do your research on what to get. PEACE

  21. I have a dealership that will go invoice on a 2021 F250 Lariat build. Can anyone confirm that someone got 1000 below invoice? Always push the envelope people. Once we know someone got the deal, we know it’s possible. Keep the faith!

    • Fred go F350. You won’t be disappointed. For resale and to pull heavy RV legally. I went F250 but then changed it to F350 2 weeks later.

  22. On the Tremor Forum. Guys have shown their buyers orders. And yes 1000$ below invoice. Call another dealer and ask if they can beat your offer and that you want it 1000$ below invoice. YOU CAN DO IT.

  23. Fred go F350. You won’t be disappointed. For resale and to pull heavy RV legally. I went F250 but then changed it to F350 2 weeks later.

  24. Any idea when the 2021 F150 interior would be in the F250? Is it usually 2 yrs behind the F150? Trying to decide if I should hold off on ordering a 2021 F250 or not

  25. I successfully ordered a 2021 F-450 Platinum 3rd week of August through Ken Garff group. Computers are open.

    Confirmed that no changes to interior for 2021, and highly unlikely any interior changes for 2022 as well.


  27. I experienced similar timing. I ordered an F-350 on 10/15 and received it on 12/15. So, it took a while. The build date was around 12/1. I suspect a lot of dealers are looking to fill their lots with the 2021s. So, there may be a bigger backlog now.

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