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Ford Ranger Tremor Features, Details Outlined: Exclusive

The Ford Ranger is well on its way to establishing a leadership position in the midsize pickup space, both domestically and abroad. Even though the current T6 platform Ranger has been around since 2011 in international markets and since 2018 in the U.S. of A, the current truck has plenty of life remaining. And now, Ford Authority has learned several actual details about the upcoming Ranger Tremor variant.

The Ford Ranger Tremor will take the Tremor off-road formula established by the F-Series Super Duty Tremor, and apply it to the midsize pickup truck to slot above and be more capable than the available FX4 package. Upgrades will consist of various features that will make the Ranger more capable on rough terrain.

The upcoming Ford Ranger Tremor will build upon the Ranger FX4, pictured here

The upcoming Ford Ranger Tremor will build upon the Ranger FX4, pictured here

Sources familiar with the product tell Ford Authority that the Ranger Tremor will feature a unique set of wheels wrapped in a set of BF Goodrich All-Terrain rubber.

The body will utilize the same front and rear ends as the existing Ranger, though there might be a unique air dam treatment that will enable higher approach angles. The cab will feature a set of unique tubular, high-clearance running boards for the front and rear passengers. Tremor script graphics will adorn the sides of the box.

As of this writing, things are bit murky as it relates to the suspension of the upcoming Ranger Tremor. It’s possible that the suspenders will be fortified in some way, potentially with larger shocks. What we do know for sure is that the Ranger Tremor will have a very healthy amount of ground clearance.

Under the hood, the Ford Ranger Tremor will be powered by the same turbocharged 2.3L EcoBoost I-4 engine and 10-speed automatic transmission as all current Ranger models sold in North America.

The Ranger Tremor will be offered as a package (not a trim level) on at least the Lariat and XLT trim levels, with the goal of bridging the relatively wide gap between the various light-duty off-road packages like FX4 (offered in North America), Wildtrak (sold in Australia, New Zealand) and Storm (sold in South America) as well as the range-topping Raptor (available exclusively in select international markets). That said, the Tremor package will likely be offered exclusively in North America market.

Update: we just caught the a prototype Ranger with the Tremor package undergoing testing. Check out the spy photos here.

We expect to know more about the Ranger Tremor in the near future, so be be sure to stay tuned and subscribe to Ford Authority for more Ford Ranger news and continuous Ford news coverage.

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  1. James Waller

    This is exactly what Ford needs. Expand Tremor and Raptor across its truck and SUV lines… but make sure that the product is worthy of the name.

  2. Brantly

    Was happy till I saw they kept the 4cyl in it. Like come on, at least give it the 6. How are you gunna call something “Tremor” and then have a 4cyl in it?!

    1. Adrian K.

      Because Tremor is an off-road rock-crawler off-road package. You don’t need power to do it.

      The EcoBoost 2.3 in the Ranger is truly an incredible engine.

  3. Phil McCorriston

    I wish the new Ranger would make a version of the Explorer Spot Trac and allow the rear seat to be a 60/40 seat and fold forward like it did in the Sport Trac.I had went to the dealer to buy a Ranger as soon as they were available to order and was disappointed. I liked the electric rear window and the folding seats. I still have my Sport Trac because it is what needed in the back seat. I waited 8 years for a4 door ranger and was bummed. Thanks
    I would get one in a instant if they could modify it to fit the sport trac mode..

  4. Amerrican

    Why cant they offer manual transmission I mean the 2.3 ecoboost was used in the focus rs and the mustang, and upcoming bronco will have manual on 2.3 as well, give us manual option and I am all in, if you going to dominate the midsize market (toyota king) you got to offer manual imo, gladiator offers manual as well, come on ford, we want manual transmission on the ford ranger!

  5. Roy Chiles

    This Ranger real need a new front end more inline with the F150 / Super Duty family resemblance. Adding the V6 or Diesel wouldn’t hurt the Tremor package.

  6. Roy Chiles

    All FORD Tremor package should come with Diesel Power

  7. Roy Chiles

    All FORD Tremor models should come with Diesel Power

  8. Roy Chiles

    All Tremor package should come with Diesel Power

  9. Samuel

    Simple package; Ranger Off Road #2 with suspension and engine upgrade, Raptor wheels with BFGs, revised front bumper???
    And ideally an electronic Front LSD, brake modulation.


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