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Jeep Tries To Reassure Dealers That Its Wrangler Can Compete Against The 2021 Ford Bronco

From day one, it was abundantly clear that the 2021 Ford Bronco was aimed directly at its only real competitor, the Jeep Wrangler. And since the new Bronco was revealed last month, most have already declared it the winner, nearly a year before the first deliveries are scheduled to take place. But you can’t blame Jeep for trying to reassure its dealers that the Wrangler isn’t dead just yet, which is what it has apparently tried to do via a recent memo.

This “Bronco Information Sheet” was posted by a member of the Bronco6G forums recently, and it’s a rather humorous read. For starters, the memo mentions the fact that Jeep has been doing this for a very long time, which is true. But the automaker’s attempt at downplaying the massive interest the 2021 Ford Bronco has received in the last few weeks is downright hilarious.

“While the new Ford Bronco has attracted some public interest, sales consultants can be confident that the Wrangler is more than up to the challenge when this competitor goes on sale in June 2021,” the memo reads.

The sheet goes on to break down all the reasons why the Wrangler is a superior product to the Bronco. It mentions Jeep’s heritage and long-running nameplates, while pointing out that the Bronco is coming back after a 25 year hiatus. “While Bronco still has fans, Ford needs to reintroduce it to a generation of buyers for whom it hasn’t been an option,” the memo says. Which is funny, because it sure seems like The Blue Oval has already done that.

As far as the Wrangler’s so-called advantages over the Bronco, Jeep is keen to point those out as well. They include the SUV’s fold-down windshield, available EcoDiesel engine, lower beltline for increased visibility, one-touch power top, more accessory choices, available limited slip rear differential, Jeep “Wave” membership, an established community, and mirrors that are mounted on the doors. That last one is more of a disadvantage, we’d say.

Jeep finishes up by mentioning two Wranglers that don’t exist, at least not yet – the 4xe Hybrid and 392 Concept. But while the former has been confirmed for production, the latter has not. So why even bring it up?

The answer, of course, is that the 2021 Ford Bronco has Jeep understandably concerned. We imagine that the automaker is currently hard at work on some updates for the JL Wrangler, because it knows that the Bronco is a serious threat to its dominant market position. But we’ll find out for sure sometime next summer.

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  1. mpzz

    Renault never owned Jeep. FCA is trying to merge fifty-fifty with Peugot, but the deal has not been sanctioned by European trade authorities yet.

  2. Jim Gregor

    I am a lifelong Jeeper and will never switch. I am excited for the Bronco and think both vehicles can survive in the market. The good-natured rivalry is fun. Welcome to the party, and see you on the trails!

  3. Josh


    1. mpzz

      Not true. Ford was third when the first two companies could not keep up with needed production.

  4. Allen

    “’While Bronco still has fans, Ford needs to reintroduce it to a generation of buyers for whom it hasn’t been an option,’ the memo says.

    Which is funny, because it sure seems like The Blue Oval has already done that.”

    Really? The new Bronco remains vaporware until the first dealer & customer deliveries occur. Ford tries to reassure all and sundry that said deliveries will occur this calendar year. Pinky swear, Blue Oval?

    E-introductions don’t count, because they can’t.

    The automotive industry itself recognizes the aforementioned reality. It’s not by accident that they preach “getting butts into seats”, and not “introducing a generation of buyers to another clickbaity article.”

    E-introductions don’t count, old boy, because they can’t.

  5. gregandrews

    Jeep has a fold-down windshield? Yes it does. Ever try to fold it down? Remove 12 bolts, remove the windshield wipers (“it may be necessary to use a battery terminal puller tool” to do so, per the Owner’s manual), finally, remove 12 more bolts. By this time, all of your friends are 20 miles down the road. I would love to be able to simply fold down the windshield on my Rubicon, but Jeep makes it so difficult that I have never done so.

  6. Wanted33

    Well Jeep is leaps, and bounds ahead of the Bronco in at least one catagory. Stellantis can actually build you a Jeep, and get it to you in the same year. Ford with the Bronco, not so much.

  7. TheWanderer

    I’m a long time Jeep owner. My 1988 V6 5spd Wrangler has got me everywhere from the smoothest to the nastiest terrain. I took the plunge almost 2 years ago and ordered a Bronco Badlands with a manual transmission. Still waiting, and waiting, and waiting. My Ford dealer is exhausted as he gets no word from Ford when their orders will be fulfilled. My calls to Ford are worthless. I honestly don’t think I’ll get my Bronco in the next 2 years. That will be a 4 year wait… maybe longer. I don’t want any more Bronco shwag telling me to “hang in there.”. I want what I ordered. At this point, a new Jeep is looking better and better.


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