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Stunning 1969 Lincoln Continental Was Built For The World’s Elite


Lincoln has long been a brand synonymous with luxury, an automaker that builds cars for the world’s elite – like dignitaries and celebrities. So when we look at this amazing 1969 Lincoln Continental that’s currently up for sale at Streetside Classics, we can just picture a big time movie star or famous figure behind the wheel, or sitting in the comfy back seat being driven around town.

Yes, owning a 1969 Lincoln Continental was the perfect way to announce to the world that one had made it, and a stylish way of doing so, we might add. This beautiful example looks like it just rolled out of a time machine as well, and shows just over 27k miles on the odometer, though it may have rolled over.

Regardless, this classic Lincoln looks amazing in its Dark Aqua Metallic hue, wide white wall tires, vinyl top, and sporting suicide doors. There’s a boat load of chrome on the exterior as well, as we’d expect, and some classy turbine-style wheels thrown in the mix to pull it all together. The car has received a respray, but it’s unclear if anything else on the outside has been refurbished or replaced.

Inside, the owner will enjoy the typical lap of Lincoln luxury with a sublime aqua interior with intricate stitching. A host of amenities completes the experience, including a power front seat, power locks, fold-down armrests, power windows, and air conditioning. A more modern stereo with Bluetooth capability has been added, which is one welcome upgrade.

The big Lincoln Continental is powered by an equally big motor – Ford’s 460 cubic-inch V8, which is mated to The Blue Oval’s C6 automatic transmission. The mill looks to be quite original, and even wears all the decals we’d expect to see.

Add it all up, and it’s no wonder that famous folks from this era wanted to drive a Lincoln. But thankfully, decades later, most of us can get behind the wheel of one without having to take out a second mortgage to announce our arrival at the top.

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  1. crabbymilton

    They could have more or less left the concept of that beauty in place and…Oh I forgot FORD hates sedans. Think of it this way. MERCEDES BENZ has been building the S CLASS sedan forever with updates along the way but the concept and/or platform in place.

  2. Roy Chiles

    As I said before Lincoln Continental only Flagship that got over looked for 4 Decades, that we all been wanting to get back too.Lincoln can build all the FWD Taurus/ Fusion Continental they want, they will never get us to buy nothing but the Real Thing. FORD has the Capital to build FORD GT, Shelby GT 500, Raptor 5.2 but No Real Iconic Continental

  3. Jeffrey Sproul

    A beautiful car. The suicide door 61 thru 69 and the 1956 Continental Mark II are among my favorites of the Lincoln/Continentals.

  4. Ryan

    The article says it all. Even the kids if this era will dream about it. I would love to see that body style with today’s technology on the inside. Don’t change not one curve on the body.

  5. crabbymilton

    As long as they would keep the same platform and/or concept in place, you’re right. They could have one like this with the modern powertrains and perhaps a 100% electric model to take on TESLA. Imagine how quiet that would be.
    We can debate the cosmetical designs and frankly doesn’t bother me what it would look but it does make sense which is something that FORD is sadly lacking.

  6. Shawn Thomas

    I don’t understand the Lincoln generation I understand their young in the office in a corporate office in Detroit but you still got a lot of Old School Employees and their teaching and tell him that Lincoln is not an SUV company their premium luxury 2-door and 4-door luxury car not a SUV or crossover/// the new continental with the suicide doors the 2020 and the 2021 has so much potential of making it looking like the 61 Continental Honda 69 two-door hardtop 2-door convertible and the food or famous convertible suicide doors Lincoln just was just build one of those you’ll have so many customers lined up to buy one especially of four-door convertible top Lincoln Continental 2020 with a coyote motor// Lincoln Motor Company will be the number one are we having Cadillac and Rolls-Royce scared if you just follow my lead!!!👍💵💵

  7. Franklin L

    I absolutely, positively, and whole heartedly agree with other replies. I am not alone in feeling Lincoln could revive its appeal to Americans and give LUXURY motorcars that we want and not what they assume we need. Stop being so darn afraid of 2 door coups. A 4 door sedan that when you are driven or behind the wheel you sometime intentionally miss the exit just to get a little more time on the road. The over blown and at times over priced end result if you cross a truck with a station wagon from the 70’s. Is starting to get a bit tiresome.


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