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Pristine Low-Mile 2004 Mercury Marauder Selling For Big Money

The Mercury Marauder first appeared back in the early 1960s in the form of a trim level for standard coupes from the automaker before returning in 1969 as a fastback version of the Marquis. Then, the Marauder name disappeared for decades before resurfacing in 2003 as one of the coolest high-performance sedans the world has ever seen.

The 2003-2004 Mercury Marauder was a high-performance version of the Grand Marquis four-door, rear-wheel-drive sedan, which shared Ford’s Panther platform with the Lincoln Town Car and Ford Crown Victoria. But the Marauder was a special car, with upgraded suspension, chassis, and powertrain components.

That started under the hood, where the Marauder was fitted with Ford’s 4.6L dual-overhead cam V8, which produced 302 horsepower and 318 pound-feet of torque, mated to Ford’s four-speed automatic transmission and limited-slip rear differential with 3.55 gears. The Marauder also came equipped with the same heavy duty brake and suspension components as Ford’s Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.

The Marauder is easy to identify on the outside, thanks to a monochromatic appearance and 18 inch five-spoke wheels with throwback 1960s Mercury logos in the center. The Marauder was available in four different colors, but an overwhelming number of buyers chose to go with black, probably because it lends the sedan a sinister look befitting of its performance.

Only 11,052 Marauders were produced over two model years, making them a popular collector’s item today. But this gorgeous example we spotted for sale over at Autotrader is going for quite the premium price – an astounding $69,500. Regardless, it has only 4,617 miles on the odometer, so we’d be hard pressed to find a nicer one out there.

The seller also notes that this ’04 model is one of the last to roll off the assembly line, as they ordered it on the last day possible. Otherwise, it’s loaded with every factory option save for the moonroof. The car is one of 3,214 produced for the 2014 model year, 1,237 of which were painted black. So it’s fair to say that it’s a pretty rare car.

Perhaps more importantly, it’s also one of the nicest, lowest-mile 2004 Marauders on the planet. Whether or not that makes it worth nearly $70k, well, that’s for buyers to decide.

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  1. Jonathon foote

    Hey my name is jonathon Foote and I just found you dude I been reading your stories since the first one you put on here but I never realized your last name is the same as mine and I have loved Ford’s my whole life especially the 1969 mustang it’s is my dream muscle car but plz reply to this to see if I know you or if your part of my family

  2. Roy Chiles

    The Marauder is a Beautiful Cool sedan which rides on a great platform. They are rare today, but $70,000 is a high price to pay for a new model let alone a used one with 4000mi. Am sure it will be worth it in the coming years

  3. Adithya Ramachandran

    That 4.6 keeps running whether it’s rain, snow, or shine. It does not give up.

  4. Seamus Liraugle

    Beautiful car and cutting edge performance for its time. Unfortunately a “Mercury” aging and sitting idle will never demand the ridiculous asking price. 1970 Mustangs in mint condition, maybe. A 2004 Mercury anything, afraid not. Someone inherited grandfathers sedan and thinks they are going to be part of Mecums Auctions.

  5. Kevin McCabe

    I learned a long, long time ago that you can never pay too much for a car, but you can buy it too soon . I loved these cars when they were new and if funds and space allowed, I’d have one now. In this case of this Marauder, I think $70,000 would be a decent price when my great grandson is nearing retirement.

  6. philip tilley

    Very nice car, pity they never made any station wagon’s in them, that would be a killer for me.

  7. Keith Duchesne

    Beautiful car. I have a 2004 Mercury marauder with 5,500 original miles on her she is also a beauty. Would love to share pictures!

  8. Keith Duchesne

    . I have a 2004 Mercury marauder with 5,500 original miles on her

  9. Paul

    Drive a good condition Mercury Marauder. Best car on the planet.

  10. Ken N South Jersey

    I own 4 Marauders, two 2003 one is a Supercharger. The other is a turbo charger. The 2004’s one has long tube headers with chip program and 410 rear. The last 2004 is a fully loaded with moon roof, all stock and was bought off the original owner. I would love to run a Hell cat with my 2003 turbocharger! When you punch the turbocharger at 65 to 70 mph I can spin the posi 410 rear and smoke the tires for a bit! I think I would give that Hell Cat a rude awakening!! Lol!


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