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Lincoln Nautilus Production To End In July Of 2024

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Ford Authority has learned that production of the Lincoln Nautilus, formerly known as the MKX, will end in July 2024 at the Ford Oakville Assembly Plant in Canada. After that happens, it’s unclear what will happen to the Nautilus. It could be imported from China, or it could cease to be offered in the North American market altogether.

The future of the Oakville Assembly Plant is currently unclear itself, as Ford is due to enter negotiations with Unifor soon. The automaker’s labor contract with the union covering the Oakville plant, the Ford Essex Engine Plant, and the Ford Windsor Engine Plant expires in September.

Recently, we reported on a rumor that the next-gen Ford Edge has been cancelled, and that Ford was planning on moving Nautilus production to China in 2023. Since the two platform mates are the only vehicles currently produced at the Oakville Assembly Plant, that would obviously leave the facility and its 4,000 employees with a murky future.

The report also suggested that the Edge would live on in China. Currently, it’s produced not only at the Oakville plant, but also at the Ford Changan Hangzhou Assembly Plant for that market, so producing the Lincoln Nautilus alongside it would make a lot of sense.

Recently, we spoke with Sam Fiorani, Vice President of Global Vehicle Forecasting at Automotive Forecast Solutions (AFS), who believes that one solution to the issue in Oakville could come in the form of government assistance, noting that it may be tied to having FoMoCo retool the plant for electric vehicle production.

However, Fiorani also noted that there are no signs that Oakville is on the list of Ford plants slated to produce electric vehicles. On the question of how likely a retooling effort for Oakville might be, Fiorani said that “it’s a long shot, but you have to play the game in order to win the big pot.”

We’ll have more on this developing situation as soon as it’s available, so be sure and subscribe to Ford Authority for more Lincoln news, Lincoln Nautilus news, and ongoing Ford news coverage.

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Written by Brett Foote

Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S550 Mustang and 13th gen F-150.

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  1. Guess they’re not confident about this car huh? This was supposed to be LINCOLN’s platform for livery and funeral vehicles. If they build and import it from China it would be sad but think of it this way, the masses don’t care where their stuff comes from anyway.

  2. I have purchased nothing but Ford, Mercury and Lincoln products since my first 1978 Ford Thunderbird.

    Lincoln phased out the Mercury line so its forced me to spend more money to buy Lincoln products. I have owned a 2009, 2016 and 2017 MKX and they are great vehicles. I have recently purchased a 2020 Corsair for my wife to replace her Ford Escape.

    If Lincoln decides to manufacture this vehicle in China, I am done with the brand. The MKX has been on the UAW Buy List since its inception and this Union Member will only buy vehicles manufactured in the USA and Canada and is an affordable vehicle for its size, comfort features and reliability.

    • I doubt seriously that it (or the Edge) will be cancelled or move to China or Timbuktu. They both sell! I could be wrong. FoMoCo has done stupid, nonsensical things before (and the biggest mistake in recent memory) like cancelling good sellers aka Fusion and MKZ. Next, it will be Continental. I decided a while back that when my current car finally dies, I would buy a new MKZ Reserve or Black Label. Apparently, it’ll be a Certified unit!

  3. Makes sense, allegedly with new contract with UAW, Ford will invest 900 million into OHAP to build new Lincoln and Ford Electric SUV’s. Timing makes sense.

  4. So the so call American Luxury Company that didn’t want to build sedans, just SUV’s are now cutting them too? Wow what’s going on at Lincoln and why wouldn’t they need the model under Aviator? From a line up of 4 SUV’s to 3, The New Lincoln Company have a problem. I said before this should be Lincoln’s brake out moment of building it’s on lineup. That RWD EV Suicide door Continental don’t sound so bad now…..

  5. Proud owner of two Lincolns and while at my dealership for routine service a couple of weeks ago I asked the salesperson what the plans were for updating the Nautilus. She said it’s really the bread and butter vehicle for their line and will be around a long time with little styling change. Then I read this. She was already lamenting the loss of Lincoln’s only two cars and said her buyers drive right down the street to Cadillac now.

    Can you keep a Lincoln dealer network open with just three SUV’s if Nautilus goes away? I’m hoping the new leadership @ FMC turns this situation around. Lincoln has a nice lineup that must deliver great margins for FMC but more product is needed to compete with other luxury brands long term..

    • The answer to your question is “NO” Lincoln is in Limbo 10 years ago they struggled with a grill today they struggle with the Brand as a whole and what it Should Be ???

  6. I’ve been driving since 1972. First car was a Cougar, the last one I owned (just traded it in) was a 2016 Explorer Sport. I’ve owned them all, Mercurys (my fav), Fords and a couple of Lincolns. I’ve been watching what’s going on with Ford and quite frankly see them as losing their minds. The Mustang evolution from sports car to whatever the latest thing is convinces me of this. So me and my new Genesis will happily move on from any new Ford automobiles. I do still have my 2 Mercurys though; 1967 Cougar (replacement for my first car) and a present from my wife, a 1969 Mercury Cyclone R code CJ 428. I’ll just live with the memories of what used to be 🙁

  7. I’m learning after 55 years not to limit yourself to one builder. There’s a lot more freedom to that. That can hold true to any product not just cars and trucks.
    Yes it’s sad that FORD/LINCOLN seems misdirected. Yes a premium sedan with an all electric option would put them over. But they obviously aren’t interested in sedans. The more I look at the GENESIS G80 and G90 the more I like them. All the more power to them and it’s LINCOLN and CADILLAC’s loss.

    • U and JoeR are right the new Genesis is a great looking rear wheel drive sedan. You have to look at it and wonder why Lincoln could do he same with the Continental

  8. I think what you see from Lincoln in the future will excite you. The old FWD based platform had no future. Expect to see something for Lincoln using the Mach E platform. With the Mustang switching to a shortened Explorer/Aviator platform in a couple years, that could open the door for a midsized vehicle for Lincoln. I wouldn’t even be surprised to see a Lincoln compete with the Land Rover using a modified Bronco platform. And don’t forget other electric platforms in development. Lincoln will have lots of options to play with. It just depends on how much Ford is willing to spend, if the money can be used for a better return on investment elsewhere.

  9. I love my MKX – I think they are losing their minds. It’s the only luxury mid-size they have-and they want to get rid of it?? Crazy. They are slowly downsizing themselves out of business- 10-15 yrs from now – will only be selling F150 and Explorer. If that. Someone will buy them.

  10. I love my MKX – I think they are losing their minds. It’s the only luxury mid-size they have-and they want to get rid of it?? Crazy. They are slowly downsizing themselves out of business- 10-15 yrs from now – will only be selling F150 and Explorer. If that. Someone will buy them.

  11. Like many others, I, too, have been a loyal and proud Ford and Lincoln Mercury owner for many years. That’s about to change. First Ford disclosed that they donated millions of dollars to the BLM movement, which is a slap in the face to every law enforcement agency in the country which made Ford extremely wealthy over the years and now, not only have they axed their sedans, but they’re going to build the Nautilus in China? It might be time to start considering other American car companies.

  12. Nothing from China Period! My
    This is my third Lincon since GM screwed me over in 95, and .my new MCK is great! SUV”S are here to stay, easier for seniors to access.

  13. I’m an MKX owner and well–it’s a terrific vehicle and I certainly hope to replace it with a Nautilus.

    After further thought on this story, my hope at this point is it’s a release of information as a tactical step to gain concessions with impending union negotiations at the Oakville Plant.

    Let’s see if a new direction emerges under this recent leadership change in FMC’s executive suite.

  14. It would be bad if shift the production to China, is like give them the award for hide a virus for two months and kill to our loves ones , leave to many Americans unemployed and makes a financial crisis , if changes to Asia the production, won’t buy Ford or Lincoln anymore.

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