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Mild Custom 1950 Ford Looks Like A Mighty Fine Cruiser

Few cars, at least in our humble opinion, look as downright classy as an early ’50s Ford. And this clean two-door 1950 Ford we recently spotted for sale in the Facebook Marketplace fits the bill as a nice, not-to-crazy, clean cruiser. With a subtle appearance and some modern amenities, it should also be plenty capable of keeping up with much newer rides, too.

The first thing onlookers will notice about this 1950 Ford is that it’s mostly original on the outside, but much of the trim sports a matte finish in lieu of ever-popular chrome brightwork. The trim is complemented by a red paint job, which is about as classic as they come. Meanwhile, the stock wheels are long gone, replaced by a set of timeless Weld Racing units.

The interior is also simple yet effective in nature, with red cloth and vinyl complementing a black dash and carpet and mostly stock instrumentation and trim, save for a billet steering wheel. The only real strike against this clean cruiser lies under the hood. There, the old stalwart Chevrolet 350 V8 takes up residence instead of the Ford powerplant that should be there.

That’s nothing new, of course, as misguided folks have been putting Bow Tie engines in Blue Oval vehicles for a long time now. A simple 302 swap will set this classic Ford right again, and we’d argue that it deserves that bit of community service. Otherwise, it’s all set to cruise with power steering, power brakes, power windows, and dual exhaust.

Regardless of what’s under the hood, this old Ford is proof that not much needs to be done to make these cars cool and comfy cruisers. Generally, just a little infusion of power and some modern amenities is all it takes.

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  1. Larry

    Scott,, agree with you. Why ppl do that, I don’t know,, sacrilegious? I learned to drive in my dad’s ‘ 49 Custom. That old 3 spd would fly. Wasn’t fancy but did have radio, big rear seat. Body finally rusted apart. Then he got a ’51 with over-drive V-8. Fun cars. He preferred Ford and Dodge even though he worked for GM 35 years.


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