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Classic 1985 Ford Truck Commercial Might Be The Greatest Ever Made: Video

There’s certainly nothing wrong with modern day truck commercials, per say. But they tend to focus on the vehicle’s many desirable features and its toughness, and that’s about it. In the old days, commercials used some crazy tactics and stunts to grab our attention, and the end result was almost always awesome. Just take this classic 1985 Ford truck commercial, for example.

Most of us have likely seen this clip, and it’s left quite the impression in the minds of most. It might just be the greatest Ford truck commercial ever made, in fact, at least in our humble opinion. In these days, Ford just kept topping themselves with stunts involving those “other” brands of trucks, and that’s certainly the case here.

The ad spot kicks off by reminding us of a previous commercial that depicted a Ford pickup carrying a Chevy truck on its bed, up a rocky hill for extra effect. But that’s just not crazy enough, someone inside Ford determined. So the newer Ford truck commercial tops that by not only hauling a Chevy out back, but also towing a Dodge pickup up the same rocky “mountain.”

How is this possible, you ask? Well, as The Blue Oval is happy to point out, 1985 model year Ford trucks featured the most powerful lineup of V8 engines, gas and diesel, of any pickup. Plus, only Ford offered an independent front suspension at this time, which provided “ground grabbing traction.” We’re not sure about anyone else, but this clip is enough to make us want to go out and buy a new pickup.

And that’s the sort of over-the-top ad spot that we miss these days. Modern commercials don’t show crazy stuff like this, and that’s a shame. We’d love nothing more than to see a 2021 Ford F-150 recreate this scene with a Chevrolet Silverado and Ram 1500 behind it, triumphantly reminding us what the best-selling truck on the planet is. But, unfortunately, that probably won’t be happening.

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  1. Mark Bedel

    It certainly drove home the point!

  2. Mark

    Sadly those trucks were reduced in wieght. Engine and drivetrains were removed also the interior. The Ford truck was also modified and with a little camera magic made to look amazing.

    1. Gary


  3. Adam Jarrell

    Awesome commercial . They may have been altered in that video .I have had several Ford’s and have put them beyond there intended use .

  4. Jimmy- P

    Nope…the best Ford truck add was from the late 70’s or early 80’s where there are several different generation from one family telling you that they bought a Ford Truck because their Daddy did … Please find that one and post will bring a smile to my face.

  5. F250

    “per say?”

    1. Nate

      Thank you. That’s as far as I got on the article.

  6. Tim R

    I loved and I owned an 1985 F150 Supercab XLT with 351 HO, 8ft bed. I put 350,000 miles on it. Mostly highway, with very few major repairs. Engine was never overhauled or rebuilt. Rear mail seal was replaced at 170,000, I rebuilt the C6 transmission at 210,000. Rear wheel bearings @ 240,000, I could go on. I have very detailed records because I used it to work out of, I repaired warehouse equipment at your location (I made house calls)Mainly in Fort Worth / Dallas (DFW) with some trips to South to Waco or North Sherman.

  7. Frank Casian

    The commercial, I believe was filmed in and around Leggett and Piercy, California.
    Somr of the most rugged terrain in Northern California.
    Part of this was filmed on a piece of land a friend of mine bought for storing dirt in the wake of a big Hwy embellishment.
    Ford paid big for the area to film and CalTrans finished maling my Buddy very close to being a millionaire…
    All this in the Pot Capitol of the western US…..
    It was a great time in 1985 to be living in NorCal

  8. Lynn

    I believe the Paul Harvey “God made a farmer” commercial by Ram was a much better one.

  9. Bill mathews

    I like the one of a Ford truck pulling a plow in a field

  10. Gbk2

    Had a 1984 with a 300 in – line six that I had till 1990. Absolutely liked that truck a lot with its manual 4 on the floor. Sure wish they still offered manuals.

  11. tokar

    Years ago there was a Charles Bronson movie called Mr. Majestik(?) about a rebellious watermelon farmer. It was rumored that the Ford pickup truck he drove was the only one used. Unlike the 73 “General Lee’s” used each week in a certain tv show, this one Ford pickup did all the stunts, jumps, etc without being rebuilt between shots. One Ford pickup, many stunts, and no repairs. Says a lot about that truck.
    Disclaimer ….. this is what I remember from that time. I may be right or I may be wrong, but if I am right, it was a feature length commercial for Ford trucks with a side story about a farmer.

  12. Ken

    What is ford going to do about the V-6 water pump issues in their newer trucks & cars? Very expensive to fix And I avoid purchasing a new truck or car with this engine.


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