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Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Pickup Renderings Imagine The Ultimate Performance Ute

We come across all sorts of renderings pretty much every day, some obviously better than others. But we never cease to be amazed by the creativity some of these artists possess, whether we like their ideas or not. That’s especially true of these Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 pickup renderings from Rostislav Prokop. A lot of folks understandably don’t like the idea of a Mustang with a truck bed, but it’s hard to deny that this thing is pretty darn cool.

Those that are offended by such an idea needn’t worry, either – these are just renderings, not an actual vehicle. Regardless, the idea of a Shelby GT500 pickup is undoubtedly interesting. In this case, Prokop started out with the Ford Falcon as a base, because that’s the newest Blue Oval Ute on the market. And to that, he simply blended in the front and rear end of the 2020 GT500.

Truthfully, the lines of these very different vehicles actually match up quite nicely. We could see something like this actually being made and roaming the streets, in fact. It might look a little odd in places like the U.S., but in Australia where Utes are quite common, it would definitely turn some heads. The Falcon is a beloved model Down Under, one that many around the globe wished they could buy.

It’s also easy to see the appeal of a car-based truck, something that the Ford Ranchero capitalized on many decades ago. Some people don’t need big pickups in their lives, and just want the added utility of a bed. As such, car-based pickups deliver space to haul things in an easy-to-drive and compact package that’s also prime for a little infusion of performance.

A Shelby GT500 Ute, in that case, would certainly deliver. Sure, it might lack a little in the traction department, but that’s nothing a little modern engineering couldn’t cure. Of course, this isn’t likely to ever happen. But it is a fun “what if,” regardless.


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Too much hate was created when I upload this Shelby like a Sport Pick Up Wagon. But I still thinking about it, why I can’t to do this cars? Why I can’t do it something what I want to do? That’s still a 3D car. Here the imagination is unlimited! Yes I created this car on the Ford Falcon Ute, because that’s one of the newest pickup car which have to be potential for this build. Thank you for your support 🙏 DESIGN @rostislav_prokop #fordmustang #ford #mustang #mustanggt #coupe #americanmuscle #pickup #mustangpickup #muscle #musclecar #american #foxbody #foxbodymustang #fastback #fastbackmustang #gt #classic #classiccar #oldschool #oldschoolcars #usacars #usacar #musclecar #design #art #rostislavprokop @americanmusclehd @classics_culture @classicsdaily @classiccar @detroitclassicz @musclekingz_show @amazing_cars @excessivexotics @slammedenuff @slammedtruck @fe_motorworks

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  1. Roy Chiles

    That color is cool, but NOPE I will pass on the UTE it doesn’t look good from the rear at all – Too Busy

  2. David Pickford

    Ford and GMH have been producing “utes” for many decades in Australia and since the late 60s they’ve been adding V8s to appease the desire of tradesman to have a bit of go with their work cars. Of recent times both companies had been turning out performance utes with over 300kw/400hp, Ford even produced some with the i6T motor, loosely related to the Falcon 6 from the late 1950s; in standard form it was good for over 330kw and with tweeking can easily and reliably turn out over 500kw, some run to 1000kw but require major internal plumbing works for that. If I had the dollars I’d be getting the ‘stang ute as shown built as l think it looks pretty good.

  3. Dave Mathers

    MUCH better than yesterday’s ‘woodie’ attempt.

  4. dinobrewster1

    if this would come out i would buy it


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