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First Mansory Ford GT Is Up For Sale With A $2 Million Dollar Price Tag

Back in early July, we reported on the brand new Mansory Ford GT, which is essentially a bespoke version of Ford’s already-amazing supercar. The German tuner is building a mere three of these cars, which it refers to as “Le Mansory,” to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Now, we know exactly what these ultra-rare machines will cost, because one of them is currently up for sale on Mobile, a German classifieds site.

The asking price for this one-of-a-kind machine (or three of a kind?) is a cool 1.8 million euros, or around $2.12 million. This particular example has 75 miles on the clock, and is currently sitting at Mansory’s headquarters in Munich, Germany. That’s clearly a lot of dough for any car, but the Mansory Ford GT is not only rare, but packed with upgrades.

The Le Mansory looks radically different from a regular Ford GT, thanks to a custom carbon fiber body that gives the car a very distinct appearance. And while a stock GT screams race car to anyone who gazes upon it, Mansory’s example has an added assorted of scoops, fins, vents, splitters, custom headlights, and a massive rear wing, because why not? The whole thing is then covered in an attractive shade of Bleurion Race Blue.

Mansory has also given its special Ford GT a little extra performance, which bumps horsepower from 647 up to 700, and torque has increased from 550 pound-feet to 620. That extra juice is enough to also raise the car’s top speed from 216 miles-per-hour to an even 220.

Whether or not all of that is worth such a hefty premium over the stock GT’s roughly $500,000 price tag, well, that’s for buyers to decide. But we imagine that at least three people out there in the world will think so.

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  1. Roy Chiles

    This Beast is crazy Beautiful Ford really knocked it out the ball park Chevrolet and Dodge has a long way to go to come up with anything that looks this great


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