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This 1995 Ford Bronco Is Actually Available For A Reasonable Price

These days, finding a Ford Bronco from virtually any generation for a reasonable price is a downright difficult task. Most people are riding the coattails of 2021 Ford Bronco fever, selling even clapped out examples for a premium. So when we came across this relatively clean 1995 Ford Bronco on Craigslist selling for just shy of $6k, we were a little surprised.

It is worth mentioning that this Bronco is by no means perfect, and it has its fair share of flaws. There are some dents in the body, wear on the interior, and surface rust visible under the hood. But for someone just looking to get a deal on a Bronco that they can cruise around in and take to the beach, this certainly looks like a great candidate.

One of the coolest features it comes with is a bimini-style soft top for the rear, which provides a bit of easy, open-air shade. The Bronco also comes with the factory hard top as well, for times when a little more closure is needed. The interior appears to be in decent shape, save for a rip in the driver’s seat, which isn’t really a big deal.

On top of that, the blacked-out Bronco also rides on a newer set of wheels and tires. The wheels are fittingly old school aluminum pieces, and are wrapped in the ever-popular BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A tires. The black over red combo is hard to beat, making this 1995 Ford Bronco a pretty easy pickup for someone.

Even though it has its flaws, this Bronco certainly looks like a deal, given the ridiculous prices we’ve seen lately. And we imagine that it won’t last long on the open market for that very reason.

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