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Loder1899 Ford Mustang Makes Phone Dial Wheels Cool Again: Video

Many a wheel design has come and gone over the history of the automobile. Some are deemed classics, instantly recognizable and beloved for their styling. Others, on the other hand, are tossed in the proverbial bin and thankfully forgotten. The classic phone dial wheel, made famous decades ago on various Porsches and other vehicles, falls into the former category. And it’s a style the Loder1899 Ford Mustang is attempting to bring back.

Yes, this Ford Mustang from the German tuner is in fact wearing a rather large set of phone dial style wheels. And they look pretty cool, to be honest, especially finished in a matte black hue with brass rivets around the outer rim. But they’re also just one component of what makes the Loder1899 Ford Mustang one of the more unique offerings on the market.

For starters, there just aren’t a lot of Mustang tuner options available in Europe, a stark contrast to the burgeoning aftermarket in America. But Loder1899 already makes body kits and other goodies for all sorts of models, so it makes sense that they’d extend that to America’s favorite pony car. Thus, buyers can now purchase a variety of cosmetic mods for the Mustang.

That includes an eight-piece splitter kit that sells for €799 ($893 U.S. at current conversation rates). Buyers can also add on a matching rear wing for an additional €1,199 ($1,340) that mounts with sintered carbon mounts that help keep the weight of the unit down to a very light 1.5 kilograms (3.3 pounds).

The aforementioned 20×9.5 inch wheels, which are called “Klassik B” are of course available as well for the sum of €691 ($772). Loder1899 is also selling a stainless-steel exhaust system for €3,492 ($4,133) and lowering springs that drop the front by 25 millimeters (0.98 inches) and the rear by 20 millimeters (0.79 inches), and are available for €349 ($413).

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