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ICON Vehicle Dynamics Rolls Out New Line Of First-Gen Raptor Suspension Kits

The second-gen Ford F-150 Raptor is faster and more capable than its predecessor, but the first-gen Raptor has amassed quite a loyal following since its debut in 2010. Those folks actually get out and drive these trucks like they were designed to be driven, which means hard.

Even though the first-gen Raptor is an inherently capable vehicle as-is, demand eventually began to build for upgrades, which is what prompted ICON Vehicle Dynamics to develop a new line of suspension parts for the desert racing pickup.

Depending on how hardcore a Raptor owner wants to go, ICON has four different stages of suspension systems available. The Stage 1 kit consists of ICON-engineered Eibach 3 5/8 inch ID chrome steel coilover springs that offer increased travel and performance, along with 3.0 OEM Replacement piggyback reservoir Zeta 3 tube bypass rear shocks.

ICON Stage 1 Suspension System

The Stage 2 kit contains the same components as the Stage 1 kit, but also includes a hydraulic bump stop kit that increases leaf spring clearance and overall performance without negatively affecting ride quality. ICON’s Stage 3 kit adds a pair of fully adjustable Billet Delta joint upper control arms that allow for easy suspension adjustments while also addressing one of the few weak points in the Raptor’s stock suspension.

ICON Stage 2 Suspension System

Finally, the Stage 4 suspension system goes all out with the addition of a Raptor RXT Multi-Rate Leaf Spring kit that features three user-adjustable spring rates, increased durability, reduced ride friction, and improved ride quality. Even better, ICON says these suspension kits are relatively easy to install with basic tools.

ICON Stage 3 Suspension System

The beauty of ICON’s first-gen Raptor suspension parts is that they take what’s already great and enhance it further, along with giving owners the ability to adjust things. Owners are able to fine-tune things like ride height, along with compression adjustment to dial in that perfect ride.

ICON Stage 4 Suspension System

This is also useful for days out on the trails, as the suspension can be set up for whatever type of terrain they’re encountering, then softened back up for the ride home. Or, for those who want to haul or tow a heavy load, the leaf spring kit can be adjusted to prevent the rear end from sagging while doing so.

The Raptor is often lauded for its off-road capability, but like everything else in life, it can certainly be improved. And with a little feedback, research, and engineering, it certainly looks like ICON has managed to do just that.

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